StallionClan (SparrowHood2275) Edit

You are padding through a thick forest in the middles of the night. You look up and see the full moon disappearing through the trees and you gulp nervously. You have heard of the shadow-like cats that roam theses woods. As you are walking, you see a pond in front of you and bend down to take a drink. A massive black she-cat pins you to the ground. She smells of forest and moss. Her blue eyes staring at you as she holds you to the ground. "Who are you and why are you here?" She growls. You stutter as you answer the mysterious cat."I... I wish to join your Clan." You look right at her. The she-cat let's you up. "You've got some guts coming here. Thinking you can join our Clan without a test." The she-cat laughs. You stare at her dark, glossy pelt and her long, curved claws. She turns to you. "You can join us, but there will be a test. Follow me carefully. There are cats out here you don't want to run into after dark." The she-cat pads away after whisking her tail in your face. You look back and prick your ears thinking you hear something, then you follow the cat. The cat turns and waits for you at the top of the ridge. "I'm Brokenstar by the way." You shudder at the name. She looks at you. "I'm much different than that Brokenstar." She sniffs the air once and then bounds away. You follow her carefully.

Traits Edit

Physical Traits: NightClan cats have many traits that make them different from other Clan's. NightClan cats have generally long legs and well muscled bodies for climbing trees. They also have darker pelts and longer claws then most cats. Lighter pelted cats are in the bloodline of Aurastar. Dark pelted cats such as Brokenstar are in the bloodline of Pantherstar. Medium pelted cats such as Tigerstorm and Mousefur are in Phoenixstar's bloodline.

Personality Traits: NightClan cats are generally good tempered cats and would only threaten a cat if they did something wrong. Nevertheless, do not tick off a NightClan cat. NightClan cats are also extremely loyal and honorable cats. They always battle by the Warrior Code and will stick to it 'till the end. Still a WIP

Top Heirachy Edit

Brokenstar of NightClan


Tigerstorm (Deputy)


Duskriver (Medicine cat)


Spottedfire (Medicine Cat two)


Leader: Wolfstar - SparrowHood2275 - Massive white she-cat with black tabby stripes and brown paws and evergreen eyes. Generally calm she-cat. Is wise beyond her years and wants to do what is best for her Clan, no matter the cost. Daughter of Jaggedsky and Stormrush. Lives: 7/9

Deputy: Lizardpelt - cakecat130 - silver tabby she-cat with black paws and navy eyes. Loyal she-cat, gets fired up for her Clan in the fierce of battle.

Medicine Cat 1: Duskriver - Jetpaws - blue/gray she-cat with violet splotches and blue eyes

Medicine Cat 2: Spottedfire - berryman422 - nutmeg colored she-cat with bright orange flame pattern and whites paws

Medicine Cat Apprentice: None at the moment

Trackers Edit

Hiddenecho - kikim55 - small black she-cat with white paws and teal colored eyes

Onyxstorm - Pumkintader - jet black tom with chartreuse yellow eyes

Senior Warriors Edit

Tigerstorm - gem26251 - dark brown tabby she-cat with white paws and amber eyes. Former deputy

Brambleclaw - Liberty360 - dark brown tabby tom with black stripes

Darkfur - tntwolfcat - white and dark gray tom with green eyes

Mudwhisker - deardumpdiary60 - chocolate colored she-cat with darker brown splotches

Warriors Edit

Darkfur (Leaders Mate)


Spottedheart (Warrior)


Mousefur (Warrior)


Ashfur (Warrior)


Leafclaw - Leafstorm16 - long-haired green she-cat with darker flecks and blue eyes.Starlingstripe - kylie30474 - pretty white she-cat with dark gray tabby stripes and blue eyes

Scratchclaw - arlin1227 - big dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Nightpelt - skylarlilywolf - light gray she-cat with dark gray splotches

