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~General Information~ Edit

Current name: Tangled

Name meaning:  Tangled: Her twisty way of thinking

Past names: Tangledkit, Tangledpaw, Tangledclaw, and Tangled web that spins out of control(tribe name).

Future names: None

Gender: She-cat(female)

Status: Alive but innactive

Age: 60 Moons

Age in human years: Roughtly 5 years old


Cat breed: Abyssinian

Pelt texture:rough

Pelt thickness: Short

Eye color: Bright Yellow

Foot color: grey

Claw length: Long

Claw color: Black

Tail length: Long

Tail color: Different shades of grey

Belly Color: Light grey

Ear colors: Dark grey

Nose color: Black

Head color: Grey

Back color: Several different shades of grey  

Leg color:  Grey

Extras: She has a torn left ear and several claw mark scars running down her right cheek

~Overall Apearance~Edit

Tangled is a slender she-cat with a large right ear and a torn left ears. She has big yellow eyes and her pelt is composed of several shades of grey. She has a lithe body with ultra long legs. Her tail is bony and it is more of a charchoal color than grey.She has scars that look like claw markings on the side of her right cheek, she has a bony, wedge shaped face and large paws with unnaturally long and serrated claws. 

~Clan info~ Edit

Current clan: None

Rank: Rouge

Past ranks: Kit, Warrior, Elder, Rouge, and Prey-killer

Future ranks: None

~Family info~  Edit

Mother: Unknown Rouge

Adoptive Mother: Rainysight

Father- Unknown Rouge

Adoptive Father:None

Brothers: Uknown

Half Brothers: Unknown

Adoptive Brothers: Skystar

Sisters: none

Half Sisters: none

~Love Life~  Edit

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Past Crush: Echofang

Current Crush: None

Past Mate: None

Current Mate: None

Kits: None

~Other Cat Relationships~Edit

Friends: Badgerstep

Current Best Friends: None

Past Best Friends:

Past Mentor: Lithestep

Past Apprentices: Timberpaw(deceased)

Current Apprentice: None

Past Enemy: Lilystripe, Echofang, and Willow

Current Enemy: Unknown

~Blood~ Edit

Shadowclan: %0

Thunderclan: %

Riverclan: 0%

Windclan: 0%

Skyclan: 0%

Bloodclan: 10%

Tribe: 10%

Loner/Rouge: 80%

Kittypet: 0%

~Extra~ Edit

Theme Song: TBD

Voice: She usually speaks in her fake bittersweet tone but if you make her angry she will talk in a dark and gruff voice

Disabilitys: She walks with a slight limp do to an injury that she previously had in her leg


Personality Qualities:Edit

Very very Clever,cautious,persuasive, is an amazing negotiator, orginized, Independent, resourceful,crafty and a good listener

Personality Flaws:Edit

Secretive,can be sadistic or violent, unstable at times,cunning, selfish,deceptive and sometimes ignores the rules

~Likes Edit

Raven photograph crow black bird photography 10x10 photography 2
The darkness- Tangled often Fights and hunts better in the night time

Two-legs/Humans- Dont get her wrong, Tangled is definately not a kittypet but she does find a deep interest for these strange no-pelts. Tangled finds them very clever at times and she will observe them from afar

Playing mind games- She enjoys perplexing the younger cats with her riddles and puzzles

Crows- most creatures would refer to the birds as loud and annoying but Tangled acts as if they were song birds

The sun and any other forms of Heat- Tangled loves to spend her free afternoons lying in the sun


Her Brother-

When something does not go as planned

 Starclan- She belives StarClan is a pathetic myth that was created by ancestors to keep their warriors in line.

The Cold - She is extra sensitive to the snow and rain

Kits or apprentices-Tangled does not usually have enough patience to fool with kits or apprentices

Kittypets- Tangled has absolutely no respect for cats who eat what looks like mouse droppings, wear collars with annoying bells, and are unable to go outside.

~Fears Edit

Water of any type- Tangled can not stand having a wet pelt, and will absolutely refuse to go out in the rain unless she has to.

Snakes- Tangled will refuse to go to any area where there have been sightings of these reptiles

Fires- She once saw a tom nearly burn to death in a forest fire, Tangled never had seen anything more horrible than that. She can hardly stand even talking about fire.

~Skills Out Of Ten~ Edit


Adult Tangled

Sight: 6


 Smell: 5

Hearing: 7

Feeling: 3

Faith: 3

Flexibility: 5

Strength: 7

Endurance: 5


Hunting: 6

Hunting in the dark: 8

Fighting: 5

Fighting in the dark: 9

Fishing: 1

Swimming: 4


Jumping: 5

Climbing: 5

Stealth: 9

~Special Skills~Edit

Herbs: 6


~Place Where she is Most Efficient~Edit

Tangled is at her best in the woodlands

~Place Where she is Least Efficient~

Tangled is unable do hardly anything in the water
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Art by me (Shatteredxfeather)