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"I am like the snow. Cold, but beautiful." ~Snowfall

snur ow covered unugulas crunch almost perpetually in the freshly fallen snow, an invigorating breeze whipping you promptly in the muzzle. A drift of snow is swept in front of you, but you quickly scale the large pile, leaping efficiently over it. An unobtrusive sound catches your perked audits, but you keep plowing on through the thick snow, your broad shoulders gathering snow on them abruptly. You stop immediately, looking at the frozen terra firma below you. An ostentatious collar lay there, shredded beyond discernment. On edge, you continue your now lengthened journey across the wasteland, checking behind you every so often, your hackles raised. Again you encounter yet another concerning roadblock. A decapitated head of a bird lay there, the eye sockets not yet clouded over. You inhale instantaneously, sidestepping the outlandish object. You quicken your already accelerated pace because of one factor. The bird head was still warm, despite the subzero temperature. You hear quiet pawsteps behind you and forthwith turn around, your unpigmented claws unsheathing. A cackle sounds from above you, and you look upwards, blinking. An atramentous splotched alabaster shecat sat aloft you, her insane-looking eyes widening as she mewed vitriolicly,"Finally, someone visits me. But I,'d absolutely love it if you stayed longer." As she vocalized the last word, she leapt swiftly from the tree branch, grinning unsympathetically. Letting out a flummoxed screech, you stumble backwards, trying to avoid her silver claws. She steps towards you, her maniacal laughter echoing through the snow-covered forest. Spontaneously, a thick blizzard starts, clouding your vision. You back up, beginning to whimper. "Fool, the snow is where live. Where I thrive.." her voice could be barely made out from the screaming blizzard. Your pelt is quickly covered in powder, and soon it freezes over, "Frostbite will get you before I do at this rate, sweetie." Stumbling around in the blinding whiteness, your sense of superiority in the forest disappears like a snowflake in this whiteout. You are suddenly pinned down on the ground as the blizzard dies out, her thick unguis digging into your frigid shoulders."What do you want from me?!" you screeched, writhing under her grip. She plainly ignored you, removing one bloodied paw from your shoulder, bringing it up to her bloodstained lips. She licked the drops of sanguine fluid from her shiny claws, as if cleaning them before a battle. Then she smiled, and you could almost see her psychotic thoughts swirling behind her gleaming eyes. She laughed, her lips curling back into a deranged smile as she readied her claws to kill you. Instantaneously, she drove them though your throat, cutting cleanly through your esophagus. "Stop! Please!" you gurgle, your words almost inaudible. Again she attacked you, shoving her white front paw down your constricted throat. She unsheathed her claws whilst pulling them out, tearing your unprotected windpipe. Only a few flakes fell from the overcast sky now, and she rolled you over onto your side, your vision blackening quickly. She looked down at you, her apathetic aquamarine eyes filled with horrible glee. She watched you for a few more moments before boredly sheathing her ash-coloured claws, turning to begin her journey to where ever she had appeared from. You watch her pad away, your blood smeared across her paw as she lifted it, broadening the distance between her and your dying form. The snow turned red and pooled around your side as it began to flurry, the gelid ice underneath you turning your grey paws into a shade of unsettling blue. Sighing, you eventually succumbed to frostbite as well as your injuries, drearily watching the alabaster snowflakes dance freely in their swirling descent to the frozen ground.

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Name: Snowfall
Past Name(s) Snowkit, Snowstar
Gender Female/ shecat/ she, her pronouns
Preference/Sexuality Heterosexual (Straight)
Status Alive & Active
Orientation Light appearance, very dark thoughts.
Current Illness(es) Insanity
Age 17 Moons
Voice/ Accent Not too low or high pitched of a voice/ Irish Accent
Breed of Cat Turkish Angora x Balinese. She is more Balinese than she is Turkish Angora, having the white fur of the Turkish Angora as well as the bright blue eyes. She has the short overcoat with longer tail fur of a Balinese, along with the few black splotches of that cat.
Past Clans/Packs WebClan
Past Ranks Warrior
Animal Jam Username thefoxicat
Wiki Username XxCrowCallerxX

Snowfall~ Drawn By Kiirox


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Format Used:

Family Member: Name (Alive/Deceased) Cause of Death- Male/Female


Mother: Rainstorm (Deceased) Wolf Attack- Female: Rainstorm was a Turkish Angora, though she had amber eyes instead of blue. That's where Snowfall got her white fur, but most of her comes from her father.

