⋅ Sunstep ⋅

Sunkit (GC)


'I find my happiness where the sun shines.'

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⋅ Deputy of CoveClan ⋅

He stepped down, trying not to look long at her.
  As if she was the sun, yet he saw her.

Like the sun without looking.

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⋅ Information ⋅

Name: Sunstep
Gender: Female
Age: 15 moons
Rank: Deputy & Queen


Apprentice: -
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⋅ Attributions ⋅

⋅ Physical Attributes ⋅


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⋅ Characteristic Attributes ⋅


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⋅ Relations ⋅

⋅ Kin ⋅

Frostmoon|Laluca|Father|Ran Away

Frostmoon was a long-furred navy tom who happens to be Sunstep's father. He left when she was barely a kit, leaving Sunstep to be the only member of her family residing in Galeclan.

"All the thoughts about Frostmoon are clouded betrayal... I was too young, but now I'm sure if he ever came back I wouldn't want to speak to him."


Amberleaf is a beautiful amber shecat residing in SageClan known to be Sunstep's mother. She hasn't seen her since she was a kit, but she's sure nothing happened to her.

"Amberleaf was a fine mother, she never did anything to make me dislike her. I miss her..."


Leafpaw is a pale brown tom in SageClan with Amberleaf. Sunstep remembers meeting Brokensong, a senior warrior of SageClan, at a Gathering one moon where he thought they looked alike.

"Yeah, I know Leafpaw... I haven't seen him in moons..."


Cedarkit is a pale brown tom with dappled darker spots and emerald eyes. Sunstep loves him, but is afraid the kitting would stop her from preforming a deputy's duties, and often leaves the nursery briefly to make sure she isn't being useless.

"Shh, Cedarkit..."

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⋅ Other⋅

Willowpaw|Shreethara|Best Friend|Dead

Willowpaw is a pale brown Norwegian Forest tortoiseshell shecat with dark and light ginger spots, residing in Galeclan. Sunstep trusts no one more.

"I trust her with my life. She has been the warmest, most understanding cat I've ever met. I would give up anything, everything to make it up to her."

Sootpelt|Aquaflamez|Mentor Figure|Dead

Sootpelt is a snow white shecat with grey patches dotting her pelt, the deputy of GaleClan. Sunstep trusts Sootpelt almost as much as Willowpaw.

"Sootpelt has known me since I was a kit, and she's given me scattered training for moons. I fully agree on Driftstar's choice to make her deputy."


Swiftflame is a pale grey tom with darker grey spots and dark green eyes. He met Sunstep in CoveClan and now is her mate. 

"I love you, I do... I'm sorry."  

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⋅ History ⋅

Disclaimer: All events during Sunstep's lifetime were canon events. All characters Sunstep met were canon OCs roleplayed by various people.

Let's be blunt. Sunkit was half-Clan. Sunkit was born to Frostmoon of GaleClan and Amberleaf of SageClan, her brother being dear Leafkit.

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