Iceclaw - saphiredragon998 - white tom with silver tabby stripes

Shadowpelt - djwolf100 - black she-cat with gray blue stripes and gray paws

Stormrush - capslock292 - white tom with gray tabby stripes

Shadowmist - 2009shadow - gray she-cat with white paws

Shadowclaw - ? - black she-cat with silver paws

Spottedheart - ? - chocolate colored she-cat with lighter brown splotches

Ashfur - fur101 - blue/gray tom with black splotches and brown paws

Mousefur - escool123 - mottled gray/black she cat with green eyes

Owlfeather - Owlover2013 - Black, dark gray, and orange she-cat with pale blue eyes

Apprentices Edit

Silverpaw - captainswan826 - gray she-cat with black tabby markings and blue eyes

Stormpaw - umbreonwolves89 - black she-cat with gray blue stripes and crimson colored eyes {Mentor: Shadowpelt }

Thornpaw - Warriorcats67890 - dark gray she-cat with red markings and black paws {Mentor: Spottedheart}

Nightpaw - littlewolf16 - dark gray with black splotches {Mentor: Wolfstar}

Mudpaw - awesomehaley - chocolate colored tom with light brown stripes {Mentor: Unknown}

Skypaw - Bffnc9368 - small light gray she-cat with darker markings and sky blue eyes

Echopaw - Stigerdaw - sleek ginger-pelted, green eyed tom with golden/yellow splotches. Generally calm, relaxed, and sometimes excited

Elders Edit


Queens Edit

Yellowwing - straws101 - light brown she-cat with white markings and sparkling yellow eyes

Kits Edit

Snowkit - werewolflove12 - white she-kit with dusky blue eyes

Treekit - janethehorse - dark brown tom-kit with gray spots

Briarkit - straws3 - a pretty brown she-kit with dark tabby stripes and yellow eyes

Ranks Edit

Thanks to BearClan for the idea!

Leader: The Clan leader is the cat who leads the Clan. They receive nine lives when they become leader. Leaders often lead their Clan's into battles and such. {Pantherstar was NightClan's first leader}

Deputy: Deputy is the cat who organizes patrols and training. Deputies often lead their Clan in border patrols and hunting patrols. {NightClan's first deputy was Nightheart}

Medicine Cat : The Medicine Cat is the cat who heals the sick and injured cats in the Clan. They go to the Moonpool or Moonstone when the moon is half to "share toungues" with StarClan. {NightClan's first Medicine cat was Ivyfeather}

Medicine Cat Apprentice: The Medicine Cat Apprentice has the most important job rather than the apprentice of the leader. The Medicine cat apprentice trains to take the Medicine Cat's place should he/she perish. In NightClan, the medicine cat apprentice inherits the Medicine Cat's name ending as a memorial and reminder. {NightClan's first Medicine Cat Apprentice was Solsticefeather}

Tracker: Trackers are much like warriors in a way. They fight and hunt and protect their Clan. However, trackers are trained differently and they are taught to track other cats using signs and clues. {NightClan's first Tracker was Phoenixstorm}

Senior Warrior: The Senior warriors are the older warriors of the Clan who will retire to the Elders den soon. They don't participate in all the chores that the younger warriors do. {NightClan's first Senior Warriors were, Chesirenose, Berrytail and Brightfall}

Warrior: The warrior's are the cats who make up the main part of the Clan. Warriors do the work, hunting and protecting of the Clan as well as take care of cats. A warrior must be a warrior for four moons before having an apprentice. {NightClan's first warriors were Onetalon, Mapleflight and Sheerwhisker}

Apprentice: Apprentices are the young cats who are training to be warriors or trackers. Currently NightClan has no trackers, but will get some soon. The Apprentices take care of the elders and help the Medicine Cat with daily chores. {Pebblepaw, Streampaw and Eclipsepaw were NightClan's first apprentices}

