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Actuate - Provide (someone) with a motive for doing something/reason for doing something

Oscillate - Move or swing back and forth at regular speed/sway

Transmogrify - Transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner/shift (Ex: Mood Wise)

Pulchritudinous - Physically beautiful/Pretty

Herculean - Strong

Brawny - Physically strong/muscular

Tattered - In poor condition

Cacophonous - Involving or producing a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds

Asperous - Rough

Crystalline - Very clear

Unwieldy - Difficult to carry or move because of its size, shape, or weight.

Umber -  A natural pigment resembling but darker than ocher, normally dark yellowish-brown in color

Ashen - Of the pale-grey color of ash

Pallid -  Pale, typically because of poor health

Atramentous - Black in color

Caliginous - Misty, dim,  obscure, or dark

Ivory - A creamy white color

Fastidious - Difficult to please

Angst - An acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

Bravado - A swaggering show of courage

Capricious - Impulsive and unpredictable

Caustic - Sarcastic

Ennui- Boredom

Fiasco- A complete failure

Gregarious- Sociable

Infinitesimal- Unmeasurably small

Lurid- Pale

Peevish- Easily annoyed

Scintillating- Clever

Sanguine Fluid- Blood

Anthrophagous- Insane

Lethal- Prone to causing death, or demise