All credit for this religion goes to Erin Hunter/Survivors.

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Mother~Dogs Have Told Stories For Many Generations of The Great Spirit Dogs That Watch Over us, Like Lighting. However, Pups Are Always Left Wondering Questions, Like What do The Spirit Dogs Look Like? Where do They Live? Now, All Those Questions Will be Answered...

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Sky Dogs Edit

Sky Dog

There are many dog spirits in the sky that watch over every dog. They are called Sky Dogs. They sometimes fight with each other causing storms. During Ice Wind, they shake frost off of their pelts causing it to snow.

Earth Dog Edit

Earth Dog is a female spirit dog that is a mix of nature and death. She gets mad at the Sky Dogs when they let a dog live too long. She feeds off of dead animals. Sometimes is given gifts (buried by dogs) of meat or bones. She causes earthquakes when she growls and has a huge, solid, and black appearance, like a Mastiff. During Tree Flower, she laps up the melted snow.

Sun Dog Edit

The Sun Dog is a male spirit dog that shares the entity of the sun. He is a beautiful amber and he curls up at the horizon during twilight. Litter-brother of Moon Dog.

Moon Dog Edit

Litter-sister of the Sun Dog, controls if a dog can sleep. Is a huge part of the Naming Ceremony. She has a white and gray pelt.

Forest Dog Edit

A male spirit dog that has the entity of the forest. He is said to be a light brown and long haired American English Coonhound with a light and sprightly run. He is very mischievous and cunning. Forest Dog is known to play with dogs' minds. His bright emerald eyes shall gift dogs the power of finding their way out any trap... if they survive to see him. He is close to Wind and often provides dogs with cunning.

River Dog Edit

A female spirit dog that has the entity of the rivers. Sometimes is given gifts (flushed through the river by dogs) of meat, bones or even sticks. She is the litter-sister of Lake Dog.

Lake Dog Edit

Litter-sister of the River Dog. Represents the ocean or lakes. Sometimes runs around making waves. If a dog drowns in the Endless Lake, she carries their carcass to Earth Dog.

Fear Dog Edit

A male spirit dog that is not known to all dogs. Many are doubtful this Spirit dog even exists. Represents fear, terror and evil. The Fear-Dog has been described as a shadowy figure the shape of a Fierce Dog that is darker than the night sky with red eyes that have a star-like glow and red claws.

Wind Dogs Edit

A group of Spirit Dogs in the sky, modeled as the first Swift Dogs. They were made this way by the Sky Dogs, long legs and very thin so they'd be extremely fast. They, like the Sky Dogs live in the sky.

Watch Dog Edit

Watches over Fierce Dogs. Vicious, strong, fearful and said to rule the Sky Dogs. Not much is known of Watch Dog.

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Lightning Edit

A male spirit that was once a normal dog, but favored by the Sky Dogs. The Earth Dog tried to swallow him in an earthquake, but he escaped her. He is now with the Sky Dogs and when they quarrel and he gets "kicked out of the sky", he runs down and teases Earth Dog.

Wildfire Edit

A female spirit dog that is Lightning's grandpup. As a pup, she wandered into the forest, hearing wolves howling. She was curious and brave, so she followed the sounds and came to the Wild Wolf Pack. They caught her and trapped her underneath the Great Pine. The Alpha, known as Greatfang, was going to kill her for spying. Lightning bolted to the earth and set fire to Greatfang and the Great Pine. The other wolves ran away, terrified.

Wind Edit

A female spirit dog that was once a normal dog. Was an Omega who was abused by her packmates, was favored by Forest Dog and lived with him as a Spirit Dog. They howl together at no-sun. Not the same as the Wind-Dogs.

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Minor Spirit Dogs Edit

Some normal dogs or even wolves are descendants of spirit dogs, making them minor spirit dogs.

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When a Dog Dies Edit

Their body must be found by Earth Dog in order for their dog-spirit to meet with all of their anchestors and deceased dog-spirits. The dog-spirit will be punished and judged if they haven't followed the Law of Dogs. If they have been a proper dog, they will be rewarded and have abundant prey etc. Deceased dog-spirits can be seen with Spirit Dogs during the Great Howl, a traditional time after a meal when a Pack gathers in a circle and howls with visions and starry figures flash before their eyes.

Forests Beyond Edit

Forests Beyond is the Heaven of the religion. It is a large, light-green forest where good dog-spirits hunt and play.

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Law of Dogs Edit

Rules that dogs must follow to be favored by the Spirit Dogs. If you break one but repent to the spirit dogs, it will be forgiven. You won't be given many chances, though.

  1. Dogs must act properly.
  2. Dogs are allowed to challenge any pack.
  3. Territory is protected by the Law of Dogs unless properly challenged.

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Groups Using this Religion Edit

The Pack of Harmonious Howls