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HOI! Voidfur at your service, you can say, welcome to my stories and adventures with friends, family, and of course clanmates! *___Voidfur___* 

Famous saying: I've seen the things in frount of me, I've seen the things behind me, I've seen the things to my sides, I've even seen what they've left behind. But none of it, nothing I've seen, is worse then whats inside me...

Character Personality/Behavior Description - loyal, intelligent, sometimes friendly

Other Character Details - he has amber eyes and a black pelt with grey underbelly and splotches


My Theme songs

We move together as one - Overwatch remix [His determination]

Out of my system - Youngr (Galantis remix) [His emotions]

Purple Lamborgini - Skrillex [His thoughts


Things about Void
Breed: Chartreux X Bombay X Savannah
Age: 56 moons
Sexual Orientiantation Biasexual
Past names: Voidpaw, Voidkit, Void


Why I hate waterEdit

"What do you think Obsidian?" "I think it's so close we can touch it." "No duh idiot it's right there!" "Not like that. I mean we can finally feel water, we never saw it as kits, at least I haven't..." "I haven't either water seems to.. safe?" he glared at the water while stating "I heard cats die from this thing." "Pfft yeah right, do you see any corpses? No? Exactly, no body has died from it." "If you say so Voidfur." Obsidian had said before jumping into the water and diving deep down to where he could see grass underwater. Voidfur went after him but instead of diving down all the way he stayed near the middle of the pond and seemed almost as if he was prancing around the forest. Slowly both of the brother were losing air, Voidfur came back to the bank to get some air while Obsidian struggled to get out of the water, he looked down and saw some of the grass was tied around his paw. Voidfur dived down to him and attempted to help him. Obsidian closed his amber eyes and went limp, while he was limp, Voidfur snapped the grass into a half then brought his brother to the surface. As soon as he did he gasped for air and coughed out water then checked on his brother. "Obsidian! Wake up brother come on! We made it to the surface!" no budge "Obsidian?!" still no movement. Voidfur stared at his brother's chest to see if there was any movement, nothing, he stopped breathing. They were too far from the medics den and probably to far from the camp to carry him and have him live. "No! No!! I lost Solar and Arc I can't lose you too!" as he hugged Obsidian hoping he would come back but like he expected nothing. Tears in his eyes he finally understood on how a father would feel with no kits or mate to call "family". "From this day forward I will not trust any body of water or any one who trusts it!" he claimed as he picked up his brother and set him aside his cousin's grave where his soon to be grave laid. "See you two soon little brother and big cousin." He bounded away with tears in his eyes but gone almost in an instant. "I learned two things that day, make sure no one gets in the way of my family, and never show that some one got to me"

I Got No TimeEdit

"Flame, Obsidian, and Ashscar. You all know how I will die correct?" The three looked at eachother before returning their glares back at Voidfur "We can't tell you that..." Obsidian said with a nervous smile "Yeah besides that twoleg didn't want to until you actually demanded it!" Ash had spat out mistakingly "Ashscar! Why would you say that!" Flame turned to his brother and swiped his paw at the back of his head "OUCH!" "You deserved it!" Flame had turned back to his cousin "I'm not going to be killed by a twoleg! I won't allow that!" "He was joking, but sense you want at least a warning then we will show you" Each family member bowed their heads and showed him a different part of his death



"No Creek, no respect, no friends, no family, and they wonder why I have such a problem with my life. But I don't care, it's time family." He looked up at the stars "I accept." - The vision faded out and back Voidfur was with his brother and two cousins "That's as far as I will go." Voidfur turned to Ashscar "My turn? Alright"




A light hit his eyes as he ran at it and rolled under the monster not accepting that the end of his life then dashed over and saw his destination, his brother and cousins grave. Once again his vision faded away and returned to his cousins and brother "Not too far" and finally he faced Flamescar "Ok now the time has come"




"Come on Moonfur!" he turned to a sliver she cat that looked as beautiful as the she cat in his dreams. He looked up and saw a wolf jump and a bolder crashing down. he threw the she cat away from him "Voidfur! No!" The last words he had heard. "Flamescar explain what was that!" "I'm not explaining anything." those few words were his last of his dream before waking up in the night. He turned and saw no one around him but he saw all the mates of the clan and no one he trusts or loved. "I got no time to live. I got no respect, love, family, or friends, at least I wont make anyone upset when I die, I can die peacefully and finally be with my brother standing on water instead of drowning!" He smiled at the thought of being with family but glared at the thought of death. "It's worth it, if it gets me out of this miserable world I call home, I'll do anything to go there!"


What's the pointEdit

"You know in a world like ours whats the point of being nice, what even is nice?! I've been around for 32 moons and I have yet to descover what's the definition of nice. And if there was a real world where "nice" actually existed they would be the total opposite of our world I call home. Not like these people have another decision unless I get exiled." Voidfur said to himself but seeming to be talking to the body of water infrount of him. "I have to hand it to you brother you picked a good time to die. Creekstep left me, Dawncrest is gone, and people I called my friends are gone too. A warrior of the endless Void I am more like the void of doubt just keeps going, and going, and going. If only you were here instead of my dreams. And I'm not so sure about my death. Our aunt died infrount of us, more like we killed her for trying to kill us, we were only apprentices at the time when we were still a moon apart now its 7, hey 7 moons I lived to watch Bearclan grow! Right?!" He gave a sarcastic chuckle as if almost the death of his brother didn't faze him. He watched the water and saw two fish come up to him and stared at him, he stared back at them. "It's rude to stare you know!" Voidfur thought of what his cousin Flamescar would do, but he also thought that Heavycloud would burst out of the water and eat the two fish, and after the thought he heard paw steps a fox length away "That's Heavycloud" "You know I'm going to have those fish for my lunch right? Aren't you scared of the water?" "Scared?! Me scared? Your...yes I'm afraid of water, but that doesn't stop me from being near it I feel as if my brother is still down there somewhere." "You know your open wounds are making the water bloody right? You need to stop hurting yourself!" "It's none of your concern Heavycloud" "I didn't say that." Voidfur looked up and saw Creekstep. "Well again it's none of your concern you helping me wont help at all!" "See this is why I left you for Blizzard." "No you left me because you hated me in the first place and don't deny it because I know for a fact you do. Unlike you I was at my brother's ceremony!" "Obsidian was a warrior and he's dead." "I meant his death ceremony Heavy. This is also why I trust nobody so if you want to help me go away!" Heavycloud bounded away with no fuss but Creekstep left with tears in her eyes and before she left Voidfur had said "Your saddness makes me feel normal once more" She turned glared and bounded way. "Mates are a waste of time and a waste of energy" he said that before bounding into the water and began to swim trying to get rid of the fear which surprisingly worked while cleansing the blood and his fur. He watched the stars and smiled "I'll come see you guys, one day. But first I want to find out what nice means in action!"

Horrid memoriesEdit

"If Black is leaving I am too!" Solar yelled at her parents "You're only 12 moons! You are not going any where!" His father had yelled back at her. Voidpaw was told to keep his little brother away from the arguement "Voidpaw I want to see!" Voidpaw turned at his little brother with both amber eyes opened "Obsidian it's not a good time right now." I remember those days when I had both my eyes opened and no scar, and I had my best friend still living, but now look at me it's like the darkforest came out waiting for a cat to join them, I may be the living picture of them. I know no cat wants to be near me or even want to see me, feels like I'm stuck in ice absorbing everyone's sight of myself. I'd be surprise now if people did like me as a friend and weren't afraid to admit it. "But I bet all they need is some love from their number one brother and son Obsidian! The apprentice of the stones!" "You're not going in there!" those were the words he had said before seeing his sister dart out with a tom with black fur covering one eye and a white underbelly. The two darted out of the camp and into the forest All I could remember where the words she shouted at my father "I hope you die in a fire!" And dear starclan he did he died infrount of me and Obsidian, set to ashes and crushed by a tree the rest was litterally a blur I went blind for a little while sense a branch hit the back of my head. Obsidian never really understood death for cats at the time I bet if he were still around he would still think my father was alive but now he knows more then I ever have "Voidfur and Obsidian I need you two to go get the care package from Vineclan by the river." "Why would Vineclan send us a care package by a river?" "Just go!" The two nodded and ran to the river. They tasted the air for any food We were told to never go into the water or a giant fish would kill us. Never made sense but we followed it. Voidfur perked his ears and saw his aunt attempt to pounce on him. "Moonfur?! I thought you were too weak to walk!?" "I used that to trick you two into getting me food! And it looks like I have enough energy to kill you both here and now and wont that be easy!" The brothers got together and began to only dodge her attacks thinking this was a training session until she had stated "Stay still you runts!" Voidfur then kicked his aunts back head and pushed her head into the water only to drown her.

Sleep is my weaknessEdit

"Voidfur is something wrong?" a unknown cat had asked "Nothing is wrong please go away I just want to rest." "There has to be something wrong, please just let me help." "I said go away! I'm fi-" he shouted and opened both of his eyes showing the closed one was blind. He witnessed that the cat, the ground, the sky was all water. He felt claws go into his skin and pull him down into the water. as soon as he witnessed under the water he awakened in the night and opened both eyes as he did in the dream. Seeing it was moon high he realised he had fallen asleep. "Nobodies awake, good I'll go sit by the water and wait for those little fish to come out." Voidfur bounded out of the den quietly and started making his way to the body of water. He sat down and covered his paws with his tail and waited. He sat until sun rise and no fish were around the bank where he would always sit. "Are they gone?" He had thought to himself outloud "Whats wrong Voidfur?" He perked his ears and saw his friend Crookedjaw "Hey Crooked, I'm just waiting for the fish to come out." "Voidfur are both of your eyes opened?!" "Yes why?" "You've only shown one eye why now do you choose to let the other open up? I can barely see if it is amber as the other." "I'm blind on that eye, so no it is not amber it's pure white." "How come?" "I... I clawed it." "You can't keep hurting yourself at night Voidfur, why do you do that anyways?" "I'm afraid..." he mumbeled the rest "Speak up a bit Voidfur, I didn't hear." I'm afraid that I will wake up a different cat, so I make scars and pain marks so I can make sure I'm myself. Please don't tell anyone I'll tell my other friends but nobody else." "Does that make me your.." "yes it makes you my friend. As long as you don't tell anyone, ok?" "Ok Voidfur. Rest easy." "I wont rest at all." He had said as his friend left.

Broken mindedEdit

Voidfur shook his head trying toearse his thoughts of hurting himself, instead he questioned himself on what his dream meant "Am I going to drown? Is a cat going to kill me? Will I be killed in water?" he paced around the small island thinking, he felt as if his mind was shattered to pieces. "Maybe I should tell Jade, she might now what to do about the thought, she's a medic after all" He nodded at the thought as he slowly bounded to the medics den, on the way there he started to question his option to go there "What if she checks my eye, what if she checks my scars, will I have to have some herbs?" As he stopped and questioned he saw his leader, and friend, Blizzardstar pad into the medics den to see if they were ok on herbs and such. "Well, two birds one claw..." Slowly with his sightful eye closed and his blind eye opened he padded into the medics den, he couldn't tell if there were other cats but by the voices inside they were the only two. They both glanced at Voidfur and immediately saw his closed eye open witnessing it was blind. "Voidfur you opened your eye?!" Jadewing had asked him in a fearful tone "Yes I did Crooked already knows about it..."   "Hmm, your blind on that eye?" "Yes I am." "How is it blind?" Blizzard had questioned "I did it." He had told them the same story as he did for Crooked in fear that he had made them worried. "Voidfur you can't keep doing this you know..." "Yes I know. I'm just afraid of what would happen if I don't do that" "Void your hurting yourself to much! Wounds can reopen, not to mention if they get infected, if they do reopen, all of them, you can bleed out and as a friend I don't want you doing this anymore!"  Jadewing had stated to him "Hard not to..." "She's right Voidfur, one day you will hurt yourself after all of this and you can die." "That's not the only thing I came for." He opened his sightful eye seeing only Berryscar was in the den as well. "What else did you come for?" "I...I had a dream."

