The Ancient Guardians is a light religion but has Guardians of Darkness included. Most Light Guardians live in a lush forest (see right) and Dark Guardians live in a deep, volcano filled with cat demons.

There are 8 Light Guardians and 8 Dark Guardians.

Guardians of Light are all Albino Lions or white tigers while Guardians of Darkness are black jaguars or very rarely black tigers.

Each Pride has two alphas, a male and female.

🌞The 8 Guardians of Light🌞Edit

Minx male alpha, albino lion,  Guardian of Ice

Zalaya female alpha, albino lion, Guardian of Snow

Kyra male white tiger, Guardian of Water

Kyro - female white tiger, Guardian of Aquatics

Jalu male albino lion, Guardian of Forests

Jalilahfemale albino lion, Guardian of Nature 

Skryn male white tiger, Guardian of Fire

Skrynafemale white tiger, Guardian of Embers

🌑The 8 Guardians of Darkness🌑Edit

Kilo - alpha male black jaguar, Guardian of Shadows

Kila alpha female black jaguar, Guardian of Shade

Ayao male black tiger, Guardian of War

Ayai female black tiger, Guardian of Moonlight

Skreo male black jaguar, Guardian of Blood

Skrea female black jaguar, Guardian of Death

Lokir - male black tiger, Guardian of Mourning

Lokia - female black tiger, Guardian of Sadness

🌲The Home of The Guardians of Light🌲Edit

The Light Guardians live in a lush forest near a river. The cats do their work here -- helping the Earth.
Breezeclan Upriver

The Forest of Trinity and Peace Falls

🌋The Home of the Guardians of Darkness🌋Edit

The Guardian's of Darkness live in a deadly lava filled volcanoe. Kilo watches over the Darkness Realm from a throne made of bones.

Also called Soul Ender.

🌌Where You Go🌌Edit

If a cat had ever done anything harmful, they end up in Soul Ender. If a cat was good, loyal and trustworthy, they go to Trinity Forest.


🌀Clan Usage🌀Edit

If you ask me (emma03 on AJ) to use The Ancient Guardian's religion, it is a go. Just don't change names or places. All feline groups can use it with permission. I will list the clans using the religion below.

❄Clans Using the Religion❄Edit

Bubbleclan (emma03)