"The World Is Only Shown In Your Eyes, So You Can Make It As Big Or As Small As You Like." ~Spear

🐾 Information🐾

Name: Spear

Status: Alive (Inactive)

Age: 21 moons

Rank: Priest

Religion: N/A

Other Religion(s): N/A

Current InhabitantThe Pack of Broken Promises

Former Inhabitant: Unity (Disbanded. Recreated by another random person)

Gender/Sex: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Theme Song'Sadness Runs Through Him' The Hoosiers

🐾 Relationships🐾


Crush(es): Coff Coff Cofff NORA Coff Coffff Coffff

Mate: N/A

Former Mate(s): N/A

Pup(s): N/A

Father: Ginger (Status Unknown/Fictional Character)

Mother: Mint (Status Unknown/Fictional Character)

Brothers: N/A

Sisters: Pepper (Fictional Character)

Niece(s): N/A

Nephew(s): N/A

Grandmothers: N/A

Grandfathers: N/A

Aunts: N/A

Uncles: N/A

Former Mentor: N/A

Trainee(s): N/A

Description: A pure white arcticxtimber wolf male with blank midnight black eyes that stare at nothing and everything. A scar slices diagonally across the bridge of his nose.

🐾 Personality🐾

Spear is a quiet who usually doesn't show his true feelings to anyone but his closest friends and dearest kin. He is quite judgmental and has his grumpy nature hidden to almost everyone. He has a slight soft spot for hyper animals and a larger one for pups and cubs. You could often see him giving the young ones badger rides around camp or teaching them about simple herbs. He's super soft-spoken and nearly never calls anyone by their actual name, addressing them as Miss or Sir most of the time, with Edge being the exception, but that makes sense because she's bascially his kid.

🐾 Backstory🐾

Spear's life started peacefully, him being just a regular pup with loner parents. He and his sister, Pepper, were named after types of mint, which was their mother's name. They lived in a large holly bush, explaining his current liking to them, and his father wasn't evil or a coward, unlike basically every other backstory. His mother was the better hunter of the two, so she went out while Ginger, Spear's father, looked after him and his sister. Pepper was always sick, but still found a way to play with her brother, who used to be extremely emotional, so he didn't become lonely. One day, she caught greencough, suffering silently and dying soon after. This was when Spear's eyes become dull, so they didn't express his constant pain.

His father used to be a Priest in an irrelevant pack and taught him to use herbs, while his mother taught him to hunt and fight, even though he did them quite badly. When he became of age, he left the family nest and went off into the wilds to fend for himself, promising to come visit soon, something that he would soon find himself breaking. After two moons of surviving, quite well, mind you, he came across two lost tiger cub sibling, Edge and Finch. He took the two souls into his protection and taught them about herbs, battling and hunting patiently, just as his parents had. 

When they were quite compitent in their skills, they decided to leave him, like he'd done to his parents. This was when a wave of nostolgia and guilt hit him, and he went to visit the place he'd not seen in a very long time. He was met with Mint and Ginger and another pup, Garlic, who was named after a spice like his father. They spent three talking, friendly sparring and catching up before Spear left to wander again, something that his parents approved of. 

While surviving like he did, he came across Edge again, but not Finch. The traumatized cub told him about what happened to Finch (may trigger anxiety, you've been warned). A day ago, he'd been shot by one of the no-furs' death sticks, and had his fur stripped off of his body. Then his head was chopped off, and at this point, he was just a bleeding, bloody mess. He was then cut by the joints and put seperately into clear (plastic) containers. They hadn't noticed Edge cowaring behind a bush, sobbing uncontrollably. Spear took pity on her, and fed her, since she refused to do anything but cry in their make-shift den and think of the good times she'd had with Finch.

Edge had recovered before long, and the first day she was away from the den, they accidentally intruded on the Pack of Broken Promises' territory and were invited in, since they didn't have a Priest. He and Edge are currently living peacefully there, with no disturbances yet. Let us take into note the 'yet' part.

🐾 Likes & Dislikes🐾 


Kits, hyper animals, silence, being alone, raging quietly while nobody watches, the cold tundra, holly bushes.


