It was a hot, humid, Green-leaf day. The sun was to shine brightly onto each and every one of the plants and animals in a vast, continental tropical region. There was a group of felines by a stream, drinking, resting, and possibly taking a bathe in a river. The kits were playing and batting at each other constantly in the water as they played pretend-warrior. A long haired, beautiful, medium sized silver tortoiseshell with a delicate white dappled coat and a light sandy underbelly and light, icy eyes spotted a weary, limping cat that panted from the desert-like heat. ''May I ask what are you doing all by yourself on a dry, hot Green-leaf day like this all by yourself?'' The she-cat questioned softly as she saw the weak creature lurking around. The undernourished feline stammered, "I'm a l-loner just traveling around to find somewhere safe.. there are cats out for me...." The beautiful white dappled cat said, ''Perhaps would you like to join Streamclan? We will treat you like home, I promise" she went on, "We would never hurt anyone who doesn't start a fight with us, clan or not." The scrawny, weak feline replied "T-thank you.. that's so kind of you." The tortoiseshell nodded, dipping her head, "I'm Pearlstar, and welcome to Streamclan"

Streamclan is a light-realmed, feline clan lead by Pearlstar, for which her user is Ruex. How the clan works is, we role-play traditionally, though vocabulary is optional to its limitations if wanted to be used. Streamclan must only accept the most loyal, dedicated cats in order for you to stay. You will be put on trial for 1 day if you are unsure about your loyalty. We role play on a daily basis depending if Pearlstar is on, or if there is enough cats, and our territories are Zios in the servers Himilaya, Rocky, Tigris, Amur, Sawtooth, Bremer, and Brazos. There are 8 ranks in Streamclan. Leader, which (Pearlstar is), Deputy, Elite (Only six of the most loyal and strongest felines can get the spot), warrior, Apprentices, Medicine Cat, Queens, and Elders. We treat all of the cats with respect and sanity, though if things get out of control, one of us has to report to Pearlstar, or try to handle the situation on their own likewise. There are specific rules and regulations too.

  1. All those that joined must vow on sacred oath they will be loyal.
  2. You must listen to the higher ranks (for apprentices and kits) or you will be punished lightly unless the situation is serious
  3. Kits/Apprentices that sneak out of camp without accompanied warrior or elite will be punished also.
  4. Traitors, spies, and those who work for enemies will be exiled immediately.
  5. You mustn't complain whatever punishment will be given to you, or rather the Pearlstar or the deputy will make the punishment worse, but not harming.
  6. Those that leave must tell Pearlstar, or that considers you unloyal. You will have 2 more chances if you tell.

Well, hope you join! It will be well worth it. Thank you.

~Pearlstar of Streamclan