OC: Spider  Edit

Name: Spider

Nicknames: Spidy


This Is Spider.

Gender: Male

Rank: Novice 

Desired Rank: Alpha Or Beta

Animal Jam And Wiki Username: Arcticfox48

Theme Songs: "Colours" By Halsey; "Tears Of An Angel" By Ryan Dan

Breed: Wolf, Mastiff, Husky, Doberman, Pitbull, Sheba Inu, German Shepard Mix (Considered A Mutt, Hybrid, Or Mix)

Current Pack: Hounds Of Odious

Colours: Black, Grey, White, And Small Specks Of Brown

Birth Date: December 16th

Occupations: Fighting And Sparring


This Mutt Is Kind, And Sweet. Don't Get On His Bad Side. He Is Malicious, Terrifying, Strong, And Killer. He Rebels Sometimes, And Is Impatient. His Best Friend Is Zeno. Underneath His Terrifying Looks Lays A Kind Heart. He Will Only Be Kind To Family, Friends, And Pack.

Spider's StoryEdit

Spider Was A Specimen For A Project To Create Killer, Masculine Dogs. He Escaped, Finding Himself In The Woods. We Was Then Adopted By Solitaire, The Alpha Of Hounds Of Odious. Spider Earned His Name From Being "As Stealthy And Quiet As A Spider"

Friends And FamilyEdit

Father: Solitaire

Mother: None

Siblings: None

Cousins: Tundra

Aunts: Terumi

Uncles: Bolt

Friends: Zeno, Midnight, Loki, Tosca, Kia, Brutus, Cleaver, Semaphore, Moon, Dakota, Misty, And Feather


•Great Hunter •Amazing Fighter •Strong

Spider's QuotesEdit

"You Cannot Undo The Done"

"Strong Alone, Stronger United"

"Do Not Underestimate My Size, For I Will Not Hesitate To Rip And Tear Flesh As I Please"