Father: Pantherpelt (Deceased) Killed by Snowfall- Male: Pantherpelt was a Balinese, with the trademark dark grey fur and black splotches. That's where Snowfall got her blue eyes and occasional black splotches, as well as her short overcoat fur and longer tail fur.

Siblings: Frozenpaw (Status Unknown) Unknown- Male: Frozenpaw was the only sibling she ever talked to, even though most of their conversations were of him taunting her.

All other siblings are unknown

Mate: None

Past Mate(s): None

Crushes: Why should I tell?

Offspring: None

Cousins, Aunts, Uncles: Unknown


Format: Name- Trust Rate (Clan/Pack)(Wiki User)- "Description"


Saltmoon- 100% (WolfClan)(SaltmoonJZ123)- "A really good friend, whom I've known for quite awhile, even in different clans."

Jenna- 85% (Clan/Pack Unknown)(Kekyo)- "A gr8 frond"


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Paws: Only her left front paw is atramentous; all the other paws are alabaster.

Tail: An Inky Black. The fur on her tail is longer than the rest of her fur.

Ears: Her left ear is pitch black, and her right ear is white.

Underbelly: Black, and the fur on her underbelly is longer than her topcoat fur.

Fur: Her topcoat is a pure white, and is shorter than her tail and underbelly fur.

Height: 9.5 Inches

Length (Tail not included): 12 Inches

Weight: 9.0 Lbs

Length of tail: 12 Inches

Scars: She has a scar on the bridge of her nose.

Scent: Strong scent of pine, as well as some blood.


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Snowfall has a slight gleam in her deep aquamarine eyes that keeps people on edge.


Snowfall has been known to go berserk at times, but she's good at keeping her sanity when it's needed.


Snowfall is a great manipulator and loves a good riddle, whether she's telling the riddle or being asked it.


Snowfall, although she is leader, has always not liked to listen to authority.


Snowfall has beautiful, aquamarine eyes. The only thing that distinguishes her from the snow surrounding her at most times is her black underbelly, left ear, left paw, and tail.


Snowfall is quite intelligent, and she has to be to live in a wasteland. Just because she's intelligent doesn't mean she's a drag, though.


Snowfall is a good hunter and a good warrior when she needs to be. She loves bloodshed.


Snowfall loves sparring or a good race. She also loves to battle.


Snowfall almost never backs down from a fight; she is the opposite of pusillanimous.
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(This will be improved)

(This is just what happens before the roleplay) The shecat inhaled deeply, watching the trespasser. "What exactly are you doing on my territory?" she purred, keeping calm in the face of the huge tom. He snickered,'"Your territory, kittypet? I think not. This is my territory now." and began to turn away. Wrong move. Snowstar smiled.

"Snowstar launched herself at the monumental tom, her whetted unguis slicing open his vulnerable shoulder blade. She latched onto his back, biting hard on his scruff, tearing through muscle and eventually, bone. The lack of claws on her right back paw caused her to slip momentarily before catching her grip on the writhing tom. He gave a shocked yowl, stumbling backwards. She dropped down, sliding easily under him and shredding his stomach. Then she bit on his throat, causing him to let out a final, constricted gurgle. She slid out from under him before he collapsed, blood falling steadily from his eternally frozen mouth. She shook her head, clicking her tongue quietly against her fangs in disgust at his actions."


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Keep in mind that her stats variate over time, and can change based upon many factors.

Also, everyone has their weaknesses, so Snowfall is not overpowered.