Bigger, Better, Stronger, Power reforhed

Voidfur bounded around the camp finding out that even a medic can not help him discover his dream's meaning. He had both his eyes open the quickly saw Shadepool and Crystalstream talking. Shadepool had caught Voidfur in his sights and saw that his closed eye was open "Voidfur! Your eye is open!" quickly he shut it but realized it was the wrong one "Oh Starclan is today the day that you open it?" "Don't you two have kits to attend to?!" He said in embarassment. "Lemme see it one more time! Please! Please! PLEASE!" The shecat had begged "Why was it opened anyways?" " reason in particular just felt like I should" "I'm pretty sure I heard an 'I' there Voidfur" Void had grumbled and had began to tell them the dream "Ooh so you want to make sure your the same?" "What how do you get it like that Shade?" "I dunno? Was I right?" "No I just... I don't even know why I do might be right?" "Oh ok, well we have kits to attend to, so lets go Shade, heh see what I did there I used his own.." "Yes I did Crystal, I saw what you did." "I'm just saying-" Voidfur lowered his ears as their voices began to fade away "So how many have you told so far?" Crooked had startled Voidfur. "Six cats... six friends....that's all of them." "Now what?" "I'm going to have to go to sleep..." He looked down and hoped his friend knew what he meant "Oh, right...Do you think they-" "Yes I know they do, they have to know." He slowly began to bound into the den where they had taken shelter in since the flood he had closed both of his eyes and waited to enter his sleep


"What does it mean Flame. I'm not going to wake up until you answer me." Flamescar had turned both ways to show who was not there next to him "Where's Obsidian and Ashscar?" "Ashscar was sent to withstand another soul. Obsidian, on the other hand, is being worked on by twolegs, I have no idea what happens to him but it seems as if they turned him into a new cat, a monster..." "Why are you still here then?" "Starclan has told me to inform you that me and you shall share a body after your death I have asked what will they look like and they have at least shown me the form of the cat. Now as for your dream, your brother was not killed by water, he was killed by cats in the water, but those cats use their enviorment to their advantage, they aren't in a clan for what we know, they may me rouges, they don't have a na-" "The feared souls of the environment! Thats them!" "Did you just..." "Yes I did! And now I want to find them!" "Problem." "What's the problem Flame?" "The problem is, is that they always move, so they have no ground and now the flood is happening I don't want to imagine that they are underwater like fish, breathing that filthy water." "I thought you lied water?" "I do, but that water in the flood has trees, rocks, and even dead animals in there. So what will you do." "I'll wait. But that next cat we will be together, will it have your strength?" "Yes why?" "I want him to have our memmories"


Target acquiredEdit

Voidfur paced as he thought of the cats that had killed Obsidian "Flamescar what am I supposed to do?!" His gaze turned to his cousin "Relax they're in a twoleg place away from every clan, you can go there to kill them there's only two. Plus they are young warriors about 19 moons you shouldn't go just ye-" As he stated he saw Voidfur staring at him "Uh oh.." "Where are they?" Voidfur had questioned "In a abondend twoleg place..." Voidfur smirked evily and tried to wake himself up "You can't go now there's a flood plus Blizzard wont let you leave that... tree I think?" "Your right at least now I have my target, and their location!" "Oh no.." "VOID TO VICTORY!"

Reap what they sewEdit

Voidfur stared at the rouge with his blind and sightful eye. "Who else did you kill..." Voidfur had stared at them with his eyes filling with sadness and rage. "Oh you ask now? We killed your whole family, your brother, your mother, your father, and after all of them we killed your sisters! You already killed my brother so it's now a one on one." He narrowed his eyes and leapt at the rouge. She had clawed his muzzle with enough impact to knock him aside from her. She began to laugh like a maniac "You can't kill me! you can barely control yourself!" "Maybe that's true, but if I can't control myself, then how can I tell myself to kill you!" he leapt at the rouge and clawed her underbelly, her sides, and her neck. He turned so his hind paws faced her, he kicked her neck due to his size over powering her. She bit down on his leg and jabbed her claw into his underbelly. Voidfur, in panic, kicked his hind claws into her eye blinding her in that eye. "You cut my eye! You fox dung!" she leapt at him once he let go of her. Void had dodged her attack as she rolled to a tree and curled her tail around what seemed like fire ashs. She threw them at Voidfur, he laughed and asked "Really? Ashs? What are those going to do to me?" he stared at her and widended his eyes to her answer "Aww I thought Flamescar wanted to be thrown on the things he loved!" she had laughed while Voidfur was filled with rage he jumped at her then clawed her chest letting blood spill out. She kicked him off and made him tumble to a near by bush. He pried himself up but had failed. "I failed you..." He began to say the names for those who he wants to protect. "Windtail, Jadewing, Blizzard, Obsidian, Flamescar, but out of all of them I want to say sorry..." She stopped and watched him with a evil smirk, he turned his painful gaze up to her and finally said it. "To you!" He had jumped at her, jabed his claws in her eyes and neck. He pinned her head down in the rushing water just like he had done with his aunt until she went limp. "Get....dunked on!"

Rest easyEdit

Voidfur took a few deep breaths and smiled "I don't have to worry any longer. No rouges to kill, no body's dead, and no one that will kill me in my sleep." He closed his eyes and slowed down his breathing to rest. "I can go to sleep at night and not worry about anything." he stayed still and silent but he didn't fall asleep. "Why can't I sleep? I did my goal, I know I'll be the same person, I made my family rest in peace, so why do I feel..." he stopped and thought "Why do I still feel like I'm unaccomplished..." he stared at his paws and thought for himself "I didn't want to kill them but they made me do it, is that why I feel like I'm the scum of the clan?" Slowly his smile turned to a smile "Did I fail? Was that really what Obsidian and Flame wanted? Did I fail by winning?" He slowly looked up and finally knew why he didn't feel accomplished and slowly smiled. "It's because I feel like a murder that's why... No wonder I feel like this." he sighed and nodded "I remember when they took care of me...when I was a pacifist fully and not just partialy, those were the days" He closed his eyes and laid his back on the tree to go back into his memories of the nice group he had met.



Void had seen a small figure call to him, at a closer range to it he saw it was a tiny orange kit "Hoi! My name is Daisy! Daisy the flower kit! My favorite kind of flower is a Daisy flower! Because one fell on my head when I was born!" He smiled at the tiny kit and it seemed as if she had just been born only a moon ago "Welcome to the uhh... Hmm.... I forgot the name but I like to call it the Forest of rocks because around here a lot of rocks from the ceiling seem like trees! Come on let's go see mama!" As the two of them bounded to what seemed like a little den Void smiled at the thought of them having some room for himself

 Nicknames - Flamefrost, Flame, Dagger

What does his health mean?

Flamescar is of right now depressed due to his mate (Cloudflight) leaving Bearclan so he is becoming antisocial once more as before, but not too much.

A not so welcomed interuptionEdit

"Voidfur, Voidfur, Voidfur, Voidfur!" Flame had called to his cousin. "Am I dead yet?" "No your not dear cousin I have more info on our 'situation' with Solar. It seems as of she's alive and weak for a rouge leader. Black had left her when she was 13 moons, dear fires only a moon and he left her to die!" Flamescar had stated with his sightings of Solar. "Did she change her name?" Void had questioned "You know dead well that she did, and remember about our other..." Flame had stopped and turned to Void. "Yes I know our Obsidian now F14-17 he's now no longer cat now he's a twoleg monster, not the worst of our problems though, I find the arena worse, making cats fight on their own will in there as if war isn't bad enough. Now let me guess Solar's name is Sun isn't it." Void had turned to Flame in annoyance to his sister. "Ye-" "All I needed to hear" Void stared at Flamescar and nodded "Yes it is Voidfur, and from your voice according to you she's going to 'get dunked on' what does that even mean?" Void turned to his cousin and smiled innocently "It means I will claw her sides, neck, eyes, and possibly drown her like everyone else I've killed! And if I keep doing this I will feel right again, like I've always wanted to be. You also said that she has a twoleg family that all the cats have in their rouge pack live with aswell?" Void kept the look on his face as he faced his cousin. "Dear firey voids your gonna die to them you know!" Flame had looked petrified as the thought came up. "Yes I know and I'm not afraid of death, we're coming back as Grimsoul, we agreed on that name right?" Void had turned to a shape that seemed identical to the two. Flame nodded his head. "Yes we did, you also said that a reaper is on-" "Only in our family, and a reaper isn't a good thing so we'll let it slide as soul. Now his scar I think you did good on where to put that along his whole face." "Yeah I'm doing good with shaping forms, I had mine with Ob's until he was made into the monster he is, I made Ashscar's, who is now Firepaw soon to be Firefur, and that would leave Grimsoul to be his enemy you know." Flame had decided to point out. Void nodded "I know and I still don't care, when I kill Sun I will have the power to come back and fight more!" Void had a heroic smile and his back arched as if he was a cat from the story as kits. "Void, remember we will have our own star away from the rest as Grimsoul dies. Oh, have you told Blizzardstar and Jadewing the code?" Flame had questioned Void. "Yes I have I told them about the little kit that I had met and that they are the only two that knew about her, and how she was the first one that I had to kill to escape." Void slowly looked down at his paws "Would I have even came to Starclan in the first place? I feel like I killed so many cats that Starclan wouldn't even take me in..." Void had slowly grown tears in his eyes. Flame had put his paw on his cousin's back "We can see the death again if you want, I know you like to watch it." he said with a voice of comfort. Void nodded in agreement. "I'm sorry...."

A horrorable welcome backEdit

Sun watched all of her cowardly men "Weak, ignorant, and crowfood. THAT'S what ALL OF YOU ARE! None of you WISH TO STAND UP TO HIM! Alright Voidfur I'm tired of your games! We agreed long ago we wouldn't fight so we will settle this in a game, who finds Forever first." She had chuckled evily. "Forever?" Void had said with a questioned look "Oh right I mean Obsidian, our machine." Void had stared horrified What did they do to him!? He watched as the bushes rustled and slowly Obsidian-no-Forever had peered out slowly. "All systems have restarted. Hello Voidfur, it's great to see you again! And I'm stronger and I wont die as easy as I did in water!" Forever had smiled but he seemed off. Two leg scrap was on his underbelly and on his side of his head. "Obsidian! Your---no your not my brother, you are a twoleg machine and you don't deserve to call me your brother or even family! You're dead to me!" Void had screamed with tears in his eyes "I wouldn't want to see you in a million moons! Not even a billion!" "So a billion and one, Understood but then you and I will be dead." Forever had seemed as if he didn't understand. "Don't you get it! They changed you! They manipulated you! You DIED FOR STARCLANS SAKE! AND NOW YOU WONT HAVE ANYWHERE TO GO!" Void had sobbed "Now Forever kill him!" Sun had ordered him. "I...I can't he's unguarded and not for training. I'm afraid I will have to go back into the pond to where I first went with Void." he said as he slowly turned and went to the pond. "No! No NO NO NO NO NOOO! I can't lose!" Sun had said as she unsheathed her claws but they both know what Obsidian wanted to do, he was going to jump into the pond and sink. "We had a deal, now eat the berries! I don't hae the time to get my paws bloody for someone like you! You deserve less then the dark forest, you deserve what Twolegs call their worst destination!" Void had said with tears still in his eyes. Sun had turned to him and had grown tears in her eyes an nodded. "Let it be I am a cat of my word." slowly she went with Voidfur to a death berry bush. "I lost and you won. I know I wont be accepted to Starclan or anyone better then them but I know I will have to accept what I did. Goodbye Voidfur, and now you have no more siblings, no more Obsidian, no more Arc, and no one else." Void had chuckled as she stated. "I have my friends who are a million times better then you, Crookedjaw, Blizzardstar, Jadewing, and Foxwhisker. Not to mention my mate Windtail now hurry up and accept fate."

Looks like you beat me there

"Today had to be the day, huh? All for a rabbit, my first friend in Bearclan beat me there. I know your watching over me now Blizzard but you just had to die huh? I don't kow how death feels, but I didn't want to know anyways, I want you to tell me how it feels from experience, does it hurt a lot? Does it go without pain? Does it just feel as if your being torn to a different cat? Uh.. Oh you wont tell me. I understand, I will take your rest into consideration then to make sure I don't annoy you. I'm sorry....."

His last moments will help me threw everything else, I know you're watching over me brother, thank you.


"I love you all, and I will miss you..." Blizzardstar meowed, his breath shaky and painful. Blood was pooled around them as some of the clan surrounded his weak, fragile body. "I will wait for you, Voidfur. And for all of you. I will also watch you all..." The fragile leader once again spoke as Voidfur knowed, letting out soft, words, "Promise?" Blizzardstar took in a sharp, shaky breath as he leaned up a little bit, since Voidfur was already leaned down, "I promise." He gently lapped his head as others said their farewells, and as Blizzardstar's last movement he would ever make in the living world... He smiled.


