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Dollhouse OC PMV MAP Complete

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-=+=- Appearance -=+=- Edit

Skadi is a small wolf lab golden retriever mix with pale fur. She has frost blue eyes. She looks more like a akita hybrid than her actual breed making some dogs confused on who she is.

-=+=- Personality -=+=- Edit

She is quite gentle whenever you get to know her. She only fights if she needs to, she likes to stay as calm as possible though she can get angry at times mostly whenever she's called a leashed dog. She has a major soft spot for pups and wants her own one day.

-=+=- Past -=+=- Edit

Skadi was born as a leashed dog and was trained to be a rescue dog. One day she realized that her sister who was claimed missing was put down. Skadi had ran off into the forest with her closest friend sadly it was winter. Skadi at the time was named Moon but later changed her name to somewhat punish herself for getting lost in a blizzard while hunting. She still is a loner searching for a pack but had given up hopes of finding one and is a rare site to see. Skadi still lives in the mountains.

-=+=- Facts -=+=- Edit

+ Skadi is also (I think) is also the name of a winter goddess ( This is more than likely wrong)

+ Skadi goes into the mountains to save people like a St. Bernard.

+ She was born in Canada

+ Even though of her origin she has a Australian accent

+ It is presumed that her 'friend' lied about her former owners putting down her sister in order to kill her for a unknown reason.

+Skadi is told to be a ghost and people who claim to see her has serious near fatal injuries but herself is much alive

+ She is also know as the ghost of the mountains for the rarity to see her and when she is seen is during a blizzard or lots of mist is around

-=+=- Family -=+=- Edit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Trick (unknown)

Sister: Magic (unknown)

Mate: Nope

Pups: Nope