Crowds, loud noises, thunderpaths, no-furs, humid or hot temperatures.

🐾 Other Details🐾

Height: I honestly don't know o3o

Voice: A mixture of Soul Evans (Soul Eater, Anime, English Dub) and Grey Fullbuster (Fairy Tail, Anime, English Dub)

Scent: Spear's scent is slightly weird but somehow sweet. It smells of the blood of prey, roses, violets, alder bark, other herbs, dirt, melting snow and honey.


Hunting: 3/10

Agility: 7/10

Fighting: 5/10

Stamina: 10/10

Speed: 4/10

Mental strength: 10/10

Physical strength: 6/10

Emotional Strength: 9/10

Social skills: 2/10

Tracking skills: 8/10

Intelligence: 9.999/10

Stealth: 9.7/10

Accuracy: 3/10

Insanity: 1/10

Motherly/Fatherly Instinct: 9.4/10

Parenting Skills: 6/10

Creative Level: 6/10

Realism/Sanity Level: 10/10

Reflexes: 7/10

Warrior Experience: 3/10

Focus: 10/10

Cunning: 8/10

Leadership: 6/10

Defense: 5/10

Swimming: 9/10

Climbing: 3/10

Running: 4/10

Persuasion: 7.9/10

Offense: 3/10

Wisdom: 7/10

Jumping: 9/10

Biting Force: 8/10

Physical Health: 7/10

Healing/Shaman Experience: 9.999/10

🐾Friends + Amount of Trust🐾


Nora (Demestickitty) 100% Former Monarch (Leader) Of Unity

Edge (pphtreq23456tyu) 100% Paladin of The Pack of Broken Promises

Lilith (Nauryx) 76% Monarch (Leader) of The Pack of Broken Promises

Neo (Demestickitty) 69% Former Tyke (Apprentice/Trainee) of Unity

Hex (Saltymoon) 57% Advisor (Deputy) of The Pack of Broken Promises

Tao (N/A) 30% Priest Adept (Trainee/Spear's Adept) of The Pack of Broken Promises

  • Real Spear
  • Spear, by yours truely

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"Hmm... I wonder... If You Fight For Nothing, Then Why Fight At All?" ~Edge


Name: Edge

Status: Alive

Age: 18 moons

Rank: Paladin (Warrior)

Religion: N/A

Other Religion(s): N/A

Current InhabitantThe Pack of Broken Promises

Former InhabitantUnity (Disbanded. Recreated by another random person)

Gender/Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Theme Song: Winter Bird  AURORA

Description: A normal-looking bengal tiger, except with a lighter ginger coat and slightly yellow-tinged white fluff on her underbelly. She has glittering, oversaturated jade green eyes. Edge is also double-jointed and extremely flexible.



Crush(es): (Perhaps?) Spear

Mate: N/A

Former Mate(s): N/A

Pup(s): N/A

Father: Boldow (Deceased/Fictional Character)

Mother: Honey (Deceased/Fictional Character)

Brothers: Finch (Deceased/Fictional Character)

Sisters: N/A

Niece(s): N/A

Nephew(s): N/A

Grandmothers: N/A

Grandfathers: N/A

Aunts: N/A

Uncles: N/A

Former Mentor: Spear

Trainee(s): N/A


Outgoing and friendly. She speaks her mind, often unafraid of dirt-talking someone's ability, usually with a good interest in heart. Like for example, she'd tell someone that they're not good at fighting if they're peaceful, even if they try so hard to learn. It'd be for their own good. She's also quite violent, but it's fine because there's not much violence around this pack yet. She's the brawn, not the brain, though it's not like she can't think. Also, she gets bored easily.


Edge's story started off peacefully, in a damp cave with her brother, Finch, her mother, Honey, and her father, Boldow. Honey and Boldow took turns hunting and looking after the pups and the two young ones were quite content, playing moss-toss together, chasing stray leaves and wrestling on the cold granite floor.

When the pups were about 6 moons old, their parents took them to a lush area in the 'loner' forest (basically were all the loners lived XD) where prey were abundant. This, however, was a good two kilometers away from their cave, so it wasn't often that they visited this place. It was easy to hunt here, so Honey and Boldow taught the two pups exactly that. When they'd finished, Finch had two shrews, Edge had a plump thrush and the parents had tag-teamed a cow elk. 

