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The All Pack is a tribe of felines. They consist of rejected felines or canines looking for a group. My OC Limber The Vindem and leads them. We are a peaceful tribe who live beyond the Mountains of the four main clans for they want to live as far away to the clans they were rejected from. Ranks have different names which will be explained in the sections below.

Dress Code Edit

Head- flowers or nothing.

Neck- spikes,leaf necklaces,scarfs (color depends), ribbons (color depends) heart lockets (color depends) or nothing.

Back- worn blankets,swords, elf armors or nothing.

Legs- elf bracelets, leaf bracelets or nothing.

Tail- tail armors (wind,fairy, etc.) or nothing.

Ranks Edit

Vindems ( Leaders )- Lead the tribe and are granted 3 lives in The Soul Cave.

Equens ( Deputies )- Are second in commander in tribe and take the Vindem's place when they die and are granted 3 lives in the Soul Cave upon Vindem's death, a new Equen must be chosen by the next sun-rise or The Soqns will be angered. (Another way of me getting mad and warning you to choose immediately.)

Healens ( Medicine Cats )- Are the healers of the tribe and watch over the tribe's health as they receive omens from the Soqn.

Healen's Apprentices ( Medicine Apprentices )- Are young Aleqns who are being taught the ways of healing and will take the place of the Healen upon their death.

Warens (warriors)- Hunt and Fight for the tribe.

Aleqns (Apprentices)- Are learning the ways of Warens. (Usually at age 5 moons to 13 moons)

Expecters (Queens)- Are either nursing Ziks or expecting (a) Zik(s).

Ziks (Kits)- Young ones who are not old enough to go outside of camp or fight.

Xlders (Elders)- The ones too old to fight or heal anymore.

The Pack Code Edit

Rule 1- Do not kill or hurt another feline or canine if they are not foes or it is self defense. (Punishment- Must clean out the Zik's or Xlder's den for a moon (a week if they hurt another feline or canine.) If killed the feline or canine will be exiled from the tribe.)

Rule 2- Xlders,Ziks and Expecters must be fed before a Aleqn or Waren can feed. (Punishment- Cleaning out Zik's or Xlder's den for 2 moons.)

(Rule 3- No bullying unless your character is one. (Punishment- Banned from the pack.)

Rule 4- No Ziks or relationships beyond acquaintances with other clans. (Punishement- Exiled from the tribe.)

Form Edit

If you wish to join please fill out this form and post it in the comments below and wait to be accepted by me please.


Code word- (Limber if you read it.)

Clan Name-

Desired Rank-

How many moons-




Religion Edit

The All Pack believes that when you die after your mother is dead you are reincarnated with no memory of your past but a symbol on your flank in white/black coloring, the symbol is a bird's wing. Thus creating The Star Ways. When you die and you were a evil and greedy feline or canine you are sent to Cardinal's Blood Lands. Cardinal's Blood Lands is ruled by GooseClaw a former Equen to SwanHeart (The Ruler of Blue Jay's Light Lands.) but he tried to kill her for power and she threw him down so far he ended up inside the Land's crust. A forest laid underneath so foggy you cant see. So he is waiting down there for eternity waiting to get revenge on SwanHeart.

if you are a kind and just feline or canine you are sent to Blue Jay's Light Lands, ruled by SwanHeart the first Vindem to The All Pack. After she died she became a star for her kind and just leadership in The All Pack. In her star form she created a star plain called The Blue Jay's Light Lands or just Light Lands. Now til you are reincarnated you live there. When your reincarnation is dead you come and live an eternity with SwanHeart in The Light Lands. SwanHeart and the kind and just dead cats are usually called Soqns.

Territory Edit

Appondale during all seasons but Leaf-Bare

Mt.Shiveer during Leaf-Bare

Camp- CanadianDreams45's den.

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