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Did you just call me stupid...? My word, someone has finally begun to understand me! Go on now. Please do tell me more.

General Information

ȿ Name: Snarkybear

ȿ Previous Names: Snarkykit, Snarkypaw, Snarky

ȿ Nicknames:

ȿ Gender: Male

ȿ DOB: July 14th

ȿ Age: 21 Moons

ȿ Roleplayer:



ȿ Inhabitance: WindClan

ȿ Former Inhabitance: ScarClan 

ȿ Rank: Warrior

ȿ Former Rank: Kit, Apprentice, Loner



Legend: [∂] = Deceased - [ª] = Alive - [µ] = Unknown

ȿ Mate: Apollo <3

ȿ Offspring: hahaha what

ȿ Mother: Forestfeather [ª]

ȿ Step-Mother: Ravensong [ª]

ȿ Father: Whitestar [ª]

ȿ Sisters: None (hahahahaha suck it)

ȿ Brothers: Stonekit [∂] , Dustkit [∂], Greyfire [µ] , Fictiontail [µ]



Warning: Snarkybear is just a kawaii little neko-kouhai in need of bulkiness and sexiness. so he gets beaten up by twigs and bushes to seem manly. I mean... tom-ly. please snd help. 

ȿ Species: Domestic Feline

ȿ Breed: Tabby + Maine Coon + Ragdoll + Other

ȿ General Appearance:  Snarkybear is a long-haired ivory cat with gray tabby markings and azure eyes. He has a dark, heart-shaped nose and lengthy whiskers. His belly fur is a creamy complexion of cream and ivory with a shades of tawny.

ȿ Physicality: big, fat 'n beefy. yo fight me

ȿ Voice: Dry, hoarse, raspy, low (hahaha wha-)

ȿ Blemishes: Subtle limp on left leg; torn right ear-tip; parallel scratches/scars under right eye








I will finish this later... (I wont, trust me)