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About Sunaki

Sunaki is a former member of The Pack of Shadowed Paws (POSP) at the time of Dusk's leadership. She originally joined as a Trainee, before being promoted to the rank of Combatant, also serving as a spy. She was later promoted to Back-Up Beta, before leaving the pack to form The Pack of Ephemeral Spirits (POES). She later returned to the POSP and was promoted to the rank of Alpha Female, being preceded by her half-sister, Nyota.She later left again for good, her rank being succeeded by Athena. She wandered as a loner, before being killed by Providence at the age of 25 moons. She was later reincarnated through Genesis.


Height: 3 feet, 2 inches

Pelt: Mostly dark grey, with a tan-ish underbelly and flecks of grey.

Eyes: Darkish-Blue, near blue-gray.

Scars/Defects: Small scar down upper half of underbelly from a sparring mishap, Average-sized, Generally deep scar across neck and down chest from an attack of a POHH' member during her time in POES.

Other:Fur more sleek than fluffy, slender and limber. She has an exceptionally long tail, which she sometimes tends to trip over.

  • Realistic
  • Spirit (Current)
  • Adult
  • Trainee



Complex Tree (All Relatives)

See here.

Simple Tree (Direct Blood Relations)

The Wolves of the Silent Rain



Trainee Mentor: Dusk {Former Half-Brother-in-Law} (M/Deceased/Location Known) [RebelPerfection/Velocityy] 

Former Mentor(s): Usiku {Half-Sister} (F/Deceased/Location Known) [Insanitycy2/InsanityCy2]

Trainee: N/A

Former Trainee(s): Kin {Nephew} (M/Unknown/Location Unknown) [Angel1597/Kintherandom] 

Other Relations (Excluding Close Family Relations)


Dusk is one of Sunaki's best friends, and the former leader/founder of POSP. He is also her former half-brother-in-law and former mentor. He is currently alive, and Sunaki will occasionally spend her time watching over him from Cassiopeia.


Eclipse is Sunaki's former half-brother-in-law, and a very close friend. He is a former Elite of POSP, as well as former member of POES. She considers him her brother still, and looks up to the older wolf for his kind ways. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Ryka is another of Sunaki's close friends, as well as a former member of both POSP and POES. She considers her to be an honorary sister of sorts. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Andromeda is a former member of POSP and POES. They became friends before Andy left to form The Pack of Misty Meadows (POMM) but later reconnected in POES. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Finch is Xaal's former mate and Sunaki's former half-sister-in-law. She grew close to her, and considers her a good friend, however she left the pack eventually. She has yet to meet her in Cassiopeia.


Saturn was a former Sovereign of The Pack of Ephemeral Spirits (POES). She considers him a close friend, a friendship formed when they worked as partners. She has yet to meet him in Cassiopeia.


Saturn was a former Elite Regent Aide of POES. She's considers him a close friend, though has yet to meet him in Cassiopeia.


Genevieve was the medic of POES, and a friend to Sunaki. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Tala is a former novice of POSP, as well as a former member of POES. Joining POSP, just as Sunaki graduated, she trained under her mate, Cian, and she saw the girl as a daughter of sorts. She considered her a close friend and they currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Sage is a former novice and combatant of POSP, as well as a former member of POES. They trained together as novices, despite Sunaki and Cian graduating first, and is one of her few friends her age. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Fallen is Dusk's half-sister and a former Elite of the POSP. She looks up to her, turning to her for help on occasions while she was a trainee. They grew close and she considers her a good friend. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Kin was a novice of the POSP, and is Sunaki's nephew, son of Xaal and Finch. He was appointed as her trainee, and she grew quite close to him because of this. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Loki was a novice of the POSP, and is the daughter of Dusk and Stella. Knowing her since she was a pup, she grew fond and protective of her, acting as an aunt of sorts. They currently reside in Cassiopeia together.


Melody was a novice/combatant of POSP, and is the daughter of Dusk and Stella. Sunaki was never that fond of Melody, her pup, Swift, claiming she bullied her, but attempted to give her a chance, despite seeing her as slightly spoiled. She later attempted to take in a pup from the POES, despite being a POSP member and against Sunaki's protests, landing her on Sunaki's badside. She has yet to meet her in Cassiopeia.


Blossom was the leader and founder of The Pack of Harmonious Howls. When POES + POSP and POHH had conflict between them, she met with Blossom along with Dusk, and took an immediate dislike to the female. The conflict was eventually dropped, but never resolved. She has yet to meet her in Cassiopeia.


Providence is a Draco wolf targeting POSP. She first met him during the Blue Moon while she was a trainee, but was later tracked and killed by him after leaving POSP. In Cassiopeia, she's constantly keeping an eye out for any signs of his presence.


  • Bubbly: - She can easily come off as bubbly, perky, and sometimes even goofy, because of her usual optimistic view of things. While she can be serious, this is usually her default state.
  • Reckless - Not being very patient, she tends to jump in head first,like her sister Nyota. Although this causes her to be able to manipulate her way out of almost-anything. This is mostly if she's angry.
  • Rational - She tends to rationalize every situation, a trait most likely acquired from her two half-sisters, Nyota and Usiku. Unless of course she's angry, then her recklessness shows through.
  • Determined- Especially as a trainee, Sunaki is very determined to do her best, and come off as impressive to others.
  • Selfless - Sunaki cares solely about others, and while she cares about herself, she often hides her emotions not wanting to worry anyone else. Despite this, before she died, she was rather caught up in her own problems.



  • Ceremonies (She witnessed one as a trainee and was hooked ever since)
  • Jokes/Puns
  • Night
  • Snow


  • Loneliness
  • Crowds of Strangers
  • Drama



  • She can often be reckless: (See Personality Traits: Reckless)
  • As a trainee and pup, she would often get overexcited and would once again, wind up acting reckless.
  • She has a hard time stepping out of her comfort zone.
  • She was a hopeless romantic in her younger days.


  • Being very determined, she will often go out of her way for others while still sticking to her comfort zone.
  • She's an optimist.
  • She's incredibly flexible.
  • She's a group player, but is not afraid to take charge.

Art of Sunaki

(Although more art was drawn for Sunaki, I only list those I can properly credit here.)

Stories with Sunaki

Remembering Usiku: Gone by Fubsy and 123WoofAJ . The thoughts of Nyota and Sunaki the day after Usiku left the pack.

The Discovery of Sunaki by Fubsy , 123WoofAJ , and Insanitycy2 . How Sunaki came to meet Nyota and Usiku, and the happenings of just before.

Sunaki's Interview by ReadingMinds . Sunaki is on nursery duty, and the pups can't sleep. Conversation about life strikes up from there.

An Unexpected Meeting by ReadingMinds . Sunaki and Kaguro's mother, Ashiko, shows up many moons after them running away in need of help.

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