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Synopsis Edit

Sunstar was an official leader of ThunderClan (one of four). Duskstar/Redstar, his brother, founded ThunderClan. He was made official leader after Redstar was killed, and he won a competition between him and Moonstar. He later gave his official leadership to his brother. Later, he became deputy of his brother. Subsequently, he quit ThunderClan, and joined The Pack of Desolate Sins. After his leader disbanded the pack, he joined TC and now remains there. He has lost and eye, and now is an elder. He was 113 moons (9 years old) when he passed away of old age along with his friend Amberstone.

Family Edit

Mate: none currently

Sister: Dreamdust, ShiftedSands

Brother: Duskstar

Sister-in-law: Amberstar (Duskstar's mate)

Nieces: Stormlight, Sagepaw, Moonkit, Shard, Berrykit. Dustkit (Daughters of Duskstar and Amberstar)

Nephew(s): Oakpaw, Nightkit (Son of Amberstar and Duskstar)

Sons: Lionfur, Cyan

Daughters: Bluegaze, Snow, Dawnclaw, Autumnheart, Twilightdawn, Peppermint, Minnow, Fallensky, and Oakkit.

Grandsons: Sedgeflight and Reedstar

Granddaughters: Ivylight and Glare.

Great-grandsons: Thornkit and Firestar

Great-great granddaughters: Leafkit, Squirrelflight, Autumnpelt, Mapleleaf, Skykit, Oakpelt, Dawngaze, Sandleaf, Spottedpelt, Carrotheart, Poppypaw, Skywatcher, Leafpool, and Rockstar

Great-great grandsons: Lionkit, Flamebreeze, Foxkit, Witherkit, Shadowkit, Orangekit, Stonestar, and Wolfstar.

Great-great great granddaughters: Sandfur, Dawnfur, Aspenkit, Sepiapool, Pepperstar, Fawnleap, Dovetail, Snowstar, and Palepaw.

Great-great great grandsons: Coyotetail, Dipperfall, Grimtail, and Sunpaw.

(and yes, I have that many great-great great grandkits)

- Ily sunny kurai was here (3 - POOF

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