Intelligence- 9/10

Agility- 7/10

Social Skills (Around unknown cats)- 1/10

Social Skills (Around known cats/ Allies)- 5/10

Social Skills (Around Friends)- 8/10

Speed- 9/10

Cleverness- 10/10

Patience- 5/10

Kindness (Around unknown cats)- Depends.

Kindness (Around known cats/Friends)- 5/10

Flexibility- 5/10

Hunting Skills- 7/10

Fighting Skills- 10/10

Compassion- 3/10

Resilience- 9/10

Trust- 2/10

Loyalty- 10/10

Hearing- 9/10

Scenting- 7/10

Sneaking- 3/10
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Deep water- Snowfall hates deep water because traumatic experiences as a kit. (Being forced to try and fish underwater by her older siblings, and almost being swallowed by a large fish.)

Heights- Snowstar hates heights. No traumatic experiences, she just hates them.

Failure- One of her biggest fears is failure. (Her siblings would punish her if she did something wrong.)

Loud noises- She hates loud noises and will try to get away if she hears any. (The hawk that attacked her screeched constantly, and she is always afraid it might be back to get her again.)

Being alone for the rest of her life- Snowstar has the irrational fear of never being able to find a mate. (Her siblings always told her she was a runt, and runts never found mates.)
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Baby Animals <3

The color Aqua-Marine or Turquoise

The cold

Saltmoon (the greatest medicine cat ever)

Killing kittypets, and also other cats who defy her :3




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Most cats

Fake friends


Death (hers)

The color Red or Pink

Her past

The heat

Being embarrassed

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A small black and white kit stuck her head out of the pile of her siblings. She squeezed out of them, panting. The rest of her siblings had short, brown, wiry fur, just like her father, but she was the only one with her mother's fur; Long, silky white fur with black spots. She sat a ways away form the group, cooling off. One of her brothers woke up and snickered,"Runt.. can't even stay with the group." he stepped from the top of the pile,"You'll always be a runt, and runts don't belong!" he hissed, attempting to slash his claws across her muzzle. She ducked just in time, batting his legs out from under him. He hissed obscenities at her, getting up,"Next time you won't be so lucky.". The she-kit ignored his comment and padded away, trying to find her mother. She was in the medical den, her alabaster fur splattered with fresh blood. Snowkit, the kit's name, looked at her mother,"Mama, what's wrong with your pelt?" she reached out her paw to touch her, but the Medical cat slapped it away,'No, runt, go play. Your mother is ill. And do something about your nose, I don't want any blood in my den." Snowkit took a glance at her mother, Rainstorm, who lay with cobwebs wound into her fur. She sighed and turned, padding out of the den. The camp was empty, all of the cats hiding. Her siblings, all with brown or black pelts, crouched under the shade of trees, their yellow eyes glinting. The other clan members were up in leafy trees or behind rocks. They watched her, some of them motioning for her to come. A queen mewed hastily,"Snowkit, come here, now!" The queen reached her paw out to her, and Snowkit tilted her head,"What's wrong? Why is everyone hid-" her sentence was cut short as she was tackled by a hawk, it's claws digging into her flesh. She yowled, looking over at the queen, who was desperately trying to run over, but was stopped by a warrior. The queen gave up, bursting into tears as Snowkit was lifted into the air by the hawk, who gave a screech of victory. The warrior, who was her father, stood beside the queen, comforting her. Snowkit, in shock, hung limply from the claws of the hawk as it carried her away.

It landed about a day later on a rock, deciding to rest for the night. It thought Snowkit had been killed, but she was alive, of course. She silently snuck away, the wounds on her shoulders mostly healed. The night forest was silent apart form the crickets and occasional far-off owl cry. Snowkit walked for days on end, eating what she could salvage from the drought-ridden forest. She noticed the air getting colder, and thought it was almost Leaf-bare, but it wasn't. She finally found a snowy forest, the trees covered in beautiful white piles of snow. The cold wind blew and ruffled her fur, but she barely felt it. I was meant for this..This is where I belong.. Snowkit smiled, padding into the forest.

