Welcome to starclan, the heaven of cats who follow this path. This is gonna be fun. WARNING!: may contain spoilers if your not very far into the books.

Starclan intro

You wake up in a clearing, beneath the ggreatrock. The ground was tainted with blood, as if from a battle long ago. You see four leaders on the greatrock.  But the last thing you remember was being attacked in camp, so how did you......? "Welcome" a cat on greatrock says. "I am Thunder" "Can you tell me your name?" "I'm ()" you reply. "Welcome to starclan, ()"

So, my user is you08484, jag me if you wanna join, nonmembers, say pets are cool! And tags are white, we give prophecies, we need the original clans though. I will say the user and if its taken.

Fireclan:          windclan:         shadow clan:                   riverclan:

OK, dress code.The DO'S. Fox hats, skull hats, a flower, a spike, a jammaliday scarf, silver glove thingy, worn, nm sword, other non shoe foot stuff, no wrist, and that's the dos, the don't are anything else. 

               SIGN UP THINGY!!!!!!!


Desired rank

Username in aj 


Former clan

If you want a leader role, what role


Moonstar, leader of starclan:

Thunder star, leader of thunder clan of starclan:

Shadow star:






Fire star: 

Oc's below+ starclan clan.

Updates. Yay. 

Yay, I created starclan 1\11\15