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Sprite is a Darwin's Fox. She formerly acted at an Erudite of The Intellect, along with her friend Peridot, and her former mate Leo, but once it disbanded she became a loner. She has restarted the group, however, and currently leads it as the only acting Erudite. While she can be Kind, Quirky, and calm, she also has more of a dreamer like state, to which she is more reserved and vague.

Appearance Edit

Height: 17 inches. (full-grown)

Pelt: She has thin, dusky, purple-grey fur, with an ivory colored underbelly, muzzle, and tail tip. Her ears are a strong russet, along with a few other spots of her body including her socked legs and paws.

Eyes: A dusty grey.

Scars/Defects: None currently.

Other: She is smaller than an average Darwin's Fox. Her tail is usually drooped in a calm, pacifistic manner.

  • Realistic
  • On Animal Jam

Relations Edit



Other RelationshipsEdit


Peridot is an extremely close friend of Sprite's, and they led the original Intellect together along with Leo.


Kaiyo is like an honorary brother to Sprite and Nox. They are extremely close.


Leo is Sprite's former mate, and they are still very good friends. They founded The Intellect together along with Peridot.


Kairos is Sprite's childhood friend. They're polar opposites, Sprite being a realist and Kairos a dreamer. In all truth, Sprite is a bit enamored with the female.

Personality Edit

  • Quirky: Sprite can be rather quirky and sarcastic, when she's not being serious that is.
  • Pacifistic: She'd do anything to avoid a fight.
  • Calm: When the time comes, she can be very serious and calm.
  • Reserved: She can be very reserved, and often conceals her emotions with a smile. She's actually quite the dreamer on the inside.

Likes/Dislikes Edit


  • The Night
  • Stargazing (Specifically from dangerously high Fairy Chimneys)
  • Watching the Moon (Usually when she's feeling some negative emotion)
  • Spending time with others.
  • Tight Spaces


  • Wide Open Spaces
  • The bending of truth.
  • Fighting in General

Flaws/Strengths Edit


  • Her emotions can slowly but surely get the best of her.
  • She can be a bit of a pushover at times.
  • She usually tries too hard.


  • She's not one to usually give up.
  • While she's a bit of a pushover, she tries to adapt the situation to best meet everyone's happiness.
  • She's quick-witted to say the least.

Art of Sprite Edit