Welcome to the Valentines Day Bash Page. The Pack Running This Bash Is Society Of The Peculiar Souls


Dates For The Bash

Tsunami Is Going With Kira

Zencho Is Taking Buru

Xlnyite is going with Mizu as Friends

Rose is Possibly going with Kiwi


Allies That Are Attending

( if u are attending please comment your times due to timezones )


Location Of The Bash.

Server: Wasatch

Location in Wasatch: Saripea meet up with Tsunami by the ladder and he'll tell you where to go.


ETC Details About The Bash

~Kits are allowed into the bash. They will go with Rose to play some games until further details

~When you get to the food bank. You must meet with Artymos to order your meal. You must order, This Bash is quite fancy so ordering is what you do.

~Please be Aware that no fighting will be accepted. Unless you'll be escorted out of the bash.

~Please know we've worked hard putting it together so please respect that.

Large Caribou
Medium Caribou
Small Caribou
Medium Fish
Small Fish
Medium Rabbit
Small Rabbit
Medium Mouse
Small Mouse