This religion was inspired by the person who made Horizonism (religion) You may use this religion for your Clan/Pack/Tribe etc. This religion is based on the moon and sun. Or the Dawn Sun and the Dusk Moon. Note: These two places aren't in the moon and the sun. They are only close to the moon and sun.

The Dawn Sun Edit

The Dawn Sun is another word for StarClan, StarPack,  The Tribe of Endless Hunting, etc.   If your a cat who has done good deeds throughout your life, this is where you will go after death. In this wonderous forest, you will no longer have to suffer.  

Starclan cats-0

The cats of The Dawn Sun.

The Dusk Moon Edit

The Dusk Moon is another word for the Place of No Stars or the Dark Forest. Those who have disobeyed the leader of The Dawn Sun will be sent here. The eternally foggy forest blows a cold extremly chilled wind toward you, chilling your heart to the bone. 


Cats of the Dusk Moon

What Happens When You Die? Edit

The Dawn Sun Edit

You will wake up where you died, but a cat with white stars on his/her pelt will guide you to your new home. You will soon find yourself in a world of spirit-cats. Near the cliff a distance away, you will see a clear white tom named Star looking at the border to The Dusk Moon. The cat who guided you will pad away, and you will be left alone to speak with Star to receive your gifts. Star will turn to you and give you the gift of a trait from each Clan, Speed from WindClan, Strength from ShadowClan, Wisdom from ThunderClan, etc. He will gift you with a pair of wings as well.                                                                                                                                                

The Dusk Moon Edit

You will find yourself in an unfamiliar forest. Death, a black tom with dark red blazing eyes, will growl at you, and he will summon the cats of The Dusk Moon to watch a battle between you and him. If you win, you will help him run The Dusk Moon. If you refuse, you will be forced to join his army of devilish cats. If you lose, all you will ever see again is darkness. You will also see a large ocean in the middle of the two cliffs.  If you ever survive, that is.

Star and Death Edit

Death Edit

Death was once known as Rain, until he attacked Star in an argument. The cats of The Dawn Sun agreed to change his name. Death traveled to a then unknown realm that we now know of as The Dusk Moon. His father, Devil, taught him the ways of evil. Death was very interested. He is now highly dangerous against new cats. Every moon he has tried to get revenge on Star and The Dawn Sun. But the cats of The Dawn Sun have always defeated him.

Star Edit

Born in pure light alone, Star helped create the forests and also helped to create all the land and water on Earth with his father, so we could live. He died fighting against Devil, but he told Stoneteller in a vision that they needed to leave the mountains and take the sun trail. He led the Tribe to the forest and moor. Now in The Dawn Sun, he is prepared for any attacks The Dusk Moon might plan.

Star's Law Code Edit

If a rule is broken, accident or purpose, you may ask Star for forgiveness.

1. Treat other cats how you would wish to be treated. You wouldn't want to be treated poorly.

2. Have respect for those of a higher rank.

3. The leader's words are law.

4. Deputies will not kill a leader for power or for any reason. If the leader is poorly caring for the Clan/PackTribe, simply get the Clan/Pack/Tribe to agree on banishing him/her.

5. Thank Star for your killed prey.

6. Don't kill another cat for the fun of it. You should have a very good reason for this.

7. Remain loyal to your own Clan/Pack/Tribe.

8. The leader must ask Star for advice.

9. Listen to Star when he is telling you a message.

Reincarnation Edit

If you have work to finish, you will be reborn as a kit on Earth. If you just wish to visit Earth, you will travel as a spirit-cat. Cats that are reborn will not recall their former life. However, they will be slightly smarter considering their knowledge from their first life.



Skyists Edit

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Preeminence of Silhouetting Souls- XCatoxx

Pack of Luminous Souls- Xxsouleateranimexx 

Pricklepaw of fantasyclan

User: jagurz . Name: Lullaby . Clan/Pack: None, a Loner.

White LandEdit

This is where you will be taken to after your spirit has faded from The Dawn Sun, but will still be visible in the White Land. You will walk the path you choose alone until your friend or mate has come to join you. Here, you cannot die a third time. Though, if you make a wrong decision here, all you will see again is darkness and your worst enemies coming to haunt you.

Forgotten Land Edit

Spirits from Death's realm fade faster than Star's realm. Where do those cold-hearted spirits go? the Forgotten Land. This land is way beneath the Earth and space. This land is made of pitch blackness. The fog blocks your visibility so much, that you can't even see anything ahead of you. Not even your pelt.

What Happens After You Fade? Edit

White Land Edit

You will be deep below space. Far below any realm. Except for one. You will see only pure whiteness ahead of you. You will see no one else take their path, But you will see the white pelt of the Guardian. The Guardian will then show you the path you will take. After you have found your path, he/she will leave you to pad onto the path alone. You will travel this path for moons until you reach the end and find your new home.

Forgotten Land Edit

You will fall out of the Dusk Moon, you will briefly touch Earth, And you will land on the Forgotten Realm you may call it.  Scared and alone, you see no one around to help you. you cautiously take slow steps as you can see nothing at all. Just even the smallest mistake will make you turned into vapor by the Guardian who shall remain unnamed.

Symbol Edit

The white represents The Dawn Sun, and the black represents The Dusk Moon.

Symbol for COA

The Dawn Sun, and the Dusk Moon.