Always isn't foreverEdit

Void had looked at his burnt fur from the fire by the forest as Jade had tried to patch up his new bleeding scars on his eyes. Seeing this happen reminded him of his first few times in the medics den "You're always getting hurt Void!" Jade had scolded him even though he was right there. "Just go patch up the other warriors! They need more help then me!" He had told her. "I am the medic! I can pick and choose who goes first, you dont need to tell me that!" She told him. Void slowly awoken from his thoughts and looked at Jade "You're always.." those were the words she could make out before sobbing in his fur. "Why?! Why do you purposely get yourself hurt Void! I don't care if your mate left Bearclan but that doesn't give you the right to hurt yourself over it!" she said to him still having tears in her eyes, he sighed and looked down at his paws one being burnt and the other not, "I'm just doing whats right, a kit in danger is a kit in need, no matter the clan." he said as he nodded "There's no need to be around anymore, everyone I care about has their own protector, so I'm living it to the fullest now but when time comes, I wont be surprised nor disappointed. Now just let it happen..." He said with a uncaring tone "Oh yeah! What about me!? Huh?!" "You have Sun Jade." "Shade!?" "He has Crystal and they protect eachother." "The kits!?" "Someone can adopt them if Wind doesn't rejoin." He said still with an uncaring tone. Jade looked at him and sobbed "You don't know who needs to be protected! I don't want to see my best friend leave me so soon! And what about Grimskull?! You told me Flame can go ahead and use him for himself! If you die, you wont return!" She yelled in his ear. "I know that Jade, and honestly, that would be a blessing for everyone." he said as he watched her with a calm smile, she didn't take it in so easy she swatted him and scolded him more "It would be my curse! I lost my bestfriend already and if I lose my brother, I would die! And if I die Sun would go insane! Look you've already caused an impact on two people, and that one person impacts the whole clan! She wont have a medic or a deputy! And after all of that, if she doesn't have any of those, this whole clan would be sad because of your death! So stop trying to hurt yourself!" She said one last time, Void leaned in put patted her and said "I'm not leaving yet Jade" showing even he was afraid of death.

A reward well earnedEdit

Void heard comotion racing towards the pond. He awoke from his thoughts and clearly saw Jade by the pond, and what it seemed, she was crying. He opened his blind eye completely and ambled up to her "Hey Jade! What's wrong?" He asked her trying to make sure she was alright. "Sun left me, I'm not even sure if she felt anything for me at all..." she said with tears falling off her face. Void looked at her as if she was joking "No way! But you two looked like you guys were perfect for eachother! How could she have possibly not wanted someone like you?!" He said to her. "I guess she just made it seem as if she didn't want anymore mates...Maybe Starclan doesn't want me to have a mate, maybe they just think being alone my whole life is whats best for me." She said looking at her reflection. "Hey I bet this is just a bad chapter of your story. Why not just skip it then go on from there?" He told her as if life was just a story being told "Starclan has our stories told. They know every part of it, so whats the point of skipping a chapter!?" She said with a tone of anger and saddness mixed together. "A skipped chapter can tell the story teller that they need to make a few edits" Void said with a grin and small laugh following it. Jade gave a smile and looked up at him "How could someone so similar to me have such a different perpesctive about life?" Void smiled and answered "How could the person who taught me to see life that way see it so differently?" Jade laughed and spoke "You're right, I dont take my own advice." She said with a look of embarrassment "Well then let me repeat them to you, so you can remember those words. Sound good?" Void offered her. Jade sniffled "Yeah, that sounds great." She said with a smile, Void returned her smile with one of his "Then let's start with this, will you try to get another mate Jade?" She nodded at him "If the right tom comes up to me and asks me, yes." She said with a nod looking at him in the eyes. Void let his thoughts take over his words "Well what about me Jade?" and after he said that, and Jade gave had a surprised expression, Void quickly tried to cover it up but before he could say anything "Yes! Yeah, sure. Absolutely! I mean only if you want to!" Jade had replied "I-I mean, uh!" Trying to cover up her feelings quickly "Really?" He had asked her. Jade took a few moments before she replied "Yes, I loved you for a while and all but I didn't expect you to ask me in such a manner. but of course I know this was just a suggestion." she would have continued to cover up her feelings "Yeah! Only a suggestion! Not me confessing! If it w-" Void stopped because Jade interuppted his with her giving a lick to his muzzle "Yes Void, I will take you as my mate." Void sighed "Thank Starclan"

Well restedEdit

Jade and Void rested by the stump that Void slept at, almost all the time. Jade rested her head on his shoulder and Void rested his head on her. He curled his tail around her paws to keep them warm. Jade purred and nuzzled his cheek. "So this is why you like to rest by the stump huh? To relax and let go." jade asked him her eyes still closed and her head still on his shoulder. "Mhmm, it usually helps me relax and makes me think about what I want to do." He told her as he gave a small lick behind her ear. Jade smiled up at him and purred. "I love you Void." She told him "I love you too Jade, and I bet even more." He told her. Jade laughed at his statement "You wish, nothing is stronger then my love for you, not even a full grown tree can grow as tall as it." She told him nuzzling against his muzzle. "Ha! The stars can't reach my love for you." Void replied to her, Jade sighed put her paw on his "Then I will love you just as much! And I'll make sure of it!" Jade told him as they slowly drifted to sleep, but nobody other then them knew, that both of them, were insomniacs.

An adventure with a beloved

"So where are we going Void?" Jade asked him in confusion "My old home, the place I would go to to relax." he said before jumping over a log blocking the way of their adventure Jade hopped over it following him. Void stopped and pointed out the rooms that everyone slept in but as they went lower and lowerShe began to see grass, underground. "Void have you been growing grass down here?" She asked him in confusion "Nope, I call those echo springs, they grow down there by themselves. It's pretty impresive, but whats more impressive" he jumped down to them and pawed some of the grass making fire flies come out. "is that" he said looking up at the twinkling lights from above as if they were stars. "Hey Jade, whats a star?" he asked her as they watched the fire flies fly up to the top of the cave "Good question, they are an amazing thing sent to light the world" "Can you touch it?" "If you try hard enough" "Can you eat it?" "I don't think so..." "Can you kill it?" "Please dont try that" "Then Jade, are you a star? Sent down to the forest to make the forest lighter and more beautiful?" He asked her still in a serious mood. Jade blushed rested her head on his shoulder and lapped under his chin.

A song can turn into the greatest adventure

"Hey Void did your parents ever sing you songs?" Jade asked him as they watched the water in the pond "Yes they have, but I dont think anyone would understand some of the words in it." He told her as he curled his tail around hers. "Well why not?" She asked him in a puzzled manner. "Well they were kitty pets, and the majority of the words I thought only kittypets would know." He told her as he shifted his gaze to the side. "So? I was too you know? So lemme hear it!" She told him estaticly. He sighed "I can give it a shot, I dont remember all the words." he said before clearing his throat. As he sang the song he had a few flash backs of the past. "I dont walk with the lions, but I swim with the sharks" Void looked at the top of the cave and wondered, "Has it changed at all?" So he went over to Guardian and decided to ask her "Hey Guardian, has the surface changed at all?" He looked up at her in wonder of what her answer was. She didn't reply all she did was stare at the bundle of herbs infrount of them "Never ask that question young child" "I told you already my name is Void! V-O-I-D VOID!" He yelled at her as he did so, she swiped her claws at his muzzle "Shut up! You fell down here now you can't leave!" Void looked at her then the small cut on his muzzle "Those are your last words..." He told her "And I'd go through fire, mom drew the dark" Voidpaw watch the water knock Brotherone to the wall, and as his mouth was open, water flying into his mouth. He choked on it and couldn't hack it up " brat..." he coughed up some water but still was too weak to fight "I didn't want to do this!" Void said to him "I'll kill you, and once I'm done with that, I'll rip your eyes out and feed them to the wolves!" he scolded him but as soon as he ran, Void jumped at him knocked him off balance then threw him off the top and watched him fall to the bottom falling down to his death. "I crossed the oceans and I've walked for miles, the wild and devotion had nothing then I wouldn't do" Void saw Daisy have blood on her paws and the king behind her limp and motionless. "Void did you see that? I can kill people too! So come on let's grow up together, lets stick together, we could be a team, we can make a family Void!" She told him with tears in her eyes, yet still she knew he wasn't changing his course of plans "P-p-please don't kill me!" she sobbed but yet Void had no mercy. "Take my paw and walk with me, we walk with me" Jade kept wrapping cobwebs around Void's wound "Come on Jade go heal the others first, I can wait" he told her "No! I am the medic meaning I get to decide who goes first! Your always getting hurt Void!" She told him "So what? At least I can live" He told her as she finished patching him up. "You and I will be running free!" Jade stared at Void then switched her gaze to the ceiling "It's beautiful huh? Well it was beautiful before the flood, I still think it is though" Void told Jade. Her eyes gleamed as if she was a kit "You were raised here?" She asked in wonder "Yep, I lived here until I was 10 moons" "I've got the heart of a lion, so let's walk with me!"

My Warning

Flame looked down at Void "Void, the cats of Bearclan are regrouping, the old ones at least. We want to watch what Bearclan has turned into, everyone is excited, yet I am still worried about Obsidian. He was turned...I haven't bothered to be reincarnated as Grim yet because he's been killing the rest of your targets!" He told him in worry. Void gazed up at him "So, he's not dead...." He told himself "Obsidian is alive... Where is he?!" He asked Flame for his guidence once more. "He's in an arena, twolegs put cats and dogs in there to fight. Listen to me, he will be completely different, he left his wild side, and now, he's fighting cats and dogs. And to be quite honest with you, he's doing a good job with the dogs." He said in a proud yet scared tone of voice "Well I've killed my family before, just another day for me. Doing all of that while not going fully insane, no offense, makes me more of a scar then anyone else am I right? I can handle a little kittypet like him." He nodded breifly. Flame looked down at him and nodded. "I admire your determination it is very admirable, yet I dont think it will assit you here. He wears a collar with dogs teeth on in to show for all the dogs he's killed so far, who knew he had such a brutal mind..." he said then turned to Void "I will never forget the day he killed father, I knew he would do that, and yet I never thought he'd kill anything else...he followed my instructions, my terrible, terrible, intructions..." Goodbye my dear brother


Void watched in horror as the two legs cheered for the on going fight. He watched from above witnessing that Obsidian was attacking another cat. He shook his head before running to an entrance. He looked up at the sign where twoleg language was on it. He scanned it quickly and sounded it out "St-starting ar-are-arena, starting arena!" He said "Looks like I still remember how to read twoleg all this time." he awaited for a twoleg to open the door and soon followed after. As he walked in he saw cats starving, yet strong. He glanced to a nearby window and saw a lever with more words over it. " all!" He told himself "Psst hey cat, what are you doing?" Another cat asked him "You gonna get yourself stuck in the arena with Forever stone!" he told him "Forever stone? Oh you mean Obsidian! He's my brother, I came to stop this place from countinuing their fighting ways." he said as he ran over to the door which the lever was behind. He saw another twoleg exit the room, he quickly ran into the empty room and jumped to a box onto another. He got curious and opened it. Inside he saw sharp metal objects filled with a green or blue liquid. He shook his head and continued to jump over to the lever. He leapt to the lever and wil both of his fore paws he pulled it down to release all of the animals inside. After he had pulled the lever a siren went off and red lights danced around the room. He turned to the still opened door and saw dogs and cats run out of the room. He followed the crowd outside and as he was running he saw more animals run out the other exit. He watched in pride, but soon his pride stopped, he looked up to the top of the arena and saw a cat with a cloth wrapped around one side of his face "Obsidian" He told himself as he stared him down he leapt off into the woods and ran faster then Void had ever seen him run. "Now THATS a challenge"

A glimpse of an empty soul

Void waited by his stump watching the patrol leave and sighed. "Hello Voidfur!" An apprentice called to him. "Hello young one" he said as they passed by. He felt his ears fall side ways and a frown crawl on his face, and began to mutter to himself. "Greetings Voidfur, may I take the rest of the apprentices on a group training?" Winter had asked him. And as if nothing sad had happened he nodded "Take three only" he told her. She nodded and headed out of camp with three apprentices. He went back to himself and sighed "I wonder where Jade is, she'd know how to cheer me up" he said before a tear rolled down his face "Why am I always sad?" he thought to himself "I'm never happy, even if I told everyone I was." he began to ramble to himself as he went down by the roots of the stump and cowered to himself. He let out a psychotic laugh as tears rolled down his face. He wasn't happy, nor was he sad, he didn't know what feeling he was expierencing. All he knew is that he became what others feared a psycho. "I'm sorry" Those were the words he had used to his mother before leaving her to die, from a burning house. He knew he created that fire so he and his brother could escape that terrible place. He watched the flames rise high and he watched his mother get crushed by a burning log that had fallen. And what did he do? He laughed, insanely. He was too confused of his emotions, yet, he still knew that he had went insane. That wasn't the first time he had killed someone though, he had killed his sister, and all he had to do then was kick her off the fence and fall onto the ground where dogs were rested at, his parent's didn't know, his brother didn't know, his cousin didn't even know. Yet the whole time, he was planning on getting rid of all of them. He remembered all the things he did wrong, he killed his sister, his mother, his father, their kittypet owners, his friend, and even the dogs that had killed his sister, and through all of it he laughed and laughed and laughed...Even he knew that this world shouldn't be as nice as it is. He knows that nothing is always positive, he knows no one can fix it, he knows that no one will always have a smile on their face, he knows there will be nothing like life filled happiness, yet he always wants someone to treat it that way, all he ever gets is "Can I please go on a patrol? Can I take the apprentices on a training session?" as if no one even cared that he existed. He had gotten used to the voices in his head saying to stop it all already, to make others fall to their knees and the fact that for every person he meets he has that secret desire that they would do something positive to him. And still, he was terrified of everyone. "I'm sorry mom, but this joke is too funy!" For someone that seemed as pleasent as him, he was insane. Others try to fix him, and he still wants to be broken. Even through the bloody rain and tears, he felt some water drops of sadness from others on him, not because he killed someone they loved, no, because they were crying for him.

