Name Break-down
Prefix - Slate (for his grey & coarse fur)
Suffix - pool (for his wisdom & relation with RiverClan)
Past name(s) - Slatekit, Slatepaw, Slatefoot, Slatestar
Age - 64 moons
Breed - Charteux + Korat mix (+ multiple mixed breeds)
Pelt - Dusty slate-grey fur with age-whitened fur around his muzzle & tail tip.
Eye color - Deep leaf green with a pale glaze.
Scars/Blemishes - Missing left arm, slightly blind right eye & half ripped right ear.
Social Status
Rank - Elder
Most known for - Being the previous leader of WindClan
Reputation - Respected

Slatepool tends to keep to himself, as he never has enough energy to keep up with the talkative youth. He isn't unsociable though. He enjoys speaking about politics and history, and will gladly give advice to those that need.

Though not holding enough pride for himself to care for those that insult him, he has immeasurable pride for his Clan, and will go so far as to attack those that dare insult it. As well as this, he is paranoid of rumors and is always anxious what is shared behind closed ferns.
Although age has hindered his athleticism, Slatepool is a seasoned veteran that can serve as a powerhouse in battle. His musclebound physique coupled with many moons of experience make him a force to be reckoned with. He is particularly skilled in hunting fish and rabbits, but he struggles with birds and squirrels.

Birth Place - MineralClan camp
Past Residence - MineralClan
Current Residence - WindClan
Deceased = (D), Alive = (A), Unknown = (U)
Mother - Mountainstar (D)
Father - Unknown (U)
Siblings - Ashpelt (A)
Past mate(s) - Stormfeather (U)
Current mate - None
Kit(s) - Pebblelight (D), Smallkit (D), Fadedkit (D), Rosetuft (U)

Roleplay Info
AJ Username - Marshybutterfly
Wiki Username - BarbieShecat
Activity Status - Active