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Welcome! Storm of the Phoenix is a wolf pack who currently is recruiting. Storm of the Phoenix was created 11/17/15. If you would like to join, please inform Storm (galacticwafflezaj). Please note that we only accept serious roleplayers. Hope to see you soon!

General information Edit

Recruiting: open

Territory: Atlas, Sarepia

Member count: 9

Season: Late fall

Theme song: Renegades-by X Ambassador

Wiki Editors Edit

If your name is NOT here, please do not edit the wiki. Editing the wiki comes with consequences based on what type.



Recent Events Edit

Attire Edit

~ No bright colors, like pink. Realistic colors only.

~ Realistic clothing only

~ Realistic markings allowed, such as: stripes, moon, leaf, spots,flames

Rules Edit

~No double packing

~No powerplaying, any wolf caught powerplaying will be automatically exiled.

~ Don't cause any drama.

~ Roleplay realistically as possible.

~ Respect everyone equally

~ Please use roleplaying tags

(more coming soon)

Ranks Edit

Alpha: The leader's of the pack, one male one female. To be treated with high respect, if mistreated, consequences will occur.

Le Storm

Beta: Usually the third in command, it's like a deputy. To be treated with high respect, if mistreated, consequences will occur.

Elites: Four members of a pack that control a particular role. Hunting Elite, Scout Elite, Warrior Elite, Substitute Elite

Warriors: Members of the pack that fight, hunt, and patrol the territory.

Pups: Members of the pack that are young wolves. Pups cannot do anything dangerous and newborn pups must be with their parents at all times.

Omegas: Wolves that are under punishment.