The wind lightly rustled the lively array of leaves that stretched to create a scattered shadow upon the marsh-like ground. Mud squelched under paw as you padded aimlessly deeper into the Swamp. You lost your way sometime in the early day and had been walking on into the evening. Night was falling quick and you felt more anxious at every pawstep. The swamp was uneasily quiet. Darkness swallowed the landscape as night fell entirely and you decided to stop for a while to rest. You settled down and closed your eyes for a quick sleep, but before long, you were awoken by a slight rustle and a snapping twig. You opened your eyes to see that you were surrounded by a group of rugged, mysterious looking cats. You stood and watched them nervously until a slender, pale tomcat stepped forward. His paw looked gnarled and twisted in the dim light and many battle scars marred his young hide. A runty looking shecat appeared at his side, a large scar trailing from one of her shoulders across her lower neck. Her murky hazel glare seemed to stare right through you. The tom spoke in a harsh but mildly quiet voice, "You are trespassing in Swampclan territory, cat. What brings you this far into the wetlands?" You shifted on your paws and stared up at him, speechless with dread. You managed to mumble, "I-I'm lost, i didn't k-know this was anyone's territory" The pale, seemingly see through shecat beside him replied, her gaze unnerving you, "Ah, you poor soul. i wish you luck, you'll need it." but it seemed like no cat heard her. A few of the cats surrounding you meowed and yowled their piece, then the tomcat's tail stood to signal for silence. "You have two choices, intruder, you can come with us to our camp, or you can run now. Though, i guarantee you wont get well past that hill over there." He motioned to a rise in the land with a flick of his torn ear. The other cats shifted excitedly, each of them eager for a fight. You merely nodded, knowing you had no other choice but to follow the mysterious group. "Wise choice stranger," Said the tom approvingly "I am Goosecry, leader of Swampclan." The cats set off as silent as shadows, some of them even seemed to melt into their dark surroundings. You were led blindly into the night, the large group of strange cats leaving behind few pawprints apart from your own.

Welcome to Swampclan. We are a mix between a clan and rogue group, and we have traditions from many different origins. Many refer to us as a rebel clan. Our traditions and ranks are based upon herbs and omens. Much of our history is unknown.

Basic Info Edit

Current Information Edit

Season : Early Winter

Clan den : Cheetahsaurus

Prey : Low


Static Information Edit

Beliefs : Swampclan cats believe that fate and astronomy control their surroundings. They have a strange attachment to the stars and moon and they are a big part of ceremonies and Seer activities. If a cat within the clan dies, their spirit is absorbed into the swamp and eventually into the strange trees, giving them their formations. Cats of great importance are even turned to stars themselves.

Territory : Swampclan cats are wanderers and they hunt in many territories, Aldan Sarepia being the most frequent among hunting parties and rare patrols.

Role-play : Traditional, no extreme anatomy or vocabulary.(Though you cannot use Text-Talk)

Naming : Mainly warrior cat format, rarely a cat may have a name in loner or rogue format. Leaders keep their warrior suffix because the cats of Swampclan believe that their leader is just as much a warrior as the rest of the cats are.

Updates Edit


11/8/2015 - Swampclan is officially open to members!

03/01/2016 - Littlefang is expecting kits!

02/14/2016 - Littlefang has been announced M.I.A and the Deputy rank has opened.



Rules * Edit

The leaders' rules are law.

Positions * Edit

Black tags

Leader - Goosecry- cheetahsaurus ---The most respected rank within the clan.

High Seer / Deputy - N/A- N/A --- Second most respected rank. The main ( ceremonial ) Seer.

  1. Seer / Soothsayer - Pastelpelt - Articangelkitty --- "Medicine cats" of the clan, Soothsayer being most inexperienced.

Green tags

Warriors -

Affiliations Edit

Request to be allied must be accepted by the Leader or High Seer.

Allies - Pack of Shadowed Souls

Allied clans/packs/tribes.

Neutral -

Clans/packs/tribes that are neither allies nor enemies.

Enemies - SunClan

Clans/packs/tribes that have been officially made enemies.

Dress code Edit

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to state them in the comments. members who cannot abide to our dress code after 3 warnings will be punished and may eventually conclude in exile.

Acceptable items

Fox hats (Non-members), Skull helmets, Spartan armor, Elf bracelets, Spiked collars, SOME Jamalliday bows, Pirate swords, Leaf necklaces, Leg armor, SOME fang necklaces, Gloves (Non-members)

Unacceptable items

Horns of any type, obvious "two-leg" items, bow and arrows, Crossbow and epic wonders items, Scarves, Most diamond items including armor, Wristbands, Flowers, Bone claws, Monster claws, Monster fangs

Most natural looking pelt colors are allowed, along with natural eye colors. No, bright yellow is not a natural eye color, thank you very much.