The family wer juet about to head back to their den when a sudden snap-boom in the distance caught their attention. A stone of some kind flew quickly towards Finch and Honey blocked it, taking the bullet through the heart. She fell and bled out quickly, dying silently. A second bullet was fired at their father, killing him, too. But this time, he lay on the ground, writhing in agony for three painfully slow minutes. The cubs panicked, not knowing what to do. Finch had the bright idea of running, so they did.

They pelted one kilometer before stopping to catch their breath. This was when they met a white male wolf with blank eyes who introduced himself as Spear in a monotone voice. Edge had a hard time not screaming. Somehow this guy knew how to speak in tiger language? Was he the devil coming to retrieve her to hell? No. He took the two traumatized cubs in, giving the, food and shelter. 

He taught them how to hunt, fight and use (simple) herbs for two moons before the two headed out on their own. Well guess what? Coincidentally, poachers had set up camp in the direction they were going. One night, Finch went out to hunt because Spear'd told them that most prey items were nocturnal. Edge decided to follow him to make sure he was OK - he was naturally a runt, not that she minded. 

(Anxiety warning) When she caught up to him, she hid in a bush and rolled in some dirt so he didn't notice she was there. There was a gunshot from a bush opposite of her and her brother fell. The shell of the bullet flew through the air and bounced off Edge's muzzle. She stared in horror at her brother, who was surrounded by a pool of blood with a hole through his stomache. Three men walked from the bush where the bullet came from and began to strip his fur from him (he was still alive and screaming), chopped his head off then cut him by the joints and stuffed his body parts into plastic containes before driving off in one of their monsters, not noticing Edge cowering behind them, tears streaming from her oversaturated jade eyes.

This encounter is the reason why she loves flexing her joints - it remonds her of her brother. She somehow found her way to Spear again, who helped her once more, since she decided she didn't want to do anything but sulk in the den thinking about Finch. After about a moon of being unhealthily depressed, Edge finally decided to leave the holly bush and wandered to the edge (no pun intended o3o) of The Pack of Broken Promises' territory with Spear. The wolves (and one panther) offered for them to join the pack, an offer that the companions accepted thankfully. 

She doesn't go a day without missing Finch, even if she hides it behind her cheerful smile.

🐾Likes and Dislikes🐾


Venting to Spear, company, feeling appreciated, stretching, smiling.


The Dark, being alone, thunderpaths, no-furs.

🐾Other Details🐾

Height: Silently doesn't care. But slightly larger than a normal bengal tiger.

Voice: Hetalia Narrator (Anime, English Dub)

Scent: Edge somehow smells like the scent you catch a wiff of after it rains.


Hunting: 8/10

Agility: 10/10

Fighting: 9/10

Stamina: 7/10

Speed: 8/10

Mental strength: 7/10

Physical strength: 9/10

Emotional Strength: 4/10

Social skills: 9.98/10

Tracking skills: 9/10

Intelligence: 6/10

Stealth: 9.7/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Insanity: 2/10

Motherly/Fatherly Instinct: 6/10

Parenting Skills: 4/10

Creative Level: 7/10

Realism/Sanity Level: 7/10

Reflexes: 10/10

Warrior Experience: 8/10

Focus: 2/10

Cunning: 3/10

Leadership: 4/10

Defense: 9/10

Swimming: 7/10

Climbing: 9/10

Running: 8/10

Persuasion: 3/10

Offense: 7/10

Wisdom: 1/10

Jumping: 9/10

Biting Force: 9/10

Physical Health: 10/10

🐾Friends+Amount of Trust🐾

Spear (pphtreq23456tyu) 100% (Priest/Healer of the Pack of Broken Promises)

Lilith (Nauryx) 99% (Monarch/Leader of the Pack of Broken Promises)

Tao (N/A) 80% (Priest/Healer Adept/Trainee of the Pack of Broken Promises)

Hex (Saltymoon) 80% (Advisor/Deputy of the Pack of Broken Promises)

  • Real Life Edge