The Moonpool is a round pool of water at The Lake. It is a sacred place where medicine cats and leaders share tongues with StarClan.


The Moonpool is a small pool, situated at the bottom of a stone hollow, a certain distance from the Clan territories. On one side, there is a steep cliff with water flowing out from a cleft, feeding the pool. There is an underground stream leading out of the pool, which flows into the lake and marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan. A narrow path dimpled with ancient paw prints leads down to a flat stone "beach" next to the pool. For sharing tongues with StarClan, the medicine cats lap up a few drops of water or touch their noses to the water.

New Clan leaders also go there to receive their nine lives.


  • The pawprints left are left by the Ancient cats.
  • Other animals would not see StarClan if they drank from the Moonpool

Per Warrior Cats Wiki.

The official Moonpool for roleplayers in Animal Jam is Epic Wonders. Cats go there and sleep next to the pool, and StarClan cats come and talk to them. Alternative, the cat may go to a StarClan such as AmazonJaguar's Den or Cloudbreeze's to talk to StarClan. Gatherings may be held here, or on the large rock in the Canyon's Pathway. However, some groups have created their own version of the Moonpool in dens, or created new places to speak with StarClan altogether.