Queen: The Queens of the Clan are the cats who give birth to the kits who later become warriors. Every NightClan Queen has to be over eleven moons in order to have a mate. {Mapleflight and Sheerwhisker were NightClan's first Queens}

Kits: The Kits of the Clan are the young cats who aren't old enough to be apprentices. A Kit must be six moons old to be an apprentice. {Maplekit, Winterkit and Birdkit were NightClan's first Kit's}

Elders: Elders are the older, retired cats. They may be old enough where they can't do very much heavy lifting, but they keep the Clan alive. They entertain mostly. The kits and apprentices will listen to their stories. {NightClan's first elder was Onetalon}

NightClan Quotes Edit

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are-Brokenstar

The journey of a thousand miles begin's with one paw-step-NightClan Warrior

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing-Pantherstar

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination-Aurastar

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment's-Pinepaw

A dream doesn't come through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work-Onetalon

A cat must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, strong enough to correct them-Darkfur

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them-Pantherstar

The world's only cat is every cat, if only they have the heart to admit it-Echopaw

History Edit

NightClan started out many moons ago when a young warrior from ShadowClan named Panthershadow, was chosen by StarClan along with three other cats to be the leader of a new generation of Clan's. Among the other cats were, Lakefall, leader of LakeClan, Breezetalon, leader of BreezeClan and Forestpelt leader of ForestClan. Each of these cats were sent to a territory far from where they were born and there, they founded four new Clan's. LakeClan, a modern-day RiverClan, BreezeClan, a modern-day WindClan, ForestClan, a modern-day ThunderClan and last, but not least, NightClan, a modern-day ShadowClan. Panthershadow, better known as Pantherstar, was given lush pine forests and swamp territory to grow his Clan. Lakefall, known as Lakestar, was given a beautiful lake territory with a grove of oak trees for the camp. Breezestar was given a territory filled with hills and ridges. Foreststar was given a large woodland territory with a river running through the heart of it. Pantherstar was given the option, by StarClan, to take three cats of his choice with him to his new Clan. Of these cats he chose, Onetalon, Sheerwhisker and Mapleflight. Each of these cats were extremely loyal to Pantherstar. All NightClan born cats are decsendants of these four cats. Mapleflight and Sheerwhisker have more kit's than any other cat in NightClan. These two she-cat's formed the Clan to what it is today. Mapleflight's descendants usually have gray or redish pelt's. Sheerwhisker's descendant's have black, silver or white pelt's. Same with Pantherstar. Almost all of his kit's have dark pelt's. Onetalon had a lighter pelt than Pantherstar. The leader that succeded Pantherstar was Nightstar. Nightstar was the cat who led the Old NightClan to it's destruction. Nightstar was a violent cat and, being Pantherstar's son, he was an excellent fighter and was ambitious. Nightstar deliberately attacked the neighboring Clan's as if they had taken territory. When Nightstar was his in 120th moon in leadership of NightClan, wolves and dogs attacked. Nightstar was on his death bed when they attacked and his warriors held them off for as long as they could. In the end, Nightstar perished and was not reunited with the love of his life, Oceanbreeze. Only a few cat's are known to be alive from the Old NightClan. These cat's include, Wolfspirit, Tidefall, Flamecall, Reedheart and Riverstone. Each of these cat's have either moved on to a new Clan or have become loner's and rougue's. After a few moons of wandering, some of the survivor's decided to come together and make a new Clan. One loner in particular was very strong in her relationship with StarClan. Pantherstar often showed himself in her dreams and one day decided that this was the cat to succeed him. This mysterious she-cat was called Aurawing for her what seemed hyper-colored pelt. Aurawing was named Aurastar and the Old NightClan became AuraClan for a few moons. In this time, Brokenstar was born to Sparkheart and Sharptalon. Sharptalon was quickly over the birth of his oldest kit and left AuraClan only to later return and bringing a disease with him that nearly wiped out the last of the NightClan cats. Sparkheart and Sharptalon along with Aurastar lost their lives to this sickness. After Aurastar died, a young kit named Brokenkit was now an orphan. Brokenkit was rasied by the new leader, Phoenixstar. Phoenixstar was a young leader at the time and he lived for many moons to come. However, Phoenixstar was inexperienced and many of the AuraClan cats wondered why StarClan chose him for leader. A couple moons after the sickness was silenced, BreezeClan challenged AuraClan to a battle due to unappreciated borders. Phoenixstar refused to battle for his Clan's sake. The BreezeClan leader was furious that Phoenixstar refused his challenge and called him a mouse hearted kittypet. Phoenixtstar knew he had made the right choice, but not without making enemies. A few sunrises later, BreezeClan attacked them and cost AuraClan and BreezeClan their leader's. When the two Clan's realised this was a work of StarClan, they united. Some cats from BreezeClan decided they wanted to join AuraClan after seeing Phoenixstar's loyalty and courage. So Starlingstar, the new leader of BreezeClan, decided that whichever cats wanted to join AuraClan, would go to them in a few sunrises. Starlingstar gathered the cats who wanted to go and sent them off. Although Starlingstar was disappointed that so many cats wanted to join AuraClan, he remembered what Phoenixstar did to save his cats and his own cats. Starlingstar is now know as one of the greatest leaders in BreezeClan history. AuraClan was surprised to see so many BreezeClan cats join their Clan. This was the beginning of the New NightClan. Ten moons later, Brokenpaw was made a warrior known as Brokensky. Jadestar, the leader of AuraClan after Phoenixstar, was impressed by Brokensky's strong will and loyalty. When Brokensky was fifteen moons old, she was given her first apprentice. Her apprentice was named Cliffpaw because of his two toned pelt. Cliffpaw was a bit of a handful at first, but quickly calmed down when he was around Brokensky. After Cliffpaw was made Cliffwatcher, Jadestar asked Brokensky to be deputy. She accepted and became one of the youngest deputies in AuraClan. In the eighth moon of her deputyship, Jadestar was attacked by a fox while on a patrol. Jadestar was already getting old and she did not survive. Brokensky was sad and furious that StarClan was taking so many cats from them. She became leader and she led AuraClan to become the New NightClan. To this day NightClan born cats have BreezeClan and WindClan blood in them as well as ShadowClan. Without each of these Clan's generosity, NightClan would not have survived. Still working on it a bit. Hope you guys enjoy reading about the past of NightClan. :)