Moons later, Snowfall (she was almost warrior age now and had changed her name) had found a cave to live in, and also plenty of prey to eat. Snowfall padded out from her cave and heard a hissing. She padded towards it to investigate, and found a kittypet, its tail caught between two rocks. She looked at the small shecat, her tail lashing,"What exactly are you doing here?" The kittypet looked up, scars covering her face, and hissed,"Help me, why don't ya?" The kittypet had a strong accent of the city, and the attitude that came with it. Instead of helping, Snowfall simply sat, watching the small cat struggle. Finally, after about an hour, the kittypet gave up, sitting in an awkward position on the ground. Snowfall gave an aggravated sigh, standing and padding over to the kittypet. She took hold of the kittypet's tail ad pulled, snapping the tip off of it. The cat gave a screech, holding her tail. She hissed at Snowfall,"Why'd ya do that? I was just fien by meself!" (yes, the kittypet has a bad accent) Snowfall narrowed her eyes,"Not satisfied with my help?" she began to circle the undersized cat,"Lost?" The cat shrunk back in size, watching her with careful eyes,"No, I can find my way back.. I think.." Snowfall didn't listen. She unsheathed her silver claws, snarling."You need to learn some manners!" She leapt at the kittypet, bowling her over. She had much more experience in the cold, and the kittypet was already weak form shivering and having no food. Snowfall decided to no kill her right away. Instead, she dragged the kittypet's unconscious form over to a frozen river, padding lightly to the middle of it. She set her down just as the shecat woke up, dragging her claws across the ice as she left. The kittypet gave a screech, falling into the frozen water. Snowfall smiled to herself, padding back to her cave.

One day while she was hunting, she heard a familiar voice. "Snowkit?" a far-off cat yowled,"If you're still alive.. somehow.. come here!" She followed the voice until she came across her father, shivering because of the icy cold. Snowfall stood there, unaffected by the snowstorm. "What do you want?" she hissed, her fluffy tail lashing. "Snowkit..Your mother.. she went to Starclan.. and your siblings.. they're gone.. they left.. we need you to come back.." Snowfall chuckled,"It's Snowfall, now, and are you and I the only ones left of our little family?" she took a step closer to him, smiling. Her father nodded, hunched over to avoid the cold. Snowfall grinned,"Well.. I prefer being alone." she leapt at her father, pinning him down. He was feeble now, almost an elder. "What did you do with that queen that tried to save me?" she hissed, digging her claws into his shoulders. He shivered,"S-she died soon after because.. because she was so depressed that she couldn't save you.. so I killed her myself to end her suffering.." he gasped as Snowfall snarled,"WHY?" and dug her claws into his eyes. He screamed, thrashing around on the ground. "You monster!" she screeched, baring her fangs. The elderly tom suddenly stopped, chuckling despite having her claws lodged in his eyes,"I'll see you in the Darkforest, runt."" Snarling, he slashed his throat, stepping back as blood poured from him. He had a horrible smile stuck on his muzzle, and she for once felt helpless. She shook the feeling off as a spurt of blood flew into her face, causing her to gag, which was uncommon for her. She spat sanguine fluid from her mouth, turning around and kicking snow over his blood-covered body. Then she went off to continue her hunt.

One morning, Snowfall felt the earth shake violently. She ran out of her cave just as it collapsed, the rubble taking wiht it all her better memories. Breathing hard, she ran as an avalanche consumed most of the valley she'd lived in for so long. She had to go, now, so she decided to travel back into the forest she'd came from.

A moon later, Snowfall came across a camp. The scents were diverse here, so she decided to investigate. Scents of cats, prey, and other things flooded into her nostrils, overpowering her. She called out,"Hello? Whoever's out there, hiding, I'm not afraid of you. I hope you know that!" Although she didn't fear an attack, she was still on edge.

(Any cats from Webclan, please know that this is Snowfall's reaction, my actual, real-person reaction was never like this.)