The emotions of someone who doesn't feel

"It wasnt my fault I was born without some emotions, of course my brother said I just never felt them the way I was supposed to, but I was still picked on because of it. Around the old block where all of the stray kittypets were, they never let me join them because of that reason. I know everyone has to deal with something rough in their life, mine is still existing I bet. I know the feeling of being rejected, all of those emotions I know that one feeling, the feeling of rejection." Void thought to himself as if he was telling Lunar or Jade a story, as he walked around the dead flower garden as if he was expecting someone pop out and say "Hello!" to him, but aslas, he failed. He sat down and watched as some tears rolled down his face and hit the dead grass around his paws. "I live a strange life, yet I don't know what normal is. What did that cat in my dreams mean?" He said in a raspy voice. He looked up from where his paws had layed and he saw a flower blooming in the fall, a beautiful flower. He knew the name given to it by twolegs, a helenium. It wasn't so big but it was the only life around the area. Void bounded up to growing flower and rested near it "It's okay little flower, I know that feeling too, the feeling of sadness and regret for things you never did. A feeling of anger towards others for things that you did and they had no part in, yet in your fractured mind where creativity and destruction exist to create war, they did have a part in that problem. I know all of that, yet I dont have any emotions at all. Is that what the cat had meant? Is this what it feels like? I have no words for others yet to a flower, I speak my whole mind." he laughed still rested on the ground and still crying. "You know I bet this is the only thing you wouldn't want to see, a crazy, grumpy, grouchy, and terrible cat crying. Maybe it is the thing you want to see, who knows...." He said as he sat up and thought what Jade, Sun, Lunar would say. All he could think of is the negatives that they might say. "Oh my StarClan, we're related, what a tom..." "A deputy like this would be better for bait then they would be for a hunter..." "This is the real you huh?" As if he didn't deserve to live in the world. But then he thought of the real things they would say "Cheer up Void! I will love you forever!" "Come on Void cheer up!" "Dad stop crying and smile!" and through all of the real things they would say he knew others would laugh as he cried. "Pathetic weak tom!" "That's a deputy? What a weakling!" "Don't stare too long sweetie, you might become as dumb as he is." soon he awoke from his thoughts and looked at his fore paws. He smiled knowing there were people out in the world who cared for him. Slowly he unsheathed his claws and dragged on claw down each leg. "Thank you!"

Alone in the universe

Void sat down ignoring everyne whileeveryone was scampered around camp. "Why waste my time with positives." he asked himself. Void felt as if a million paws let go of him as he slowly fell asleep. He took a few deep breathes befor entering a long, deep, rest. Something he wanted to do for a long time without any stress upon him. After three moons of no sleep, he finally had the time to rest for as long as half a day. He ignored all drama in the camp. He took this time to think for himself and answers to questions others had asked him. "Why be negative?" Void watched the fire grow from the kittypet nest. His eyes were narrowed down at his mother who was reaching the point of death. He stared and stared, not afraid or scared of the future, instead, he began to laugh as his mother cried "Void...why did you do this? You caused a fire and now you try to kill me!" she cried. Void continue to laugh and say "Oh sorry mom, this joke was very funny indeed. Dad told me it would be a killer joke, so I skipped the the end. Why wait for ever if you're going to die soon enough. You're as old as a tortoise don't act like you didn't know you would die soon enough. I just wanted to speed up the process." he said as he turned around and walked. His brother Obsidian followed him into the forest as sirens blasted from in frount of the nest. "Do you hurt your self so you could die?" Void watched the group his sister lead. "Don't you ever get bored of having servants doing everything for you?" To which Solar looked at him and sighed "Why would I? If they don't work correctly they die. I love killing. But if it ever came to you, I want it to be a bet and not have blood on either of our paws." she said as she faced the slaved cats. "Work harder!" She called to them. Void groaned "Maybe you would want to know how they feel Solar!" She stopped and turned to Void. "Did you just raise your voice at me?" She changed her facial expression to a sinister look. "I would suppose not. You would never disrespect the person who helped you escape that nest." she told him. Even though Void knew she never helped with anything he obeyed her, for that time. At night Void went to the slaves den, where they were given nothing to comfort themselves or warm themselves with, and released them. None of them trusted him at first and instead thought Solar was tricking them. He clawed his eye and his neck to prove he wasn't tricking them. Seeing the blood flow from his eye and neck made them believe him, and slowly, they crept out of the den and ran off to find a home. Solar saw Void angrily, but she refused to hurt him. She clawed her cheek and allowed him to walk away. "Do you know what love is?" Void stopped dreaming and finally thought to himself. "Do I?" he continued to ask himself. He nodded slowly and smiled "I do indeed. Jadewing taught me that, just like she taught me everything else in the world, by Starclan I wouldn't be alive without her." Soon he felt more paws let go of him and remembered what the cats in the undergroud had taught him. "Be one with the embrace of the transcendence of peace"


Birds(as prey)





Over dramatic cats

killing friendly cats

Hurting innocent cats

watching kits getting hurt

Past mates

Clan: Bearclan
Kits: 2
Position Deputy
Health: Healthy 














Strangers: (A stranger is a person he is getting used to)



Hunting: 7/10

 Fighting: 7/10 (depends on mood)

 Loyalty: 9/10

 Socialality: 7/10 (I blame others for this)

 Vengence: 4/10

 Trustworthy: (depends who you are)

Brutality: 6/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Hatred: 4/10

Forgiveness: 7/10

 Loveable: 10/10


(Socialality) Obsidian: We blame those who backstab him he has had his past leader, past mates, and friends do this

(Fighting) Flamescar: His emotion is the way he acts in battle anger makes him sharp and always brutal (my favorite is when he's mad) but when he's cheerful he doesn't attack as much, when he's annoyed he doesn't focus or thinks he just simply does it

(Trustworthy) Ashscar: it's the same for everybody else

VOID'S VOICE ( Sans/Small skeleton )

>>Ask Void questions<< 


Famous sayings- Sometimes you have to bleed to know your alive, Stop talking your going to make the herbs cry!, Life is short. Make sure you have the greatest life., What I learned from my life and others 8 words, It goes on and we all still die., A solution to my problems, I just let it float away

Theme songs-

Nights to remember : avicii

Emoji VIP by Pegboard nerds

We are giants Lindsey stirling

Nostalgia NCS SirensCeol 

Invincible NCS DEAF KEV 

Bring the maddness by Pegboard nerds

Back2you by hellberg


I am Flamescar and this is my story I was born in breezeclan and i stayed there until I was 2 moons. My parents were two of the best cats there,my father Ashclaw and mother Flowerpelt,were the nicest and then had 3 kits me and two sisters Tulip and Rose.when i was 2 moons my father let in some wolves and foxes, 3 of each to be exact, they were begging to be in for they had no food or shelter.My father with his strength he had a flaw, he had forgiveness for those he had fought.He let them in because he was the deputy of the clan.they were fine for a few days then one night while the whole clan was asleep they destroyed our clan and ended all the cats.I woke in the middle of it and my sisters and I seemed to be the only ones alive my sisters faked being dead and weren't caught but when i did i was caught and throw around like a rag we waited for them to leave and once they did i went to find my father thinking he did the same as I but when i got to the warriors den i say he was the worst case of all the cats he was ripped apart and organs spilling out of his stomach. I ran to my sisters and told them what the wolves and foxes had done my sisters had the same plan but i didn't. They retreated into twolegs nest but i stayed in the wild and trained myself how to fight hunt and even heal.

Meeting FiretalonEdit

In my apprentice days i got lonely and searched for food and friends but i had no luck. That was until I went into a owl's nest which still remains there today, there was a owl in the nest in his middle ages he had a broken wing. I patched the owl and when i went hunting i found food for both of us. When his wing was healed i let him free but he came back to me. At the time i was learning what he was saying instead of him squawking i heard words. He was a bird i could have as a friend together me and him made a perfect team which is good because he learned how to catch mice to help out with food. From that day forward he became my partner and my best friend.

Joining BearclanEdit

Now we move out of those days and into the close present. My clan and now who i count as family is Bearclan filled



with fun and heartfelt cats there i made friends. I heard of bearclan and their previous leader skeletonstar who now chases mice in starclan by two cats saying they will be crushed by endless clan if they attack. I asked the two cats who were rouges but never wanted to join a clan who the leader of bearclan was, they said brokenstar so they said there was a cat in the clan previously but had been exile due to breaking the warriors code and their code. he told me about the clan and I quickly went to speak with brokenstar. Brokenstar had sent me to another cat named Rosethorn to ask to join she quickly said yes under one condition she asked me a few questions and gave me a test and after everything she let me in i remember having the biggest smile on my face that day.

Meeting OpalfurEdit

A few moons in the clan and I'm already recognized by many cats and one not being this beautiful cat named Opalfur. She was a strong queen you could already tell by looking at her though she was smaller then me she was taller then almost every cat in the clan. She wanted to go hunting which was strange because a group had just came back from hunting at the time. She then padded up to me and asked to go hunting with me, I accepted to go hunting as strange as it was we came back with tons of prey fish mice voles and even a owl. Let me tell you how we caught the owl this will come to play later. I saw the owl swoop down and take a mouse so I told opalfur to back away and give me a small salmon, she did as so and gave it to me. i threw the salmon onto the iced river and the owl swooped down at it but before it did i aimed the salmon near a bending branch so the owl would fly into it. Once the owl swooped down at it it hit the branch and was knocked out. I took my chance to kill the owl and I did with Opalfur's help. We returned with enough food for a whole moon that day. Later after the hunt i was still awake unlike all the the other cats. Surprisingly Opal came up to the branch I was on and asked me what I was doing I told her I was watching starclan and wondering what they were doing. She decided to tell me about her self and i did to her as well. She then asked me the question i will always remember "Flamescar will you be my mate" she was the only queen that had ever seen something in me and I will always remember that question.

Sleeping with SilverpeltEdit

Now to the present. My clan and friends know that i go off to be alone sometimes but they dont know why. This is the reason why, Silverpelt is home to starclan and I must admit its nice and calm up there so i stay with them and sleep. When i do this or when most cats do this I'm sleeping with my friends and family as if i could feel them around me most cats don't but I do. I call this Sleeping with Silverpelt because I only sleep with starclan and no body else, most cats decide to interrupt me while i do like Shadowkit (Shadowheart) a friend who i like to think of as a little sister or Lonepaw another cat in my clan because they both think i am lonely when i technically am not. That is why I leave to be alone and why I only sleep with silverpelt.