Theme Song(s) Edit

Light 'em Up by Fall Out Boy

Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

Live Forever by The Afters

Allies Edit


-Don't fear the night

Moonclan symbol

-Clan of Loyalty, Power and Destiny

ShadowClan - Bluestar - Yolo136

Shadowclan (babybluejay) - Nightstar - babybluejay

FallenClan - Shadestar - shybravegirl24 (has a Wiki page just forgot to get the link cause I'm lazy :3)

DarkClan - Thunderstar - coolkor

DeerClan - Tinystar - Triked

Eagleclan - Balsastar - rio1221

AuroraClan - Lunarstar - tambo2525

Pack of Fallen Stars - Aisu - NicoleL90

ShadowClan (eagle27751) - Lightningstar/Brokenstar - Rosepaw16/Ninjagirl01

The Brotherhood - Midnight/Azure - 42407/Madelin20529

Warren of Falling Shadows - Ravenstar - sharkweek83305

ShadeClan - Badgerstar - xxliongirldjxx

DuskClan: - Nightstar - gigi1099

Enemies Edit

None at the moment! :)

Neutral Edit

ShadowClan - Hailstar - ?

Territory Edit

Appondale, in the Flint server and Sarepia Forest and Lost Temple of Zios in the Flint server

If a patrol catches you on our territory, you will properly dealt with.

Rules Edit

- The leaders word is law (Wolfstar will give you three warnings before giving punishment) If you refuse to obey after your punishment and warnings then you will be exiled.

