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"We were born to survive"

Introduction Edit

You trudged through the murky, crocodile infested water trying to find a way onto the marshland. A stick, or lily pad something to climb on. The muddy water lapped at your pelt, its weight dragging you down. Thick mist clouded your vision, you could barely see a whisker-length in front of you. You questioned if there was any prey lurking about. It was about dusk for all you knew, or maybe even dawn. The wind howled and blew at your pelt. It seemed very gloomy, hazardous and life-threatening, but you were positive you could out run a crocodile, there weren't very good runners after all. Their scaly, rough skin made you shiver. The sunless sky was covered in luminous stars, the thick mist was thinner so now your could see a tail length in front. Green eyes glared at your ominously. You stared but she flashed past, you only seeing her brown pelt. She was far up in a White oak tree when you spotted her next." Greeting", you called trying to get her attention.

"What do you want mange-pelt," She screeched.

"S-sorry...," You mewed.

"Your on my land, My name is Bog, prehapps you could join us."

"Alright," you mewed casually. She lead you through the murky marshland to a group of cats.

Our lands Edit


Zios is known as the "Swamp", or the "Marshlands" (Bottom)

Threats- Crocodiles, Fallen trees, drowning, snakes

Prey- Mice, lizards, turtles, and fish

Herbs- Alder bark. Bindweed, buttonbush down, and Bramble twigs



Mt Shiveer is known as "The Chill Mountain" (Top, Right)

Threats- Yaks, Rock slides, Hypothermia, Eagles, Goats, Ice

Prey- Snow hares, Eagles, Hawks, Patridge

Herbs- Eyebright, Ragwort



Sarepia is known as "The woods", or "The forest" (Middle, Left)

Threats- Dogs, Wolves, Deer (maybe), Bear, Fallen trees, Snakes

Prey- Mice, Rabbits, Hare, Squirrels and Chipmunks

Herbs- Sticks, Cobwebs, Yerba Santa, Iris petals and Feverfew


{Coral Canyons}

Coral canyons is known as "The Rocks" ( Middle, Right)

Threats- Falling rocks, Bees, Rock slides

Prey- Lizards, Mice, Water voles

Herbs- Yarrow, honey and Windflower


{Epic Wonders}

Epic wonders is known as "Crystal Cave"

Threats- Stalactites falling

Prey- The occasional mouse

Herbs- Moss around the cave mouth