Meeting Moonfrost (goodbye Opalfur) [Third person POV]Edit

"Flamescar I hope your feeling alright after all of this drama between us" "I'm fine Opalfur but i just think its best for you to leave me alone" "Are you sure Flame? I'm starting to think you are feeling a little angry" " I said go away and i mean it, and maybe i am feeling angry but you talking about us doesn't make it better" Flamescar growled "A..alright I'll go if thats what you want." Opal stammered "Thats exactly what i want" he growled then padded off to a peak with a perfect view of silverpelt. He closed his eyes to relax "Four emotions Flame make sure one of the four isn't anger right now" "Hey Flame. Is it ok if i call you that?" said a familiar voice to Flamescar"It's ok Moonfrost you can call me that" he opened his eyes his scarred eye first to look at the smaller she-cat a fox-length away from him "What did you need?" " just wanted to see if you were okay and ask if its ok to ask a few questions..." she said nervously. Moonfrost was a new warrior but that doesn't mean that the two weren't friends, Flame had known her sense she was a apprentice the two were only a few moons apart 6 to be exact "Well what are your questions Moon?" "Huh..oh right i have a lot so i hope you don't mind me staying for a while" she stammered "As long as you don't stay talking till sun-high I'm fine "Ok thank you. My first few questions are about your birth, if its not to personal." "Alright speak away" "Ok so you told me about your clan which was breezeclan but you said it only lasted for your first two moons but you never told me why were you exiled or did you just leave?" "Not the first time some one asks me that. Wolves attacked my clan killing my parents and everyone else except me and my sisters" "Oh i'm sorry for that. Oh right next question you told me you said you trained yourself from kit to warrior and you staid in the forest but what about your sisters?" "They retreated to twoleg nest" "Oh ok, next question is out of birth when you were a apprentice you found a owl who had a broken wing and you patched it up using cobwebs and fed the owl. And you named it firetalon if i can rememberyou used to have him here in the clan where is he now?" "He's... gone he died not to long ago 2 moons i can remember" "Really but how?" "Wolves, he sacrificed himself for me dropped me in a tree and flew away to get rid of the wolves" "I'm so sorry about that. Is it ok if i asked a few more?"Moonfrost looked up at him with a look of sadness and curiosity "Fine" "Ok thank you Flame. That argument down there was that you and her actually saying bye for good it just seems so....odd to see you and her argue like that more or less say your final goodbyes." "Yes it was real she had to affection for me, but i did for her sadly." "Wait i thought you said you had no emotions how would you know how you felt around her?" "I knew because around her i feel two emotions, one i dont know and the other happiness but now all i feel is anger" "Oh ok...I'm sorry if i got to personal with these questions." "What other questions did you have because those aren't the only questions you had, I can tell its a bad habit" "How did you..never mind lets just leave the last questions away because of the whole drama about you and your mate ok" "How come its not like it will change how i feel towards my best friend right?" He said with a small smirk "It might in both answers." she whispered quietly. Flamescar flicked his torn ear "So i only have two answers? How so if its a question about me I should tell you about it fully right?" "Well first how long have we known each other?" she said with a stammering voice "Almost 6 moons now" "Hey you two" said another familiar "Did i interrupt you two" "hello shadowheart did you want to ask me some questions too?" "Huh no i was just going to stay next to you your o friend of mine sense i was a small kit so why not" she stopped and stared at moonfrost "Whats she doing here?" "She was just going to ask me a few more questions right?" Flamescar turned back to Moonfrost "You know Flame you and Moon would look like good mates to be honest i can see myself being a half aunt for your kits" he turned back to his half sister in shock "Don't tease her no she cat has a affection for me not even opal while we were mates" "She's not wrong Flame" "YOU DO" screeched another voice but a unfamiliar voice that time "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LIKED HIM BUT FOR HOW LONG" ok how many shecats are coming to interrupt me Flame thought to himself looking down at a apprentice with a tan sandlike pelt "Sandpaw what are you doing here?" "Oh uh shadow sneaked me in here because personal stuff like that" She flicked her tail high "Anyways how long have you liked him" "Don't tease her!" Flamescar said with a low growl "Almost 4 moons now"Moonfrost said"Don't play along with their joke Moon"He spat "No really i mean it after i seen you save your clan at the cost of your life mostly me and dogpaw but he's gone now but then there were other cats you protected too not even allies or in our clan just rouges that wanted to help. That was my last question. Thats why it only has two answ.." before she could stop Flame interrupted her "Then why wait for so long and not just say it moonfrost? There's my question" "Because...i thought you would just say no right away and reject me all the time and you had Opalfur when i turned a warrior" "Well Moon I think you know the answer i will give you" Flamescar glared at the other two cats around him looking around then returns his gaze back to Moonfrost who's eyes were filled with tears looking down "Yes i will be your mate. I trust you more then a regular cat or any cat at all". And only a few days later with the two Flame has learned a new emotion, love for another other then his clan

For Firetalon [thrid person point of view]Edit

"FIRETALON" the tall tom called out in the forest hoping no other cats will attack him. "Flame its no use he's not around here, come on lets head back we can look later" the medium sized she-cat said to him with a fierce gaze at him "Moon i know you dont have much to know about Firetalon but i do so you can head back but i'm not i will search to the ends of the world for you and him no matter what the cost." the tall brute looked down at his mate with a scared look in his eye's "Fine i will inform rosestar, spiderears,and foxblaze for you ok?" Moonfrost said "Yeah yeah sure you go do that" the tall tom said looking away from his mate and in the air and sky. "Fine go ahead put yourself in danger for your pet!" she said darting off "He's not a pe... she left fine i can find him all by myself" he spat. Flamescar had searched for two days until he had grown tired and hungry "Come on flame do it for your friend your family" he heard a growl from behind him "look at that food for our pack" a wolf spat the wolf's name was Fang one of the wolves that had attacked Flamescar as a kit "what shall we do with him wing?" "I say we kill him and eat him here and now instead of for the pack" the colossal wolf spat "You were the ones that attacked my clan but i know you didn't end my owl where is he!" "your owl huh so you knew we caught him but he escaped i bet if he were here now he would leave you be DEAD!" the wolf jumped at the tom and tried to claw him but he missed and hit the tree Flamescar ran up the tree and jumped to a tall branch he clawed around the branch making it weaker almost about to fall on the wolf "GET DOWN HERE YOU DUMB CAT" wing had spat on the ground "You wish i would but for my owl and my family I WILL NOT DIE TO THE HANDS OF YOU WOLVES!" Flamescar gave the branch one more final swing to the branch and it fell on top of the wolves paralyzing them but not killing them yet. "I told you to go away and i mean it now where is my owl!" one of the wolves spat out blood "You...are nothing like your father you fought back your owl is at our den but he's probably gone by now" he raised his head "I thought you were going to be a problem but you lived anyways" he said with his final breath. Flamescar looked at the dead wolves and left his marking a claw mark on each of their bodies and and cut of their ear, as he padded off to find his owl he heard a deeper growl from behind him he turned slightly and noticed a wolf having his eye's locked on the cat stuck in the bush he glared at the wolf thinking it would attack "what are you looking at you half-brained dog!" he took a second glance at it and noticed something, an arrow sticking out of its back hunters he thought and soon after he saw a arrow go after the cat he ran as fats as he could but it was pointless because soon he fell right in front of the hunter " goodbye my love, my clan, and of course my o..." he was interrupted by a rustle in the trees then seeing a blackish and reddish bird fall out of the sky onto the hunter leaving his talons in his into his eyes killing him but at the cost of his life, the hunter stuck a arrow into its chest. With a emotion Flamescar felt a pain in his chest deep down he knew there was sadness in him once more. "Firetalon is that you?" no response, tears filling his eyes he ran back to his clan past everything and finally leaving no tears in his eyes he entered. Goodbye my loyal friend i hope you are having a good time hunting without me

The Future is looking up (third person)Edit

Flamescar padded into his old den remembering the past times he had as a loner I really missed this place. It brings back memories finding firetalon, visiting my old clan is a snap sense i cleaned this place up he looked around the old den smelling a familiar scent behind him then a heavy weight on his back barely enough to push him down. He looked at his back seeing his mate Moonfur "Hello my did you find me here" he said "Well i obviously followed the scent of fire and trees more or less your scent" she said with a quick lap on his cheek "I'm sorry i haven't been around camp i found out my uncle has not much more time to live but I'm hoping he will be fine." "No worries Moonfrost I understand i'm just happy your here now" he said as he got up "You have gotten heavier how come have you been eating all the mice again" "Well i have been eating a lot Flame especially now" she said with a shy look on her face"Come onI need a rest i have been chasing you for a while now" "Yes but why? More questions you have about me I'm guessing" he said "It's not questions about you only now its about us" Oh no i don't want this to end up like me and Opal i find a cat i love then she leaves me "Well what do you want to ask" "Well Flame we have been mates for a few moons now and i want to ask you something. How do you feel about kits do you like them or no?" she hung her head a little low barely noticeable "I love kits Moon i told you that remember I was never taught how to be a apprentice or warrior i trained myself" he said with a sign of regret I hope she doesn't mind me saying that I had to raise myself "Great Flame. Now next question, so you like kits have you thought of..." she muttered the rest. He twitched his ear "Wow so you worked on being quiet around me i couldn't hear you can you say that louder." He said with a flick of the tail " you feel about being parents?" Flame stopped and stared at her "Odd question but i would love to be a father" "Flame I'm having kits four of them" Moon looked up at her mate with a smile on her face, Flame looked down and wondered "We're having kits?" "Yes Flame we are having kits" he walked back a little the got into a pouncing position, he jumped on her in happiness then he muzzled her "I'm going to be a dad and your going to be a mom" he knew he was happy but deep down he was worried they might turn out like their father scary, anti social, and full of danger but he looked back at his mate and told her he was afraid of that and the reply she had gave him made him burst into tears of joy "I'm sure they will be just like their father strong brave handsome and soft hearted" I might be scary anti-social and dangerous but with my mate i know I am all the things she said as long as i am with my family i will make sure nothing will happen to them for i will put my life in danger for their's

Remembering the pastEdit

"Come on Flamekit open your eye's already!" Rosekit I can't why wont you see that "It takes time Rosekit. Although for our first kits he is taking quite long to open his eyes" "Maybe its his small scar thats holding him back?" Dad i just need some time to develop my eyes. But i think they should be opened by now. Right? Right!"Come on Flame let's see how well you get along with real flames!" "Don't tease him rose!" Flame opened his eye's slowly observing the area around him. He shivered slightly then tried to run to the wall but he was stopped from his mother "Hello my precious kit" she said with a friendly smile and a lick on his ear "Rose Tulip come see your brother" two tiny kits peered over there mother"Woah he's so tall when he's not curled up and look at that tail!" tulip called out "And those teeth they are really sharp!" "Come here Flamekit I might have to take you out now instead of later" Flamekit looked up at his father then nodded following him. Flame looked around the den curiously "Come here little one or should i say big one you are their big brother" his father looked down at him then nudged him into the warrior's den "Aye look an apprentice" a small tom with a missing eye called out "Pfft look at the puny thing who's his mentor because they are doing a terrible job mentoring him" a she-cat insulted him "Bet he wont even last a battle with a mouse" "I bet i can!" "Prove it pathetic excuse for a apprentice!" "He is no apprentice he is a kit. My kit. And now i see how you respond to others coming in our den I'm disappointed in all of you" Ashclaw called out "I expect all of you to clean out the elders den by morning correct?" "yes sir" all the cats said with a groan "I'll have you know he will be a great warrior better then all of you pathetic excuses for warriors" "Oh yeah Ashclaw? Then i bet you will win any battle with any of us or maybe ALL of us!" "Darn right I can!" "Then prove it" the tom said "Fine come at me at once Flamekit get out of the den daddy needs to do something with the sack of crowfood we have here" he nodded and padded out and as soon as he reached the end of the door he heard hissing snarling and growling among the cats. Later his father came out "I stand my point" they padded over to the apprentice den Flame padded in "Is that my new brother?" a tom said "Yup he looks just like me don't he mousepaw?" "Yeah" the apprentice bent down only a little to look at him straight in the eye then he made a smile "He's so cute but are you sure he will be the greatest warrior we have seen" "Positive" as soon as they had said that they heard a howl in the front of the clan that quickly turned into a whimper his father ran over to see what was going on. "Wolves what do you want before we end you all this time not just the badgers and a few foxes!" "We only ask for forgiveness and ask if we can stay here in your clan!" The tom looked down at his leader then nodded "Fine you may stay" "Thank you breezeclan we will not harm anyone! We promise!" "Better not!" the kit looked up at his father then nodded

A moon passes byEdit

Flame kit twitched in his sleep hearing strange sounds from howls to fire crackling to screaming cats he opened his eyes and realized that what he heard is not a dream but real he had seen the wolves surround the warriors den which was burning laughing and howling "We may be wolves but we are just as sly as foxes!" the kit stood and watched in horror as they continued to laugh and howl until one turned around "Look at that a rag doll think we should play with it" "Pl..plea..please don't hurt me" "look at that squeaks to lets play" the wolf picked him up and shook around like a rag doll then threw him to the tree and made his scar worse "Darn the dumb thing broke oh well time to find more food" the wolves padded away from the clan away from all of the corpses of the cats except three living kits those kits were rose tulip and of course flame they each grouped together and suggested 2 things to go to a twolegs nest or to raise themselves. Rose and Tulip chose the twolegs while Flame chose to raise himself. moons and moons he would never find food until he was lucky to find a weak she cat with tons of food the two battled it out for the fresh kill and luckily Flame won he took the food and used some to hunt birds and other animals.

