Name| Streampaw
Roleplayer| Codingkitten
Sexuality| Bisexual Scent| Rain
Past Names| Streamkit Possible Future Names| Streamfrost
Age| 12 Moons Gender| Female
Theme Song| TBA Voice| TBA
Status| Alive/Active
Group| ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13)


Full Personality: Streampaw is a bright-minded apprentice who is very outgoing, though, she can be very shy around other cats who are intimidating. She has the mindset that she can do anything as long as she tries, so she does. If there is a task that needs to be done, Streampaw is hmore than willing to take it, even if she has other things on her paws. This often makes her bite off more than she can chew and she gets stuck in situations that she does not know how to handle. However, she is very independant and she hates having to ask for help, mainly because she fears that if she does ask for help everyone will judge her for not being able to do something she promised she could. She is a very selfless feline and she always puts pthers before herself. She hates making others worry about her, thus meaning that she rarely shares her feelings. Streampaw has a strong fear of abandonment along with failure because of the many felines who have left her when she was younger and she thinks she failed them. She also has a minor fear of very large groups of ants because she hates getting bit by them. Being easily distracted is one thing that annoys her about herself because it stops her from accomplishing the task, but it also allows her to have fun during her time. Finally, Streampaw is very blunt about almost every topic and she gets very passionate about most sided arguments. Overall, Streampaw is a determined feline with a desire to succeed. 

Personality Type: Enfp, -A/-T (Campaigner)




Temperature- Cool

Time of Day- Midnight

Season- Winter

Food- Rabbit

Location- Water

Herb- Honey

Scent- Rain


Temperature- Hot

Time of Day- Noon

Season- Summer

Food- Bird

Location- Rocks

Herb- Poppy Seeds

Scent- Crow Food
















Detailed Description: Streampaw is a russian blue she-cat with no markings on her pelt. She has a short tail compared to the average cat with short whiskers. She has small, muted yellow eyes and a slightly large dark blue nose. She has a smaller body for being an apprentice, though she has long legs that make her able to run very fast. Because of her slim body frame, she is not very strong and she’s does not have very good balance. Streampaw has short and thin fur which keeps her cool in the summer time, but when winter strikes she is very vulnerable to the cold. She almost always has a smile and her voice is usually filled with excitement. Overall, Streampaw is a slim feline with dull blue fur, but she is almost always filled with happiness and joy.

Pelt Texture: Soft

Pelt Thickness: Thick

Eye Color: Dull Yellow

Paw Color: Dull Blue

Paw Size: Small

Claw Length: Medium

Claw Color: Silver

Tail Length: Medium

Tail Color: Dull Blue

Tail Design: None

Belly Color: Dull Blue

Ear Color: Dull Blue

Ear Design: None

Nose Color: Dark Grey

Nose Design: None

Head Color: Dull Blue

Head Design: None

Back Color: Dark Grey

Back Design: None

Leg Color: Dark Grey

Leg Design: None

Scars: None ATM





    =Inside the Ear


Full body-streampaw


5 Is Average

Hunting: 2/10

Fighting: 1/10 

Herbs: 3/10

Swimming: 6/10

Catching Fish: 2/10

Strength: 5/10

Speed: 3/10

Climbing: 3/10

Scent: 7/10

Hearing: 6/10

Vision: 5/10


Loyalty: ShadowClan

Previous Groups: RisingClan

Ranks That She has Served: Kit, Loner

Current Rank: Apprentice

Desired Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: None

Previous Apprentices: None

Mentors: Marsfoot, Herself, Shadowpelt


Kittypet: 0%

Tribe: 0%

Rouge/Loner: 23%

Clan Cat: 77%=

Windclan: 2%

Thunderclan: 14%

Riverclan: 56%

Shadowclan: 1%

Skyclan: 4%



[Oc Name/Relation/Trust Rate]


"Irispaw I have missed you so much! I am so happy that we are back together again and I know we will never be seperated ever again. You are the best sister and friend anyone could ask for. Thank you for always sticking by my side, I love you!"

Wolftuft/Best Friend/96%

"Oh, Wolftuft, you are one of the bravest cats I know. You survived a dog attack and have the battle wounds to show it! I'm glad we found each other again, and I hope you can find peace with the world some day."


"I don't understand why you hate Wolftuft so much. He is my one of my best friends and all you do is talk back to him. Why do you do that? I love you so much, though. You helped me when my sister wasn't gone and you believed that she was still alive. Thank you."

Blankstrike/Best Friend/100%

"Hehe, Blankstrike, you are an amazing tom! You are so kind and funny and you make me laugh every time I see you. Your pelt is so fluffy and well kept and you are so unique mentally and physically!"


"You really do think you are all that and everything else, don't you? You act like you are perfect. Flawless. But you are one of the most flawed cats I know! I would rather be eaten alive by a billion eagles than to ever see your face again. You hurt me and my sister, you careless peice of fox dung!"


"Oh, mother, I miss you every day. Why did StarClan take you away from us? You were the only thing we had besides each other. But we made it through with each other. Both Iris and I miss you so much, but I am glad that you are no longer hurt. I will meet you in StarClan, someday..."



Past Crush: Wolftuft

Current Crush: Blank Mind, No Clue, Coff

Past Mate: None

Current Mate:None

Kits: None


Mother: Dewdrop

Father: Lightmist

Brothers: Tricklestem

Sisters: Irispaw

Cousins: Wisdomseeker, Stonestrike

Aunts: Ravenflight

Uncles: Unknown

Step Sisters: None

Step Brothers: None

Nieces: None

Nephews: None


Backstory Link: TBA

Groups Before ShadowClan: RisingClan

Basic Backstory:

Kit- Streamkit's mother died while her father pushed her and her sister, Iriskit too hard to be the best they could be.

 Apprentice- Streampaw and Irispaw left their clan and joined RisingClan. They stayed there for a while and they grew super close. They never left each other's side and they were always with each other. RisingClan was also where Streampaw met Wolftuft and Gentleriver, two of her best friends. After a few moons Streampaw and Irispaw decided to leave and go to ShadowClan. Here Streampaw met Aurapaw and Blankpaw. She grew to know Blankpaw and ended up having a big crush on him. Unfortunatly, Irispaw disappeared soon after they arrived at ShadowClan and they have not seen each other sense. Streampaw believes that she is still alive while many other felines in her clan believe she is dead.

Warrior- Streampaw is still an apprentice, but she is close to being a warrior.


Streampaw's mother died from Greencough

•Her two theme songs are Toxic Thoughts because of her fear of failure and Till I Collapsed because of her determination and sassiness•


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