•General Information•

Character Created On: December 2015

Current Name: Tangled

Name Meaning:  Tangled: Her twisty way of thinking

Nicknames: N/A

Past names: Tangledkit, Tangledpaw, Tangledclaw

Future names: None

Gender: She-cat(female)

Status: Alive and semi-active


Age: 60 Moons

How Old She Appears to be: Tangledclaw looks to be about her age. When she is in a more peaceful mood she can appear to be slightly younger and when upset she looks older. 

Age in human years: Roughtly 5 years old



Cat breed: Abyssinian/Oriental Shorthair

Body Type: Oriental

Build: Tangled is naturally a skinny she-cat and cannot gain weight very easily. Her neck and legs are very long. Her lanky and tall body makes her body look very awkard and unporportioned and her frame makes her appear to be rather delicate. Her unnaturally large paws hold her lethal claws. 

Posture: Her posture depends on her mood. When Tangled is feeling friendly or gentle, she will bend her back to make herself appear more small and frail. When she is disturbed she will sit up to her full length to make herself look more threatening. 

Pelt texture/thickness: The she-cat's fur is rough and not kept very well. Her fur is very short, short enough so that you can see the fine bones on her face/chest. Each of Tangled's individual hairs are uniquely banded with different colors. 

Pelt Colors: The top of Tangled's fur is a dark grey but as you move towards her stomach/muzzle/underbelly area, her fur color lightens up a bit.

Head Shape: Tangled's head is triangular shaped. Her cheek bones can be easily spotted. 

Eye Description: Her narrow eyes are dark gold-ish yellow color (at night time her eyes are a brighter shade of yellow and seem to luminate.)

Claw length: Very Long. 

Claw color: Her claws are white in the front and black in the back. 

Tail Length/Description: Her tail is medium length and very thin and bony.

Ear Description: Her alert ears are extremely long and wide, she often uses them to pick up far away sounds. 

Nose/Pawpad color: Her nose and pawpads are a lighter grey color. 

Scars: She has three claw-mark scratches on the side of her right cheek and a small scar on her stomach. Her left ear is torn. 

Distinctive Characteristics: One of Tangled's most noticable features is her gait. Due to the limp on her back leg, she tends to sway slightly when she is walking ( almost like she is about to tip over). Her long pointed ears and the scars on her cheek are also a distinctive characteristic. Her golden yellow eyes are very eye-catching especially in the dark, they seem to have a strange glow within them.

Physical Self perception: Long story short, Tangled does not give two mouse tails about her appearance. She lazily tries to make herself look at least approachable when she feels like it but thats it. Seeing Tangled grooming her fur is a rarity.

•Clan Information•

Birthplace: Unknown

Past clans: Leafclan and unknown

Current clan: A unamed rouge group.

Rank: There are no ranks in this group but she often serves as the leader. 

Past ranks: Kit, Warrior, Elder, Rouge, deputy,  and Prey-killer

Future ranks: None

Beliefs: None- Tangledclaw believes that Starclan was a tale made up as a tool to manipulate other felines into keeping order. The she-cat thinks it is humerous for someone to try to 'honor' the warrior code or even attempt to talk to a clan in the stars. 

•Family Information•

Mother: Unknown Rouge

Relationship with her: Tangledclaw never knew her mother and does not really care for her. 

Adoptive Mother: Rainysight

Relationship with him: Tangled kept a very distnant relationship with her adoptive mother for the most part. 

Father- Unknown Rouge

Relationship with him: Same as her birth mother.

Adoptive Father:N/A

Brothers: Uknown

Adoptive Brothers: Skystar

Relationship with him: Tangledclaw used to be close to her brother but when she grew older she seperated from him. When they were  adults Tangledclaw grew jelous of her brother for becoming deputy and attempted to abolish him. 

Sisters: none

•Love Life•

Sexual Orientation: Asexual-ish

Past Crush: N/A

Current Crush: None

Past Mate: None

Current Mate: None

Kits: None

•Other Relationships•

Friends: Unknown

Past Mentor: Lithestep

Past Apprentices: Featherpaw(deceased)

Current Apprentice: N/A

Past Enemy: Daisystripe, Echofang, and Willow

Current Enemy: Unknown

Reason for Being Enemies: N/A

Cats that Tangledclaw looked up to/admired: Ever since she was a young kit Tangledclaw would always look up to the deputy or leader of her group and hoped that one day she could be just like them. 


Shadowclan: 0%

Thunderclan: 0%

Riverclan: 0%

Windclan: 0%

Skyclan: 0%

Bloodclan: 10%

Tribe: 0%

Loner/Rouge: 90%

Kittypet: 0%


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Theme Song: TBD

Voice: She usually speaks in her fake bittersweet tone but when she is angered it will stoop down to a growl.

Speech Mannerisms: Tangled will often sarcastically refer to you as a 'darling' or 'sweetie' whether you act like one or not.

Disabilitys: She walks with a slight limp do to an injury that she previously had in her leg


-Kit hood-

It was a cold leaf-fall morning when a patrol found a strange kit all alone on their territory. The cats took her in and gave her to a queen who had only one kit. She was named 'Tangled' because they had found her 'tangled' up in a thicket. Tangledkit was very reserved and kept to herself most of the time except for her brother, Skykit. She would play and make goals with her young sibling. Tangledkit told her younger brother that one day, when she became leader, he could be her deputy. 


