Story Edit

your walking into a shady area covered with moss and trees. you look around nervously and then you walk over to a small pond. you look around some more and you spot a brown tail moving around in the bushes, you stand up and creep slowly toward it. suddenly a small apprentice shoots out of the bushes and she launches at you. you yowl surprised then you hear a voice " Leafpaw! stop it right now!" the apprentice gets off and scowls at you and pads toward the other she cat. " are you alright?" you look up noticing the brown and black striped she cat talking to you. " oh uh I'm alright." you say " so what brings you into StormClan territory?" the brown she cat says " "this is Clan territory?" you say " yeah right it is! now tell us why your here!" the calico apprentice hisses. you get up and start to turn around leaving, but then the brown shecat meows softly " before you leave. i was wondering if you would like to join us." you turn around " are you sure? " " yes I'm sure. I'm bearstar and this is leafpaw." she points her tail toward the calico apprentice. " now why don't you come with us back to our camp? " you follow quickly until you get to StormClan camp. you gaze around the camp knowing this will be your new home.Edit

greetings Edit

hello welcome to stormclan!

clan theme song: monody - thefatrat

News Edit

[3/??/16] stormclan was found Edit

[3/??/16] [6/5/16] stuff happened and i can't remember

Rules Edit

  • No Powerplaying
  • No double clanning
  • No horns ( they annoy bearstar )
  • No prophecies without permission!
  • No begging for ranks!
  • No super dramatic role-play!
  • NO i repeat NO changing your ranks! unless your character dies then i will let you :L
  • No double names ex: bearstar and bearclaw
  • i restarted the clan thats why there isn't as many cats. the clan is always open to join 
  • try not to use a lot of anatomy
  • no magic powers unless bearstar agrees

Ranks Edit

 Leader - Hazelstar(candy23999)
Deputy -
Backup Deputy -
Medcats -
Warriors -
Apprentices -
Darkpaw - Hazelstar (bluebow9)
Medcat Apprentices - 
Elders -
Queens -
Kits -


if your not a member you don't have to read this! Edit

black & white nametags Edit


leader - star

deputy - lightning bolt

backup deputy - tiger

medcat - leaf

warriors - wolf

apprentices - paw

medcat apprentice - flower

elders - earth

queens - heart

kits - bunny

How to join & be Alliance Edit

post these in the comments! Edit

username Edit

cat name:

fur color:


why you want to join:

past clans, packs, tripes:

extra stuff:

Alliance forms Edit


clan name:

cat name:

why you want to ally:

Alliances & Enemies Edit

alliances Edit


  • none and we hope to keep it that way.

clothing Edit

what to wear Edit

Swords *Edit

Gloves *Edit

Spikes *Edit

Ribbon scarvesEdit

Pirate swords *Edit

Elf tail armor *Edit

Fox hats *Edit

Leaf armor *Edit

Elf armor *Edit

Elf bracelets *Edit

Elf helmets *Edit

Raccoon tail *Edit

Raccoon hat *Edit

Worn blanket *Edit

Bow and Arrows *Edit

Head flower *Edit

Feather tail armorEdit

* Phantom tail armorEdit

What not to wear Edit

* HornsEdit

* NecklacesEdit

* ChainsEdit

* DressesEdit

* Twoleg rubbishEdit

fur colors Edit

What colors to useEdit

* Reds ( mostly used for blood )Edit

* BrownsEdit

* greyish bluesEdit

* yellowsEdit

* palesEdit

* any natural colors for a catEdit

What colors not to use Edit

* PinksEdit

* GreensEdit

* Purples Edit

* bluesEdit

* Pinkish purplesEdit

* no weird cat colors basicallyEdit

The camp Edit

The camp is a awesome camp so here are the pictures











Leader's and highrock


Territory Edit

hunting grounds: rocky: everywhereEdit

training grounds: rocky in sarepia, zios & appondale

moonpool: that one pool thing in mt.shiveer

moonstone: epic wonders

gathering place: canyons pathway or someone's den