After awhile, she was stopped as a cat leapt into her path. Immediately, she unsheathed her claws, her tail lashing. "Calm, young one, I mean no harm." the cat meowed plainly,"Follow me so I can show Creekstar." the cat turned and began to pad back into the underbrush "And what if I choose not to?" Snowfall stood, her claws plainly still unsheathed. The cat stopped abruptly, turning only their head to her,"I don't think you want to find out. Now come." he disappeared. Intrigued, Snowfall followed the cat for awhile until they reached a camp. She stepped into the clearing, cats who were sharing tongues and warriors glancing at her. She glared back at them, sheathing her claws. "Creekstar?" the cat called. Now Snowfall could tell by the cat's voice that it was a she-cat, and Snowfall silently cursed herself for obeying such a weak-looking feline. A brown and black mottled cat stepped out of what was clearly the leader's den, looking down from highrock. "Yes?" he looked at Snowfall,"Who's this?" The cat glanced back at her,"Someone I found in the forest. Maybe they want to join? They'd be a great warrior." Snowfall's tail lashed as the cat said those words. "Well?" Creekstar looked at Snowfall,"Will you join?" Snowfall laughed,"Never would I join this clan. I'm no weak mousebrain." she smiled at the leader's disgust. Then she turned,"I'll be off, now. Thank you for the opportunity, but I'd rather not be in a clan with starry-eyes shecats who can't fight correctly." she sniggered, turning to leave the camp. "Really? Would you like for us to prove that fact wrong?" a cat called after her. Snowfall laughed,"You'd hurt yourself trying. The only way you could take me down is if multiple cats tackled me at once. What a kittypet move, though, am I right?" and with that, Snowfall disappeared into the brush.

Snowfall walked for days on end to get away from the camp. Get away from her old home. Get away from everything. She found herself slowly slipping into insanity as her paws perpetually took her somewhere. Somewhere away. She rested by day and walked by night, always going towards the rising sun."Take me with you!" she would shriek every night just as the sun would set, but she would keep going into the sunrise. Day after day, month after month. Soon, she was 14 moons old. She had nowhere to stay. One morning, she met up with a group of rogues. They circled her, unsheathing their claws. "Well, well, what do we have here, Bison? A runt?" a small grey tom stood, looking at the largest cat. He snickered,"It appears so, Tundra." The grey tom patted her on the head, his claws threateningly close to her eyes,"What do we do with it?" he looked at Bison. Bison smiled,"Send her off with a warning, courtesy of the rogues of Sunset." A smile etched its way across Tundra's muzzle and he turned, barely giving Snowfall time to react before he clawed her muzzle. Only one claw went deep, though, scarring the bridge of her nose. Then Snowfall went berserk. She tackled Tundra, clawing his face over and over, biting his throat, doing anything she could to get her anger out. She enjoyed his screams. Bison bowled her over, but the damage was done. Tundra's eyes were gone, his mouth open slightly, blood dripping from it. Bison snarled,"Go. We'll give you five seconds before we catch you and kill you, runt." Snowfall took her chance and ran, burning her paws on the rough sand underfoot. She ran in the direction she had been walking for the past moon, running into a line of trees. Blood dripped from the gash on her nose, but she didn't notice. She watched the rogues look in her direction, turning back to their fallen comrade. They picked him up, walking back to where ever they had come from. As soon as they were gone, Snowfall dropped down form the tree, gasping from loss of blood. This is it. I'm done. She laughed, looking up into the sky. The sun was blocked by a figure as he mewed,"Are you alright, miss?" he touched her with a paw on her nose, and she jumped up immediately. It was an older tom, his twisted paw held in the air. He repeated himself,"Are you alright?" He looked to be almost an elder, but she found some sort of respect in him. "I-I'm fine." she spoke for once in who knows how long. Her voice had become hoarse. He raised an eyebrow,"We'll see about that. Come, follow me." he turned to walk away, then looked at her,"I'm Saltmoon. What's your name?"

She looked at her paws,"Snowfall."

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