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Sunsetpaw is a 5 moon old, dappled tortoiseshell kit who lives in ThuderClan. She has many family members and is the daughter of Cloudfur, and younger sister to Lunakit.

About... Edit

Sunsetpaw is a fluffy dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with many shades of ginger, brown, gold and tawny in her pelt. Her under fur is a smoky black, along with her paws and ear tips. Sunsetkit's eyes are a coppery orange color, that reflect the light of the sun. Her paws a soft and delicate and her nose and paw pads are a gentle pink color. Though don't be deceived by her looks.. Sometimes, when Sunset becomes frustrated, her pelt will fluffy up and she'll look like a walking thistle bush. Her scruff is very furry as well.

Physical Features Edit

Gender: Female.

Breed: Turkish Angora

Fur Length: Grows thick in Leaf-Bare , becomes lighter in New-Leaf.

Fur Texture: Fluffy and soft.

Pattern: Dappled tortoiseshell.

Tail length and texture: Long and bushy.

Eye color: Deep copper red.

Scars?: None, yet.

Family and relationship,(Get ready for some Genealogy.) Edit

Sunsetkit has many members in her family, since well a Clan is a huge family and cats really don't care if they love their niece.

Father: Cloudfur/Papi (And strangely Grandfather as well)

Mother: Hysteria/Crimsondawn

Sister: Lunakit/Luna (Older adopted sister)

Mate: None ( As of now )

Kits: None (As of now )

Aunt(s): Rockstar (Auntie Rocky) Stormstar (Auntie Storm and Cousin-In Law ) Maplefall (Auntie Maple) Finchstar (In a way)

Uncle(s): Stonestar (Uncle Stonie) Wolfstar (Uncle Wolfies. Adopted o3o) Pinestar( Uncle Pineapple) Quailstar (In a way I guess..) Smog (In a way), Metallica.

Cousin(s): Sandpaw, Dawnpaw, Canyonkit, Pepperkit, Vixenkit Aspenkit, Coyotekit, Nightstar, Lionfur (In-law)

Grandfathers/Grandmas and Gruncles: Firestar, Cloudfur (why) Metallic(Gruncle Metal o3o) Sandtail.

Great Grandma: Sparrowstar.

Personality Edit

  • Cautious- Sunset is very aware of her surroundings and usually knows when something's right or wrong.
  • Dramatic- Sometimes Sunset can get a bit dramatic and loud when it comes to some subjects, so she can easily get very worked up.
  • Short-Tempered- Even though she seems like a sweet little cat on the outside, some things can make her extremely mad.

Education Edit

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