Apprentice ageEdit

How much food do i still even have a lot i know that stupid rouges never learn He thought to himself but he heard a rustle in the tree "WHO'S THERE IM NO TOY SO YOU BETTER BUCK OFF THIS IS MY FOOD NOT YOURS" he called out but there was no response except for a whoo he ran up the tree and uncovered a owl hiding "Hello little one what are you doing here" the owl squawked and stared at him "Your wing is broken i can patch you up" Flame tied cobwebs around the birds wing to make a cast. After that moment the two were best friends hunting fighting and even flying together "You know Fire i think we really should patch this old den up. You go find food anything will be nice i can clean out the dens" the two had learned from each other and even met a few other cats while they were together "Phew a lot of work went into this place rouges, foxes, and even other clan cats trying to attack" the bird let out a whoo "We wont get attacked i put up good defenses brair patches, vines, spiders and more trust me we wont get attacked again not for a long time." the two looked at each other and chuckled then some wolves looking for shelter approached the clan "More dogs....lets kill them." he looked down at the wolves "Fine i will let you in come in." as soon as they tried to walk in they all were stuck in the raps vines tangled them up the brair patches cut them and poisonous spiders bit into them killing each of them. Flame laughed at the pain and agony the wolves showed his owl stared at him thinking he was a psycho but he learned from his past and knew why he was laughing.

Warrior ageEdit

"The time has come Fire i hope you have fun without me. You have found your family now its my turn to find mine" the two nodded at each other then bowed before flame ran away looking out of the owl and into the future and seeing a family, a clan, and other friends on the way but he also saw sadness, happiness, death, birth, traitors, forgivers, and much more My new life starts here from here i will grow into the warrior my clan expected me to be

Visiting the pastEdit

"I have been away from this place my whole life. Its time to make a little visit" Flame padded slowly to the snowy mountain where the battle had taken place. he looked up at he stone with a clan mark graved into it. Flame stopped and stared at the tombstone, surprisingly being filled with a emotion a emotion he has not experienced sense his parents had died, sadness, he had also felt rage but for himself. The winds blew harder onto his fur taking out some fire ashes. He curled up by the stone and he had heard a voice that he hasn't heard sense he was on a attack for his life "Flame so you actually came" he looked up from his fur to see his sister Rose, he looked at her with sadness in his eyes the both of them curled up next to the grave and started to talk "Rose have you hear of Tulip?" "She's dead Flame. Dumb dogs bet they didn't even know how to kill a mouse but they know how to kill a cat?" she cursed the dogs for what they have caused Tulip "I'm really starting to wonder if we even can call ourselves the Scar family dad wanted all of our names to end with scar but it just never happened. You realize that?" the two looked at the grave and both started to cry. They rested their heads on each others and started to cry even more "Sadness this is that feeling right? I'm such a half-brain I even forgot emotions i only have 5 i can use and i wish i had more emotions to feel more. But this is what i get a family of dead cats and now its only us and my mate. I wish i had a normal family like everyone else in Bearclan. I try to fit in but it wont work i can barely even fight another cat." his sister looked up at him and tried to comfort him "My owners wont let me stay with other cats of the opposite gender. I just wish that we could still be with each other." "Wait what?" he blinked and saw that his sister was slowly fading away into some stars "Wait no don't go Rose or I'll be the last of the family!" "Goodbye Flame you really are the best scar on the pelt, one created by a fire and that fire stayed and for that I will stay in star clan. I was never a true kittypet i was here in the forest being a loner it wouldn't have motivated you to keep going on with life you would have stayed with me like i'm the bigger one you are my older brother not the other way around!" she gave him a quick lick on his ear then floated away into the stars and far from Flame. He stopped and sobbed for a full day "Why must it be me to be last why not rose! I blame you all for this! Your whole clan!" he felt a pain on his side that had then felt like a mark a rose or fire. I'm still here Flame we are now one together we will go through our new game called life. It goes on. but we all face the same fate we either get killed or you kill yourself. Make a mark on the stone a Rose for me then make a mark in the snow a Flame where tomorrow you will see roses that are colored a light red and some orange. He did as he was told and in the morning he saw a figure of their favorite story as a kit "The Best cat" and near it were markings written in scar language I hope you remember big bro and now that story will be you. You were the best cat and you still are. He burst into tears yelling "I AM THE BEST SCAR ON THE PELT AND I WILL LIVE UP TO IT." Then and there he saw the battle. The battle between the pack of larger animals against his own clan. The battle that ended with cats winning. But something was different instead of his father yelling out his clan's name and saying is the strongest it was replaced with himself yelling out I am the best cat ever! As soon as it was ended he looked at the grave "I'll meet you guys up ahead were i will continue to be the best cat ever."

Visiting the past (part two)Edit

Flame looked down at the area where his owl had died tears filled his eye's "I wish you were here little bud to see what i have evolved to and what do you think of me now." he turned and bounded off to the snowy mountains, shaking he looked down at the bunch of roses and tulips that were next to the stone with a claw marking on it. "I wish you all were here instead of it just being me only. It's hard down here not as warm or nice as it is up there I bet. But me and my mate are having kits and i know they will enjoy it down here, their names are darkkit, sunkit, firekit, and flowerkit." Flame felt a mark on his pelt a rose on fire, he knew what he was being told to do, he sat down took a deep breath and closed his eyes seeing his sister and father next to each other "Good to see you to again!" Flame said with a huge smile on his face "Good to see you to big bro!" "Yes its very well to see my son grow up into the cat i knew he would be. You look...almost like your father." Ashclaw had said to him "Whats that supposed to mean?" Flamescar said with his ear tilted to his side "It means you have more scars then Any other cat in our family has had. You have twice more then me and your grandfather combined!" he said with a small chuckle. Rose laughed as well but she had laughed harder and even fell on her stomach "More like three times more!" she said laughing even harder "Tease me all you want that just proves i am more of a Scar then both of you!" the two stopped laughing and stared at him "Not funny Flame your the last one of us. Its pretty obvious you are more of a scar." the two said together without missing a single word "How did you two do that?" they did it once more but this time more deeper then before "What the..." they continued to say so until the stars were turning red and their pelts were covered in water "How did you two get wet?" slowly he got up and tried to run but more cats familiar ones came and attacked him until his father and sister caught up to him. A tabby she cat came in a jumped on the two "Flamescar run now!" she yelled at him, he did as he was told and he ran off until another she-cat pounced on him and this one was easily recognized but not so much from what she had previously looked like "Tulip what happened to you, you look destroyed. But i know what you want and i know what to do." he kicked her off with his two hind legs and began to battle with her she started to claw hit and bite him but he felt as if they had fought before, then he remembered they did fight before when they were kits "Learn nothing from your twolegs huh well let you big brother teach you some manners!" he began to rake his claws down her underbelly and down her muzzle but nothing seemed to stop her but when he heard barking from behind him he knew what was going to happen to her. He kicked her in front of the dogs to let them eat her instead of him "I'm sorry tulip but we all have a death point in our life, this part is yours." the same tabby she cat came up to him. Well you know how to take down your nightmares don't you?" "Well it only makes sense she died like that right Mom?" "Yes, right Son. Now come on hurry up and wake up!" she threw a paw at his muzzle to wake him and once she did he looked around and noticed that he had awoke a kit to relive his experience once more.

My only love now gone (goodbye Moon)Edit

Flamescar bounded into the den where he saw his mate "Moonfrost how i missed you!" he pounced on her then rolled with her "Hello Flame!" she said with a smile one her face "Greetings Flamescar" a voice behind them said, the scent he got from the voice was from a different clan, a clan that Flamescar hated, he turned to see who it was and not to his surprise a friend of moon's was there "Crystaltail..." he groaned. Moons smile had faded away. She looked at him and said "Flame we need to talk about Bearclan. Its not fit for me anymore, I was thinking on moving to Rushingclan where it is right for me" "But what about bearclan and the kits?" "The its left bearlcan all of them except for Darkkit. I'm sorry Flame." "Goodbye then Moon." he turned and closed his tear filled eyes and ran off, she caught up to him and yelled "Wait you said where I go you will follow didn't you?" "I did but Rushingclan is off limits for me. I thought i loved you but I just realized that you never loved me back did you!" he ran faster almost in a blur. He crashed on a fallen tree and stumbled down My only love now gone as he thought of that he remembered what her last words were "Find a new mate i know you will!" he curled up and sobbed "Being the last scar on the pelt isn't worth losing my only love!" he turned and saw some death berries "I will wait until my time has come for these berries" he took a branch and put them in his old den "She was never in love with me, this story happened again my love only wanted me to use me." he sat the branch down and watched the berries "Depression and pain or going to starclan with the rest of my family. Either way i would be sad for i don't know what my dream meant"

My only two emotionsEdit

After the moment of Moonfrost, Flame had now been starting to think, on how to get his revenge on that kitty-pet clan and how to get rid of Moon Two emotions now. We will keep them Flame, insanity and anger lets use them on those kitty-pets then we use both of them at the same time on moon. "I know rose." then we burn them down to the darkforest and latch them to every single tree thats in there. "Sounds good to me. When do we start?" We start now Flame burn your fur just a little that makes you a flame then make a full scar across you face that brings out the scar. He nodded and did as she said. First he did his fur but when he did it there was no more of a difference. Then he did the scar he went through briar patches to find a perfect thorn once he did he started to shake his face and muzzle. Yes Flamescar, do it make more destruction. He started laughing insanely "Oh get ready Rushingclan I'm not holding back anymore! And once i'm done with them it'll be Moonfrost's turn."

Losing more familyEdit

Flamescar sighed as his ears started to droop down some more "At least i have some family left." as soon as he said that darkkit padded up to him "Daddy!" "Hello darkkit. Wait why aren't you in the nursery?" "Well i am a moon now." "Yes i know that but your out of camp." "Oh....right, well i kinda, maybe, sorta sneak out sometimes. Hey how do feel about shadow?" "What about her?" "Well she left bearclan but Wolf and Hazel stayed" "She did!" his ears drooped down more "Why?" "She felt as if she wasen't wanted in Bearclan let alone the forest" tears filled his eyes See that Flame no cat is staying in bearclan but we are. We are in a great clan "Right, we are but its family Rose." She isn't really family just someone you say is but really they are just a good friend "What else do i have?" "Who are you talking too daddy?" he looked down at her "No one sweetie. Just i wont be heading back for a little and if i do Puddlepaw needs to be there for me to go" "Okay dad" she ran back to the clan Losing more family I see? Well then we obviously cant call them family "yes we can. Thats like saying our father isn't our family" Theres no proof he really his "We have his pelt and the same length of fur!" Flame look at us, they aren't family we are family "Bearclan is family" I know they are but anyone who leaves it isn't "Well then looks like we need a new mate huh?" Thats your job. I'm only here so you don't cause to much trouble "Your the one who causes trouble!" Yeah i know. But i think its kinda weird that i'm in your head "Yeah well i find it weird i have two different colored eyes" as he snapped back into reality he looked around remembering that moonfrost isn't around, he sighed and looked down "More family gone. What a shocker."

