He who refuses to obey cannot command.
Req stonestar

By EliteNinjaWarrior

Status Deceased
Roleplayed By Saberfang
Gender Male/Tom-Cat
Age Roughly 58 moons (at death)
Thunderclan icon by starsightsw2007
, StarClan
Rank Leader
Mentor N/A
Apprentice xx
Mate xx
Family xx
Defense 4/10
Offense 9/10
Speed 7/10
Hunting 7/10
Climbing 3/10
Swimming 2/10
Stamina 6/10
Intelligence 9/10
Agility 8/10
Stealth 6/10
Voice Unknown
Theme Song Unknown


Name Break-down:

Prefix: Stone [the hard, solid, nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material, and for his tough personality and grey patches of fur]

Suffix: -fall [traditional warriors suffix, and because he's known to freaking fall off of cliffs]

Next Names: None Nicknames: Sparkles, Stoney

Former Names: Stone, Stonefall

Gender Identities: Male/Tom-cat

PGSP: He/him/his

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 58 moons/4.83 years

Thoughts on Clan:


Thoughts on Stonestar: Comment below!

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Summary: His overall appearance is shrimpy when compared to his fellow comrades. Born with long legs and a scrawny build, he often stands out. He has no muscle tone and lacks any actual bulk, but he can and will carry his own weight. He harbors a quirky smile, although he is, at most times, silent and attentive.

Breed: Diluted calico/oriental shorthair 

Build: With a small nose pad, narrow snout, and long, pointy tipped ears, his posture easily resembles a serval more than anything. His breeding is a mixture of serval and domestic cat origins, concluding why he is of meek structure. His paws and tail are in equal size — large and abstract against his fragile - looking frame.

Fur: A sleek, thin pelt consisting of a top layer of deep gray. His underbelly, chest, and lower maw are a light brown. His additional colors are splashes of tinted white thrown around his coat. He is a simple calico, rare due to the fact that most are commonly female.

Defining Features: 

Scars: xx 

Voice: Thick, strong, and loud.


Scent: he smells


Positive Traits: Wise | Intelligent | Attentive 

Neutral Traits: Quiet | Laid back | Witty

Negative Traits: Snide | Distant | Quick to judge

Summary on Positive Traits:

Summary on Neutral Traits:

Summary on Negative Traits:

Skills and StatisticsEdit

Learning Style:

Physical Health: pretty good i guess?

Mental Health: kinda childish but hey, he tries

Strengths: Cracking jokes at inappropriate times, talking his way out of situations, commanding and leading. Very capable of dealing with dire situations and always loves to bark an order. He knows his boundaries though, and will typically only advise when absolutely necessary. 

Weaknesses: He, on the other hand, struggles to take orders from others. He doesn't like being bossed around. If he respects you, then he'd blindly follow you to the ends of the earth, otherwise he might just challenge you instead, but like, passive aggressively, because he's all passive yaknow. 

Fears: That he will not live up to his true potential and die without leaving behind a legacy. 



The ratio of toms to she-cats is xx


Relationship Status: xx

Mate: Maplestar

Sexual Orientation: why is this put twice??

Candy Eye: Mentally/Personality: xx

Candy Eye: Physically: xx

Turn Offs: Mentally: xx 

Experience: what does this even mean

Currently Attracted To: his mcfreaking wife

Shippings: Lunarstar x Stonestar = Loner // Stonestar x Maplestar = Staple

Cats Currently Attracted to Stonefall: xx

Offspring: (just off the top of my head, will edit with all his chillin's later) Pepperstar, Sepiastar, Snowstar, Sunflare, Coyotetail,



  • Season - Autumn [Leaf-fall]
  • Food - Thrush
  • Tree - Maple
  • Location - 
  • Scent - Crushed leaves and soil
  • Color - Red and gold 



* I have no idea where his infamous nickname "Sparkles" came from.

* Stonefall was my first successful OC on the platform of Animal Jam.

* He was named after the OC of an old friend of mine, somewhat in their honor.

Memes: his life



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