Spiritstar is the bold and active leader of SpiritClan.

Family Edit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Mate: None

Kits: Lavafur

Looks Edit

Spirit is a tall, broad she-cat. Her breed is a mix of a Turkish Angora and a Shorthair. Her fur is long and is a bright white with grey stripes. Her eyes are clear- but not blinded. She has a gash on her shoulder from an attack by a rogue fox.

BackStory Edit

Spiritkit was born a rogue, no name, no rank, just a lonely kit in the forest. She never met her father but her mom, a beautiful grey shorthair, loved her and gave her strength. When she was no more than a moon old, her mother was killed when she was out looking for prey. An enemy Clan found her first and put an end to her. Spiritkit, known as Spirit at the time, searched the forest floor for her mother but soon realized after dusk that her mother wasn't coming back. Spirit wandered the forest in search of food and eventually stumbled upon a clearing. Her eyes spied a large, black tom and two she cats. The rest is history. Spiritkit grew strong among the clan and despite her tragic backstory, was a very active kit. She soon went on to become an apprentice, then warrior. "She will be know as Spiritsight" said the current leader, Leafstar. She trained a young apprentice, Grasspaw and was finally made deputy. Soon after, she became due with kits. She only had one, a she-cat, named Lavakit. She fought many wars for her Clan, some lost. But one battle was too strong. "Its been too long now." She says, "to remember who they were or what they wanted". The battle was fierce. Cats from ether side were covered in blood. Her leader Leafstar, who was on his last life, gave it up for the Clan that day. The next moon, Spiritsight went to the Moonpool to claim her 9 lives. And as she saw her mother and father, unknown sisters, distant cousins, she felt this was her duty to her Clan. To never surrender, to never forget, and to always care for her Clan above everything. Years later, she still looks over her Clan, guiding them and teaching them the way she knows.

Personality Edit

Spiritstar is very hyper for a leader, and is very loving towards kits. You would think she would be battle scarred yet she puts the past in the past. She is known to take long strolls in the forest, and is always serving her Clan first, even if they're a warrior or apprentice.