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War rages through amongst the cats, and all you hear is yowling, hissing, and screeches of pain. You leap in and help, but you end up getting scars all over your pelt. You yowl like the others. But suddenly, as you run to the west, you feel claws grasping your pelt. Not fake claws, real claws...

You suddenly wake up as light filters around the trees. Cherry blossoms sway through the midst of the calming wind. Honey, honey, and more honey is all you smell. Then you suddenly fell wood under your paws, then it hit you. You are under a tree, having a vision from Starclan. You gaze over at a glowing crystal, but in a split second it dimmed. You see a calico sitting there, gazing at a fountain. "Hello, where am I?" You ask. The calico answers, "This place is The Spring Path, you must be that warrior having a vision from Starclan right?" You mutter. "Yes." The calico stared deeply into you, as if she was gazing into your soul. " Your name? You told her everything, the battle, the arrival, just everything. The calico nodded as you spoke ethusiastically, trying to get her to apeal. "Same as always," she muttered. "Welcome to Spring Path. I am ______ and I am the leader." And a whole new life was awaiting to happen at that very moment.


Group Name Den Location Orientation Member Accout Enemies Allies
Spring Path Firefox727 Light-Realmed One None. None.
The spring path is located at my den, Firefox729, and the Spring Path was made for cats to have visions from Starclan, and collecting herbs. This is a peaceful place if you want to have peace, with stunning fountains and abandoned twoleg things. My den is always unlocked if you want to go there.