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Solitude-sama <3

Age: 13 Moons

Pack/Clan/Tribe: Myriads of Versical Tranquility

Mother: Tawny (deceased)

Father: Alka (alive)

Siblings: Unkown


Kurai- Californiabreeze

Grey- wolfclaw005


Enigma- Chamber0

Mentors: Unkown

Apprentices: Unkown

Type of Roleplayer: Advanced

Quote: You Mess With My Friends, You Mess With Me!

HI :D - Sachi (1/23/16)


Solitude is a very immature, friendly, funny, awkward, weird, and cheerful Feline. She tries to befriend everyone she meets, but when she gets mad, she can be very offensive and rude. Solitude can also be very protective of her friends.


<< Is shy around new people sometimes, but recieves them with a warm hello.

<< over-protective with her friends, and what other people say about them.