Meet Sparrow!-0

"It's not the size of the cat in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the cat." Sparrow.

About! Edit

Sparrow OC

Name- Sparrow

Gender- Male

Species- Felis Catus

Sexuallity- Bisexual

Breed- Shorthair

Age- 12 moons (1 year)

Occupation- Ex-Medicine cat of Tidalclan. Rogue now

Apprentice- N/A

Theme Song- "World So Cold" Three Days Grace

Voice- "Stay Calm" - Mandopony

Kit Theme Song-  Here (Time: 1:44)

Sad/Depressed State- Here

Statistics! (Out of 100%) Edit

Strengths: 70%

Intelligence: 87%

Speed: 96%

Hunting: 84%

Defense: 98%

Leadership: 48%

Self-Control: 74%

Self Discipline: 63%

Belief: 0%

Pride: 97%

Confidence: 99%

Flexibility: 86%

Climbing: 54%

Swimming: 98%

Family! Edit

Mother- Sand/SandFlight (Killed) {Warrior/Rogue}

Father- Eagle (Unknown) {Ex Warrior, Rogue}

Brother(s)- Talon (Killed) {Kit}

Sister(s)- Amber (Killed) {Kit}

Offspring- None

Mate- N/A

  • Eagle (Father)
  • Sand/SandFlight (Mother)
  • Talon (Brother) {Kit}
  • Amber (Sister) {Kit} [Left]. Sparrow {Kit} [Right].

Family Past... Edit

His mother and father used to always meet up with each other at the same spot, where the trees are covered in moss. They met so often and became good friends, then mates. Sand knew she could trust this tom and asked if he had wanted to start a family, soon enough, her belly was full with 3 kits. Months passed and Sand finally had her kits, Eagle had named the biggest kit Talon, Sand had named the only she-cat Amber. Then there was Sparrow. His father insisted he give the kit the name of "Runt" or "Mouse" but Sand saw great beauty in her youngest son and named him Sparrow. Sparrow grew to become his name, small, but mighty. After Sparrow and his siblings were about 4 moons old, their mother found a Clan at which she joined and took the kits with her. Her mate became very upset with this decision and said "You cant trust those clan cats! You cant take my kits!" Eagle would yowl at the top of his lungs every night. Sparrow felt horrible sorrow for his father so he decided at 6 moons he would move back to the forest with Eagle. Once 6 moons old, he eventually did move with his father and there they trained, day and night, to become the best cats they could be. One night, when Sparrow woke from a bad dream, his father was missing. Sparrow then followed the scent till he got to the Clan camp and scented his Mother and siblings a little ways away, with a hint of his father's in there too. Once he got there, his heart almost stopped. There, on the majestic colorful lushes of the flowers, were Sandflight, Talon, and Amber. Laying dead with empty eyes and open throats. His father was leaned over them and stared at Sparrow with a look he'll never forget, "Run Sparrow. Run and never come back!" Eagle yowled. Sparrow had to make a decision, run and live with the guilt, or stay and try to fight. He knew Eagle was tough, and knew that he was smaller. Sparrow lept onto the great tom's shoulders, his claws extracting into his skin as blood rushed from the wound. Eagle quickly spun as Sparrow flew off his shoulders and landed near a tree with a THUD. He stumbled to his paws, "Little fool, Sparrow. You know you cant defeat me." Hissed Eagle. "I...... I'll try the b-best i can! I'll defeat you one day, father. I'll make sure you n-never harm someone i love again!" Sparrow cried in grief. Eagle stared at him with icy blue eyes. "You have great courage, and i admire that." Purred Eagle, "I don't want your pity! I don't want to call you my father, ever again!" Sparrow wailed. At that, he bounded off into the shadows where he wondered upon a small clearing. The moon casts beautiful rays down on the clearing. Sparrow laid in the center, the moons rays soaking into his fur as he relaxed. He didn't like the darkness now, not anymore.

Quotes! Edit

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe its about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were mean't to be in the first place." - Unknown

"In the end we only regret the choices we didn't take." - Wise Rogue

"Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons." - Sparrow

"I'm thankful for my struggle because without it, i wouldn't have stumbled across my strength" - Sparrow

"You'll never be brave if you don't get hurt. You'll never learn if you don't make mistakes. You'll never be successful if you don't encounter failure." - Sand

Personality! Edit

  • Shy
  • Quiet
  • Calm
  • Wise
  • Tough
  • Swift
  • Kind
  • Tempered
  • Young
  • Curious

Strengths! Edit

Love. This tom can surely love. He draws his hate away and doesn't let it show to other cats. A loving tom means a loving mate, right? He is swift and tough. He will not back down on anything, because he believes any cat can become the best they wish. Sparrow strays afar from evil and the darkness. He loves to help others and it hurts him when he is unable to. He is usually a very happy tom and will state his own opinions when he thinks its right. Sparrow is very wise when he wants to be, usually he only acts wise around the kits so he isn't treated as much like an apprentice. Sparrow is also very well with herbs, and would love to be a medicine cat one day

Weakness... Edit

He can become very depressed. When he is depressed that is actually when he hides in the shadows and wishes to kill anyone he comes in contact with. His hate can grow when he's alone. He will constantly try to lick his fur away from stress, or constantly claw at trees until his claws are dull. He hates being alone sometimes, unless he is depressed or angry. He is a young cat, which means he can be emotionally crazy. He tends to stare at cats without him actually knowing what he's doing, this leads to most cats being hostile to him.

Backstory! Edit

Sparrow is a medium sized short-haired cat. He was born in the forest where his mother and father grew up. Sparrow is more swift than he is strong, as in quick on his paws. After his mother and siblings were brutally murdered in front of him by his father, Sparrow cannot keep a strong mind.He had been taught herbs by fellow rogues to care for other cats and himself. He was wishes everyday to finally bring revenge to his family, but his father went missing. He hates to talk about his past unless he really feels comfortable and safe around the cat(s) he trust and cares for. Sparrow has been a rogue his whole life and doesn't really know the rules about Clans. He has been in a few Clan camps (taken by prisoner) because he was wondering along their territory. Due to this he almost dislikes Clan life as he used to watch what cats do and how they live when he was prisoner. He is now a rogue and will mostly be found sitting in the forest, sunning on a rock, or fishing in a river/stream. Sparrow though, does wonder what it would be like to fit in with a Clan, if given the opportunity. He thinks that since he is well herbs he could become a medicine cat, Sparrow knows they cant have mates.... He's hoping some Clan may bend the rules for him one day... And his future family..

Artwork by XxRainbowCupcakexX