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When I think of what that brute did, I get a little tense.
-Talia, speaking of her father-dog.

Appearance Edit

Talia is a small 14.5 inch tall american eskimo sog. Her long, thick fur and her nice bone and muscular structure make her stronger then most Eskies. She is swift and has nice, smooth movement with her head high as she walks. She also blows her coat twice a year. She has a wedge like muzzle. She has reinforced Mountain lion claws, causing her to have strong legs.

Personality Edit

Talia is a smart, loyal, tough and proud she-dog. Talia is ruthless like Blade and will end dogs who betray her or stand in her way of what she wants. She is a motherly figure to some pups and is a feared dog, like her best friend Russet. Talia copies Russet's example. She will take an opportunity to get what she wants if it presented to her. She is patient and smart, waiting a long time to do her plans.

Talia prefer plans against her enemies rather than straight out fighting. Likewise, don't always trust what she says.