Meeting Cloudflight ( my fifth emotion )Edit

Flame sighed looking down at his paws as he repeated the word "Cheerful, cheerful, cheerful" before he could countinue out of the corner of his eye he saw that his friend Cloudflight came in to see him "Hey Flame. Why are you locked up alone in the warriors den?" "I felt like relaxing" "Flame your scar is bleeding" "Alot.." "No just a little" Flame padded to the medcats den as he entered he took some moss and cobwebs "Mind wrapping this for me Ender?" "Sure thing Dagger."  Flame nodded an waited for her to do so. "So Flame, where did you get this scar from?" "I was born with it but it was made worse by wolves." "Mmhmm. Oh what happened to Moonfrost?" Flamescar growled at the name "A halfbrained kittypet badgerbreath Shecat like her left to join Rushingclan to join her friends instead of me." he growled at the thought of her "Hey dont worry a she cat like her doesnt deserve a tom like you" he sighed "Fine" she looked at him straight in the eyes "Is it to tight or loose?" "Its fine thanks." two other cats padded into the den looking at Cloudflight "Hey cloud, you ready to go?" said the shecat. "Hi Flame, or is it Dagger? I'm super counfused about the cats names here." "Yeah its so hard to remember all of them" said the tom next to her. "It's both. Brightpath gave me the name Dagger." "Oh ok. Well are you Cloud?" "Yeah I'm coming see ya Flamescar" "Bye" he said with a small sigh as the three padded out he heard them talk. "So what do you guys want to do?" "I dont know. What about you Cloud.... Cloudflight. Bearclan to Cloud you there?" "Hmm oh uhh... i dont know either." a sigh came over the two other cats "Come on" a sigh went over flame as he padded out of the den "Woah what happened Flame a cat claw your eye out or something?" "No. My scar bleeds sometimes because of the wolf attack but im fine right now." he looked down at the kit that was entering the medcats den "Why are you going in there Meadowkit." "I was uhh... going to check on you." another sigh came over Flamescar Flame calm down its just a kit "I'm ok with that but your still trying to think over me sis" Oh yeah. He quickly padded off to the warriors den and before he could relax once again he was interupted "Hey Flame can we talk for a second." he turned and saw the tom from earlier "Yeah sure Bonsai" the two padded out of the camp "Does python know we are here?" "Yes he does know." "Ok but whe-" he was interupted by the tom turning "Do you like Cloudflight?" "Wait what! why would you ask that Bonsai?" "Because she likes you. Wait no she LOVES you. Thats why I asked you." "I can't answer that!" "Why not? Here answer this, do you think she is pretty?" he stammered his answer "Ye-yes" "Then you do" Flame sighed "I dont think you understand Bonsai just because I-" again he was interupted "Look she is going to have plans with you, she will ask you to go with her to somewhere ALONE, then she will talk to you some more then she will come out and ask you. I'm telling you this so you can aks her first Flame." he sighed once more "Bonsai thanks for the joke but this isnt funny"  he bounded back and then he saw Cloud standing there "What did he tell you!" "Nothing Cloud dont worry" then the shecat pounced on him "Come on Flame" "No wait Moose not you too." the shecat pulled him back to bonsai and asked again the same questions until she asked "Flame how was your past mate? Was she nice?" "No she was awful at the end" "Well like Cloud told you earlier 'A shecat like her doesnt deserve a tom like you' so do you like her?" "He does Moose." "Good then ask her before she asks you!" "Look this isnt funny. Now stop picking on Cloud i already realised no shecat likes me. The past two i had used me for someone else!" the two other cats sighed before they could say anything they heard another cat crying then all three at once shouted "Cloud!" they all ran and followed the crying until they couldnt hear it no more "We lost her." Bonsai had said with a sad sigh "No we didnt she's that way!" Flame ran to the sound of her crying until he tripped and rolled on to her "Cloud are you ok?" "Flame! How did you find me?!" "I heard you cry. Dont worry i know they were just trying to make fun of you but there's no reason to cry about it." "No Flame they werent joking." she sniffed "I really do." the fur on his neck bristled "Your not trying to get back at another tom?" "Flame I never had a mate and besides no other cats talk to me other then Moose and Bonsai. Your the only other tom that talks to me without it being strange."  "Well then...what were you planning?" "Flamescar wait!" the two other cats interupted the two "Well Flame it seems as if you dont want a new mate again. So i'll just stick to us being friends" before she could leave him he grabbed her paw to stop her "No i really do want another. Just i want one who wont leave, and seeing this, it looks like you really do like me so then i'll ask first. Will you please be my mate cloudlflight?" and of course she said yes wih a pounce on Flame and a lap on the ear. There Flame lost a emotion and gained one as well he lost insanity and gained loveable once again

A glimpse of the saddest moment​Edit

Flame bounded into the warriors den ready to rest from the training session with Meadow, he slide down onto his stomach about to fall asleep, until he heard a loud cry, Flame looked up and saw another crying queen running past the warriors den  "Oh no what happened to Dewfall? Broken i need a explanation to what happened, so i can try to cheer her up." "We were just informed about our kits death Flame, Finch died but we don't know how he did though" "We've had enough deathes in this clan, and now we get a kits death." the two toms were interrupted by a move between them almost as if a apprentice came between the two "Flamescar what's going on?" "Nothing i can take care of Cloud, the only thing I can do is hope for luck in this clan, right now we need that for all the deathes so far we have had, and even worse a kit's death." he looked down at his mate "How have our kits been doing?" "All of them are well except Darkpaw, she hasent been around me or any of the kits." "Nor has she been around me, Celtic is informing other warriors to train her other then her own mentor, sometimes i wonder if she's sick or ill." "I agree, but right now I need to rest, get some time for myself instead of always being out here trying to solve problems. Even though i want to solve this one, I can't figure out this one." he bounded off to the warriors den and curled up into the nest filled with moss. as he fell into a deep sleep he found himself in a dream, a dream he wouldn't forget, a dream of the saddest moment in his life, his death. He saw dogs surronding him with a twoleg in the back of them screaming at the dogs he watched in fear of what his demise would come too. he saw all the dogs charge at him but that wasen't the end of his death seeing the dogs hit him towards the end of a cliff but he realised the cliff had been a faulty floor where if the dogs were there they would have fallen. as the dogs countinued to charge at him he unsheathed his claws digging into the sandy floor, then they jumped at him, as the dogs hit the floor the twoleg, Flame, and the dogs were falling all at once, but thats not what cause his death, what caused his death was the dogs ripping him into peices like a cat with the fur of a mouse, just worse. and there he woke up in a jump then started to shaking his head to gte rid of the unforgetable memory "Thats not going to happen to me, as long as I have my Clan and my family i won't die like that" or so he thought....

No body stops the fun without some Flame

Flame watched the forest from above "Wow this place has changed A LOT! Voidfur must have tons of fun killing all of that prey. I only get mice" He sighed "Flame please, you always used take stuff from us!" Scarlet told him "Yeah but that was because everyone used to steal my mice, I never WANTED to take any of the food" He assured her Scarlet watched the ground with Flame "So how's Void doing?" She asked as Blizzard followed behind her "He's doing better then I ever did, he even got to a deputy rank! I barely got passed elite." He said his stary ears flattening "Well you did go insane" Blizzard told them "Yeah but I mean I'm fine now aren't I? Heck even Void went insane, like even more insane then ME! You said he went insane because of a flood, right?" He asked Blizzard. He nodded "He's afraid of water, he nearly killed some kits in panic." He said still worried for him "Well he's overcomed that fear. Look at him! He's even killed his family, Solar, Arc, and the underground cats." He said as he stared at him admiring how he took his advice "What about Obsidian?" Scarlet said then instantly regretting it "We do not speak of Obsidian, he is no longer a cat, he is a kittypet and will die soon. I want him dead and I know Void is already on that one. You know he's only had two mates? And he's only loved one of them? He said he loves Jade so much that he would run through the dark forest 10 times and back just to see her, not even to talk to her just to see her." He looked at him then flattened his ears "He already has a better love life then I ever had" He said. Blizzard looked at him "I wasn't surprised when Creek died, honestly we barely talked, and when we did talk she wanted kits. I was never ready to be a father." He said and held his head proud "I was never disappointed with Void, he's an amazing cat, and he deserves the life he lives. I bet he'll never forget about any of us!" he said in encouragement. Flame smiled and looked at Scarlet and him "He'll never forget about anyone, not even the people he just met."

Skill scale

Hunting: 7.5/10


​Loyalty: 10/10

Intelligence: 8/10

​Friendly: 9/10

Swag and other cool things about Flame: INFINTE/10







Current Clan: Starclan

Current Mate: None

Current apprentice: None

Parents: father Ashclaw and mother Flowerpelt

Kits: Darkkit(Full kitten), Brackenpaw(Stepkit),Sagepaw(Stepkit),Mothpaw(Stepkit) [apprentice}

Current health : Dead

Signature moves: Flameclaws, Firebreather, Ashkick

Appearance : A tall tom with a dark pelt with russet markings on his body and scar on his oddly different colored eye

Type of cat: Maine coon mix

Age: 32 moons 

Body features : long sharp and somewhat curved claws and a long spiky tail

Abilities : Can see twice as good as a normal cat, his different colored eye can scare off any thing smaller then him in the shadows or night, his claws can make a small flame (hence the name Flamescar), and he is a very good swimmer/ tree climber

Disabilites: Due to his scared eye he cant see well on that eye (but only that eye), due to him not having his parents for most of his life he has little emotions feeling almost nothing (emotionally), due to him swimming and tree climbing he is adventurous (too much) this makes him more likely to see prey unless predators see him first, He is very vulnerable in the forest, most of the time occasionally he will remember his past making him feel one of his 5 emotions fear (read description)

Kin : Rose, Tulip, Ashscar, Skeletonscar

Half-kin (half siblings) : Shadowheart

Some other things about Flame- He doesn't have the best memory but he remembers things that have happened negatively to him but he also remember the really positive things as well, for example his past as a kit and when he met Moonfrost, He can see starclan cats in his dreams like his sister and father, Surprisingly he is very loyal to those who actually follow him through his struggles but he doesn't for people who don't care about him at all meaning he will risk his life for his clan and his best friends no matter the clan, Flame has a light in him meaning there is something in him that most cats see but he doesn't at all, He has a high risk of getting in danger before other cats meaning he is great bait for danger, his love for his mate is more then the love for his clan and family, he's not the best at decisions so he will let someone of a higher rank pick for him in mostly everything, although he likes swimming he likes it for more then just one reason, for food, for cleaning his pelt, and for enjoyment, Flame likes to count his scars (strange a little) because he sometimes falls asleep then somehow gets a new one (so far he has 27 small scars barely noticeable), When Flamescar thinks he either curls his tail, covers his paws, or bats at his tail.





mate and family




The sun


dark forest

killing friendly cats





The moon


Nicknames - Flamefrost, Flame, Dagger

Different StoriesEdit

Ok so those who are reading thank you, so some may know I love Undertale (hate on it I don't care but I do.) I have decided my own try on that kind of thing (The AUS and Original) so this is where you can find them! As of right now only two people can edit this. But hopefully I can get more :3 -_Voidfur/Bone_-


P.S. Goodluck with the puzzles! 

Human universeEdit

Voidfur walked to the warrior room. "They always got to ruin a day off don't they, we can't have a sit down day where we don't have to worry about anything!" He said before he sat in his bed. and stared at the ceiling, staring off into space. "I guess space isn't so bad when it comes to A-Voiding it!" He chuckled at his own pun but then went back to staring. Slowly he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep."Wake up lazy bones!" Called a familiar female voice "Jade I'm trying to sleep you know!" He said with a angry tone "On a bench?" Slowly he opened his eyes and looked where he slept at. "Uh...I thought I was in bed." "Sure you did wise one, come on Blizz already asked for you!"


Jadewing crossed her arms and tapped her foot. "Unless you want me to FORCE you to come, get up!" Voidfur groaned before getting off the bench and walking out to the clearing room. A tall pale skinned, light grey colored hair male chuckled, "I see you were able to get him up, Jadewing." Jadewing smirked, looking at Voidfur, "Of course I was! He's lucky I didn't have to shove him off the bench." Voidfur rolled his eyes before looking to the other male, "So, Blizzardstar, why did you need me?" "Well, I actually need to talk to both of you."