Tangledkit became an apprentice at 6 moons and quickly began training with her mentor, Lithestep. Though the she-cat was very determined and intellectual, Lithestep noticed her apprentice was beginning to change and started becoming dangerously unpredictable. One moment she was acting as gentle as a lamb, another she would act hostile and angry. Lithestep tried to supress Tangledpaw's behavior and her teaching methods worked for a short amount of time but eventually her mindset grew worse. 


Tangledpaw passed her warrior test with flying colors and proudly took the name, Tangledclaw. As soon as she became a warrior, Tangledclaw began to make plans and goals to become the future leader of her clan and made great sucess. One day, Tangledclaw fell in love with a handsome tom named Echofang. Unfortunately, Echofang did not feel the same way about Tangledclaw, he could easily tell that she had issues and that the last thing she needed was a mate, so he took Daisystripe, another she-cat as his mate instead.

Tangledclaw was heartbroken. Eventually she grew so upset and angry that she struck Daisystripe hard in the face with unsheathed claws, making an ugly wound on her. Tangledclaw did not get in serious trouble, but it did effect what her clanmates thought of her, including the leader.

When the deputy of the clan died and it was time to choose a new deputy, Owlstar, the leader of the clan chose Skyleap, her brother instead of Tangledclaw. Unexpectedly a week later, Owlstar died from a rockslide along with Skyleap's mate, Nightstream. This made Skyleap leader. Tangledclaw expected Skystar to make her deputy but instead Skystar chose his old friend to become deputy. At this point Tangledclaw was filled with bitterness, Jelousy, and rage. Shortly after Skystar became leader, Tangledclaw took a major injury to the head from a badger attack. This forced her into the Elder's den.

When she was made an elder, Tangledclaw used her time wisely. She spent many moons stirring up flames of discontent and faul-finding Skystar for every bad thing that happened. Eventually she talked many clan cats into teaming up to attempt to bring Skystar down. This plan would have been effective if Tangledclaw's adoptive mother had not told Skystar of this plan. There was a battle between cats of the same clan and Tangledclaw's group narrowly lost ( An ally clan came to Skystar's support in batte.) Tangledclaw was given a torn ear and was exiled along with her group. Tangledclaw changed her name to Tangled and became a loner.


Introvert or Extrovert?: She acts like an Extrovert but she is actually very introverted. 

Optimistic or pessimistic?: A little bit of both. 


Personality Self Perception:

-Personality Qualities-Edit

Very Clever- Though she does not show it, Tangled has an advanced quick and sharp mind. Being the fast learner she is, Tangled can quickly figure things out and adapt to her surroundings swifter than the average cat.

Cautious- Tangled is never known to dive into something without putting much thought into it. When she is planning, the she-cat makes a list of things that could go wrong in her mind and prepares for those things.

Persuasive- Tangled seems to know what to say to pursuade someone to say or do something she needs. She enjoys confusing others and manipulating them with words. In Tangled's mind, its like some game to her. She enjoys seeing how long it takes for her to outwit someone to get what she wants.

Orginized- Even though she appears to be very disheveled, Tangled has a hidden skill in strategizing.

Independent: Tangled never usually asks for help with anything. She likes doing things by herself.

Resourceful- Tangled can work in nearly any position. Her creative mind helps her get through difficult situations.


Strong Willed

good listener

-Personality Flaws-Edit



unstable at times






Raven photograph crow black bird photography 10x10 photography 2

The darkness- Tangled often Fights and hunts better in the night time

Being in Charge:

Two-legs/Humans- Dont get her wrong, Tangled is definately not a kittypet but she does find a deep interest for these strange no-pelts. Tangled finds them very clever at times and she will observe them from afar

Playing mind games- She enjoys perplexing the younger cats with her riddles and puzzles

Crows- most creatures would refer to the birds as loud and annoying but Tangled acts as if they were song birds

The sun and any other forms of Heat- Tangled loves to spend her free afternoons lying in the sun


-Dislikes- Edit

Her sibling<center>

When something does not go as planned

Starclan- She belives StarClan is a pathetic myth that was created by ancestors to keep their warriors in line.

The Cold - She is extra sensitive to the snow and rain

Kits or apprentices-Tangled does not usually have enough patience to fool with kits or apprentices

Kittypets- Tangled has absolutely no respect for cats who eat what looks like mouse droppings, wear collars with annoying bells, and are unable to go outside.

~Fears Edit

<center> Water of any type- Tangled can not stand having a wet pelt, and will absolutely refuse to go out in the rain unless she has to.

Snakes- Tangled will refuse to go to any area where there have been sightings of these reptiles

Fires- She once saw a tom nearly burn to death in a forest fire, Tangled never had seen anything more horrible than that. She can hardly stand even talking about fire.

•Physical Abilities• <center>

Skills out of ten Edit

(5 is average)

Sight: 6


Smell: 5

Hearing: 9

Feeling: 3

Faith: 2

Flexibility: 5

Strength: 6

Endurance: 5


Hunting: 6

Hunting in the dark: 8

Fighting: 5

Fighting in the dark: 9

Fishing: 1


Jumping: 5

Climbing: 5

Stealth: 9

Special Skills

Swimming: 3

Herb Knowledge: 6

Tree Jumping: 8

Fighting style Edit


Best Skills Edit

<center>'Physical Weaknesses'Terrain where Tangled is most effectiveTangled is at her best in the woodlands where she can hide and stalk enemies better.Terrain where Tangled is least effectiveTangled is unable do hardly anything in the water.•Trivia•