Welcome Edit

for all those wishing to join, i regret to inform you SpiritClan has fallen. As of now, it is open to a new leader and I hope this clan may be reborn in the future.

Gallery Edit

If you have any art add it here! I doubt any one will make fan art , but I will add on more pictures of my clan.

Small Backround Edit

Currently in Progress.

Our Camp Edit

there are pictures of our camp in the gallery.

Alliances Edit



Pack of Lost Souls

The Hegemony Of Demonic Hounds

Rock Clan

Spiritclan ( different version)

Enemies Edit

LeafClan- for attacking our clan, murdering one of our kits, and taking a cat captive.

Members Edit

Leader: SpiritStar - ( rodents101 ) Large she-Cat with white fur and dark grey stripes.

Deputy: Sun fang - ( awajilalala) Small She-Cat with a yellow back and a brown underbelly.

Medicine cat : (Nobody)

Medicine cat : Earth Soul- dark brown and tan she-cat

Medicine cat : ShadowHeart - Brown she cat with white underbelly.


ShyDeer - Silver She-Cat with grey swirls.

RockPelt - fluffy brown Tom with light brown spots.

RosySpirit - Grey she-cat

Metal claw: white she-cat with light grey spots.

Dark claw: Black and white She-cat

Flame heart - cream colored She-cat

Lava Fur: black and white She-cat.

Bridle Fur : brown and Crimson She-cat.

Spotted Pelt : White She-cat with black speckles.

Shadow Tail: Black Tom with grey splotch.

Shadow might: Black She-cat with brown areas.

Fang- Silver Tom.

BlossomSpirit - sleek black and white She-cat

DarkMoon- dark brown Tom

Enchanted- black She-cat.

Not all warriors are listed here.


Desert paw- small black and white she cat. Mentor- BlossomSpirit Age 6 moons

SpiritPaw - white Tom. Is spliting image of his mother, SpiritStar. Age 6 moons

BlackPaw- White she cat Mentor- none current.

not all apprentices are listed here.


Leopard kit- Tan Tom with black spots

Cinder Kit - white and grey she kit.

Night kit - black she kit

cotton kit - white and orange she kit

Wind Kit - White she cat

Not all kits are listed here.

We are open to new kits warriors and apprentices

Dress Code Edit

No two leg items.

No weapons,

no unrealistic colors,

you may have disablities, like blindness or scars.

How to Join SpiritClan Edit

Leave this info in the comments

  • Rank
  • Age in moons
  • Warrior name.
  • Description Of Cat
  • Personality
  • Example of role playing ect- The large she - cat carefully clawed the markers in order to leave scent. We do not use complex language as most cats do not have free chat.

Background info Edit

A background on the Clan: This clan is new, only starting in October. We have been in battle and seen

Clans risen and fallen. Even in this short time of our clan, we have had it hard. My deputy, Jayfur, went to star clan and one of our kits past away.

We are Always open to new clan member! Message me, SpiritStar my username is rodents101.

We do not mean to copy or insult any other clans with similar needs or names.

Territory And borders Edit

Territory: Congo- Temple of Zios

Congo- Mt. Shiver moon pool.

Rules Edit

  • Follow the Warrior code.
  • Don't get out of character.
  • we accept all clan members but if you don't help your clan in times of need you Will be removed.
  • Don't die just because you want to quit.
  • Don't have unrealistic colors.
  • Don't attack without warning.
  • Have Fun!
  • No power playing. ect- superpowers, inability to die, immunity to cold and heat. that's just to name a few.
  • No DoubleClanning unless under complex situations.

Punishments Edit

Breaking the warrior code - ear torn off

Getting out of character - no punishment just embaressed.

Not helping clan - Banishment

Attacking without warning - punishments from attacking. You wil deal with scars on your own.

PowerPlaying - you will be reminded other wise but in extreme situations you will be ignored.

Double Clanning - Banishment

Other situations - Blinded, Death, Drowed.

These last ones are for Rare occasions.

Current events Edit

Blossom Paw became a warrior!~

Leaf clan attacked.~

Night Kit died.~:(

Leaf clan took shallow kit captive.~

SpiritClan annouced war on leaf clan.~

War against Leaf clan has ended. ~

EagleFlight has been banished for double clanning! ~ you have ashamed SpiritClan.

EgaleFlight attacked the clan! Keeping den locked from now on.~

Cinder kit and cotton kit have joined the clan!~

Night paw has decided to be a medicince cat apprentice!~

Night paw has become Night Claw! He is our new medicince cat!~

SpottedPelt has decided to leave SpiritClan under her own will. Due to our rules, she is welcome join us again if she chooses.

Spiritstar has lost a life due to a gang of badgers. This leaves her with 7 lives

Shadowstrike has gone insane and attempted to murder one of her litter mates. For this she has been banished. Death would be the proper punishment, but in this case she was too aggressive.

Welcome spirit kit to the world! Spiritstar will contain ever role as leader and in stead another queen will foster him.

Rockpaw became RockPelt! A different warrior name may be chosen.

spiritkit has become spiritpaw! Mentor is ( forgot username )