Welcome to my personal page. Feel free to add yourself to the family list if you are of Twilight Blood (sorry theres just to many to count) and comment! I love to interact with all of you fellow wikiers

History Edit

Long ago, about 2011, someone named Skylar joined Animal Jam. Today her name is Tdoggy, though her old account was horselover 23... She found herself lost about in the crowds of ThunderClan (sadly at rrf who she now despises) when she found Cat. He was kinder then most rogues and instantly wanted to join his pack. A month later she became lead warrior, then deputy. Sadly things fell apart after a few months, but partially because Poison tricked Encrypted in many ways. Later, Crow found Poison quite useful at starting wars and spying, so she offered her to join even after all of the treachery. There she settled down till 2013, where she found herself once again wandering, drifting about different clans (Karrigann, TheLostrogue, at a time Catjaster again, for like the 10th time) and founded Demolished Souls, at a peak ad 100 members and was active for about 1 year. Finally she left, met up with her sisters, and joined blusar, but things got bad there too. Now she reclaims the position of leader, but in a covenant that does not wish to be known, but only to those who seek their help. Her name is now Minerva, named after the Roman Godess of Wisdom and War Strategy. Her covenant can be found here on the wikia, though you may not be able to find it. Her biggest accomplishment though was the Rogue Republic and Desolated Souls Covenant, both well known in a time period long ago.

Past names- Poison, Philosophy, MapleStar, OceanStar, now Minerva

Family Edit

Here is where things get very complicated

I kind of had sisters who went off and had kits and new families, so prepare for an overload.

~Mother- bamaGirl.. ~Grandmother- XxScarredWarriorxX Grandfather- Dead

~Dad- MarblesRolling ~Grandmother- Dead Grandfather- Some TC X-Deputy

~Sisters- Fredned, iluvdogs, Ghostbl0d, xxNightshadexX101, Star3570, Goldxx ~Brothers- chickin484, tigersaif

~Nieces- whitegingersnap, pewdiepie05 ~Nephews- Blusar12, BlueTopaz101

~Cousins(female)- Karrigann, Rainbowcowz, ScarletRed101 ~Cousins(male)- Koree2003

~Daughters- sparkle08732, sweetsmartnicewolf ~Sons- Dead (rest in peace Jay and Dew)

~Grandkits- HorseCrazymcm23, Horseloverskl ~ Great-grandkits (female) - Stormlight, Shard, Sagepaw, Berrykit, Firepaw, Dustkit, Autumnkit ~Great-grandkits (male) - Oakpaw, Nightkit

My sister (Ghostbl0d) apparently has 3 other sisters that I don't really know: Cissyfissy, Encrypted, and Clanwolfchief

People I'm Thankful For Edit

Work in Progress