- NO DOUBLE CLANNING ALLOWED If you are caught double clanning, Wolfstar (me) will give you a wound to remember your dishonesty and betrayal.

- No anatomy allowed (please use standard roleplay chat)

- If you see anything strange on NightClan territory, report it immediately. (if Wolfstar finds out that you withheld information, you will be confined to camp for one moon or more depending on the info)

- Do not trespass on another Clan's territory (unless Wolfstar says so) You will be properly punished if you are found trespassing

- Do not attack another cat unless the cat has done something wrong (Ex. if a cat tried to kill one of his Clan mates)

- You cannot have friends outside of NightClan (unless it is a very limited relationship or from an allied Clan) As long as your loyalty is 100% in NightClan.

- Only the leader can edit this page (unless you ask permission)

- If you are caught spying on NightClan, Wolfstar (me) will give you a wound to remember your failure.

- Every cat must be on at least once a week. Members of NightClan will get a maximum unexplained absence of two months. This does not mean you can just leave for two months.(I know it's a long time, but some people are busy with school so I am cutting them some slack)

If there are rules that I missed please post them in the comments.

Recruiting Edit

Currently: yes

Ranks Available: Trackers, Queens, Kits and Warriors

Joining NightClan Edit

Nightclan reference sheet dawn of warriors by sparkeythehamster-d90k8it
Night Clan

If you desire to join us, fill out this form below.


OC name:

OC Rank: (you can add your desired rank if you wish)

OC Gender:



Past Clans/Packs:

Roleplay Example:

(If I missed something on the registration form please let me know)

Appearance Edit

Non-members - fox hats, worn blankets, swords, moon necklace, cat ears, head flower, raccoon hat, ribbon scarf, horned leg pads, butterfly hairbow, clover bracelet, eye patch(if you want), freedom fox hat, freedom bands If there is something in this list not mentioned ask me if your outfit is alright

Members - fox hats, raccoon hats, swords, elf bracelets, spiked collars, skull hats, tail armor(no bone tail armor), body armor(no bone claws or skeleton armor), arm cuffs, leg armor, leaf necklace, feather tail, dual samurai swords (plus all the non-member items)

If your outfit is undesirable, Wolfstar will let you know.

Message for members: Your tag color must be purple (black was already taken and purple is my favorite color) :)

News and Info Edit

Gatherings are still being decided. :)

- Thank you for one hundred comments! :) 1/9/2016

- Brokenstar has joined StarClan, struck down by a mysterious warrior in a battle for NightClan's honor. Congrats to Wolfstar becoming leader though. Brokenstar will be remembered. :( 1/17/2016

- Stormkit was exiled for accusing and attacking Wolfstar. 1/17/2016

- Wolfstar found a wolf on NightClan and chased it off, but not without losing a life I'm afraid. She has seven left. 3/12/2016

- Wolfstar found Jaggedsky of EagleClan dead inside NightClan territory. Probably coming to visit her mothers grave. Now she will rest beside her mother, Brokenstar. StarClan be with you Jaggedsky. You will be missed. :( 3/14/2016

- Welcome Yellowwing, Thornkit and Skypaw into StallionClan! We hope you three will have a great time in our time in our Clan. :) 4/3/2016

- We have switched camps to Capslock292's den. Please buddy him when you can. :) 4/15/2016

Repeat Territory (Clan is at Capslock292's den or at my den) Edit


This is where we get water as well as another hunting ground


NightClan hunting grounds

NightClan Camp

NightClan camp-Warriors top right-Apprentices below warriors-Nursery top left-Elders below nursery

High Rock

This is the High Rock/Leader's den

Night forest by lillianevill-d752tgm

This is NightClan's part of the forest at midnight

Appondale, in the Flint server. Sarepia Forest and Temple of Zios in the Flint server

Any questions? Post in the comments below :)