Blizzardstar chuckled lightly as they both looked confused and he slapped his knee lightly before looking upwards at the two before saying, "I haven't spoken to you guys in a while, so I thought we should, aye?" Both of them seemed to sigh in relief due to Blizzardstar's face being dark at first. "So, I was thinking of trying to trick Skyfeather." Blizzardstar said as he sat down on the ground, pointing at the ground before drawing it out with a stick her just picked up. "Okay, what do we need to do?" Jadewing asked, cocking her head to the left slightly. "That's a good question, Jade. You'll be doing your best to keep him away from me all day. Think that's doable?" He questioned, looking up after drawing stick figures in the ground of them all, including Skyfeather. "How should we keep him distracted, and what are you going to be doing?" Voidfur asked Blizzardstar, locking eyes with him, his gaze having a confused gleam, and Blizzard having a wicked gleam in his, "Yet another good question, Void! You can distract him however you'd like." Blizzardstar got up, dusting himself off gingerly before looking back up, a smirk on his face, "The rest is top secret." He lightly winked before walking around them and out of his room.


Voidfur grinned a evil grin, Jade looked up to him. "What are you going to do?" She looked up at him in a questioned look "Oh Jade do not worry, for I have a perfect way to get his attention! In so happen to have water guns and ballons in my room under my bed!" He said in a proud way. "Yeah you also have loneliness, sadness, grief, and idioticy." Jade had said sarcastically "Yup! Now let's go!" He pointed out the door and left with his room key in hand. As they entered his room and got the water guns Jade had questioned, "Why the heck do you even have these things?" "I like to prank you know that!" Voidfur said with a evil girn.


"I should have expected this from you, Voidfur." Jadewing sighed and grabbed a water gun. "I better not get in trouble for this. There's no way I'm getting demoted for something like this." Voidfur chuckled, looking over to Jadewing. "You aren't getting in trouble. Blizzardstar told us to distract Skyfeather, and we are going to this way! If you want to do it a different way, that's fine." He sighed and slowly began to set down the water guns. "I really hate you sometimes, Voidfur. Pick up your toys and let's go already." Jadewing glared at him and walked out of his room. Voidfur let out a childish giggle, grabbed his water guns and quickly followed Jadewing out.


3 months later


"VOIDFUR SINCE YOU HAVE LISTENED TO OUR REQUESTS TO STOP SMOKING WE HAVE TO MOVE TO DRASTIC MEASURES!" Voidfur had read the note with the voice of Jade and Blizzard in his head while reading the note on the refrigerator. He chuckled and said "Oh... andd what will that be if I don't?" as he said that he felt little drops of water fall on his head. He looked up and saw Jade and Blizzard with a tub of water. "Oh....s-" he had said as water was poured on him "We warned you Voidfur!" the two had called cheerfully and ran "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" he said as he rushed out of the door thinking of a plan to get the two back but as he did he heard a lovely voice, if that lovely voice was filled with rage and screaming, "Voidfur! How did you make this mess!" His mate had said. "Uh... if I told you the truth you wouldn't believe me..." "Say the truth! And don't lie!" Wind had said in an angry tone "First off I love you too, second off Blizzard and Jade dunked water on me, thats why I'm wet" Void had said with a smile turning into a feared smiled as Wind stared him down "You failed me Void, you lied to me!" "No I didn't Wind I swear!" he said as she went to the refrigerator "No, no, no wait!" he said as cold water was dumped on her from Blizzard and Jade. "Sorry Wind!" she looked up at them then looked at Void, she sighed and hugged him "I thought this was another lie, I hope that pasta one was the truth too." She said as she hugged even tighter he hugged her back "Yes the pasta thing was real, the rats did take it to their little outside house, in the woods, across a rainbow." He said as he widened his eyes. Voidfur had quickly dried the tiled floor to make sure no one got hurt.


Jadewing jumped down, Blizzardstar following her as they laughed. "We warned you, Voidfur. Oh yeah, sorry about that, Windtail, we thought Voidfur was coming back for more." Jadewing snickered before walking out. "Sorry, Voidfur, this was Jadewing's idea." Blizzardstar patted Voidfur on the back before following Jadewing out. A smirk stretched across Voidfur's face as he walked over to Windtail. "Would you like to help me with a little revenge? Follow me, I have an idea." Voidfur ran out of the room, with Windtail walking behind him.


As Voidfur wasplanning the prank Windtail had asked a question which Voidfur had wanted to forget about in time "Hey Void, why didn't you freak out when Sk- I mean Riot left Bearclan?" She hugged him as she was lying on his back with her arms around him and her feet dangling in the air. "Well Riot was a friend who stayed in Bearclan for a long and the only reason I did, hate to admit it, cry was because I got something in my eye, I think it was a eyelash." Void had said as he slowly set her down. "No, I remember Sky packed up and left and you were waving so I asked 'Are you crying?' and you said 'No I just got something in my eyes' and then I asked what was it and then you replied 'TEARS!"


Void took out his cell phone and called Blizzard "Hey Blizz, before you step down I though me, you, and Jade can go out for lunch for the next couple of days. I can pay for all of us all those days." Void had waited for a responce from Blizzard "Where are we going? Oh I thought maybe that new place, Muffet and Grillb's, they have girlled food, burgers, fries, pizza, and pastries." He replied to his question "So it's a deal? Great!" He closed his phone and looked at Wind. "No pranks yet, when he returns from his last day being leader the prank is a go so make sure the giant water balloon is in the isolation tank so it stays cold."  He told her. Wind nodded and slowly put the balloon in the tank "So why can't I come?" Wind asked "Well the three of us use to plan on doing this, going out to for food in celebration or rememberence of one another, and now that we are all able to go to that place I can pay for all of them because I'm the oldest. They're like sibilings to me, and thats why I care for them so much." He hugged Wind before he went to the entrance of the clan. He slowly walked to his car to pick up Blizzard and Jade.


"Ok ladies say bye to the group I already got a reservation at the resturant." Void called for them "Shut it Void!" Jade said as she walked into the back of the car


Once in the car, Jadewing flicked Voidfur on the ear. "Hey! What was that for!?" Voidfur hissed, starting up the car. "I don't get to sit in the front, that's why. Also, just for fun." Jadewing smirked, sitting in the middle back seat. She began adjusting the black dress she was wearing. "I can't believe Sunstrike made me wear this dress. I mean, yes, this is for Blizzardstar stepping down, but seriously, I don't need to wear a dress." Jadewing grabbed black leggings and a leather jacket out of her bag. "If either of you look back here, you're dead." Voidfur quietly snickered, Blizzardstar flicking him for Jadewing, as she slipped on the leggings and jacket. "There, better. Are we there yet? I'm getting hungry and I haven't eaten all day." Voidfur pulled into a lot, parking in the middle. "Now we are."


In the resturant Void told the waiter a reservation for three "Yes Voidfur right this way." The waiter lead them to their table. As they were walking Jade noticed that some reservation rooms had no smoking and some were smoking "Void did you book a reservation in the smoking section?!" Jade had questioned him with an angry tone "Yes I did because they serve the meals extar fast so they don't breath in the stuff don't worry there's one seat where I can blow some steam off." he said as he kept walking. The waiter opened them to their reservated room and handed out the menues. Void pulled the waiter down "Make this thing extra quick and I'll tip ya a hundred bucks. Got it sweet pea? Good." he whispered to him. Void put his hand in his pocket to reach for his pack, but there wasn't anything. "Ha ha Jade, very funny." "Your rigt there buddy, plus you're not going to be smoking while we're eating nitwit!" Jade had stared at him. "Calm down guys, I just want to have this dinner to us and no fighting now sit down and eat."


A month later


"Void come on, let's go." Wind told him with a pat on the back "Lunar and Rain are waiting for us." Void sat in frount of the grave motionless "Just a little more..." he asked Wind nodded "I'm going home ok, the kids are in the nursery by themselves." she said as she walked home. Void sat and blamed himself for the death. He heard foot steps walking up to him "Still here huh?" Sun had asked him "I'm not up for talking Starstar" he said his eyes still locked on the grave "Well Jade is waiting for you and so is everybody else, are you going to stay here and mourn? Or are you coming for food?" "I'm staying here" "Of course you are" She said as she walked back.


Jadewing picked at her food, her appetite was gone. She looked around at all the others, her gaze stopping at where Voidfur usually sat, right next to Windtail and their kits. She made eye contact with Windtail, getting a small nod in response before Windtail turned to Lunarkit. Jadewing sighed before standing up. "I'll be back, I need to go check on him." She told the others before walking out to where she saw Voidfur, sitting in front of Blizzardstar's grave. She walked over and kneeled next to him, staring at the grave. "I miss him too, Voidfur, but everyone's worried about you. I'm not going to tell you to get over it, or that everything is all right, because I'm not over it, and right now I'm not feeling all right. All I can tell you is," She paused as she closed her eyes, a couple tears falling from them. "All I can tell you is that he's in a better place, and that he's waiting for us for when it's our time." Voidfur looked over to Jadewing, the first time his eyes left the grave since she had came. He tilted his head a little bit before scooching closer to her and wraping his arms around her. "I know it's been hard for you as well, Jadewing. You may not show it, but I can tell with you. You're like my little sister, so I should be the one to be comforting you, and worrying about you, not the other way around." He sighed, patting her head a couple time before moving back over to his spot. Jadewing looked back up, wiping her tears as she looked back to the grave. "It's fine, really. I should probably be heading back, I don't want the clan worrying about me." She got up, giving Voidfur a quick hug before walking back to the others, her chin high with a smile on her face, as if nothing was wrong.


Void stood up picked up his pack of cigars and watched the grave "Well Blizzard I'm heading out, if I see a rouge I wont hurt them until they give me a reason not to. See you brother." he said as he bounded away from the grave. Void left the clan house and went for a walk down to a pub "What do you want Void, water?" The tender said with a chuckle "Your funny, you know what I want." He said with an annoyed tone as the bartender gave him a drink. "So whats the details?" He asked to Void "Friend died." "Yeech, thats not so good." "Your telling me! He's been around since I joined the clan. And all for a hunting trip, crushed by rocks. I doubt the reason he died was because of him falling and rocks falling though. I just dont know what else."


Shade entered the bar and walked up to Void to sit next to him "How you handling everything?" He asked in a questionable tone. "I'm handling everything just fine, no Wind or Blizzard can knock me down forever. Hey Tender give my friend a drink aye?" He told him as he changed his direction of speech "I'm surprised, I thought you wouldn't be sober when I got here." he said with a soft chuckle and a pat on the back. "Who says I am sober!" he said with his fist clenched and him hitting the table "I'm fine thats all we need to know! Nothing else!"  "Woah take it easy buddy, just because you have some drunken irish in you doesn't mean to flip out on everybody." Shade sad as he picked up the glass "Cheers" he said before he took a swig of his drink. Void looked at his drink and down at his hands, he chuckled "Burnt hands say you've killed some, what a lie right?" He said with a hard chuckle "Ok Void, let's get our drinks and go home, how 'bout it?" He said as he tried comforting him "Ok, I wanna go home." He said with a sad tone and a nod


Jadewing looked up from her untouched plate, everyone else gone except Sunstar, who had moved from her regular seat to next to Jadewing. "Let me guess, you've come here to tease me again. I'm not in the mood right now, I just want to be alone." Jadewing huffed, looking back to the table. "No, I haven't come to tease you. It may be fun, but I know when it's acceptable and when it's not. Right now I'm here to be with you, whether you want to talk or not." Jadewing nodded, still staring at the table. "I'm just worried about Voidfur. I don't want him hurting himself more than he already is, and with Blizzardstar leaving, I'm all most for sure he will be. He's like a brother to me, and I hate seeing him like this." Sunstar quietly hummed for a minute before looking at Jadewing. "You should do something to get your mind off of it. Go out and have some fun or something. I better get going, make sure a patrol has been sent out. I'm here if you need me, all right?" Sunstar got up, walking away and into the clearing. Jadewing watched her as she left, a small sigh escaping her. "She's right, I have to find something to get my mind off the worrying. The only problem is, what is that thing?"


Jade stood up and slowly bounded out of the room "I'm going for a walk, I'll be back soon." She told everyone. Void and Shade saw her leaving, but both shrugged it off "Wonder where she's going." Shade asked but they both shrugged before seperating. Jade walked down a few blocks thinking about Void and what has recently happened to him, like him and Wind seperating and the recent apprentice promotions. She looked at the signs and soon realized she was out of her regualr walking route and instead a terrible, terrible, part of town. She slowly turned around before she was pulled into an alley "Where do you think your going, sweetie?!" The robber told her "I...I'm going back to my clan!" She said in a frantic way "Not on my watch! now hand it all over!" he said aiming a gun at her. After dening to give him anything he snikered then slowly pulled the trigger, "Die!" but after he shot the gun she was unharmed, as for another was not. Void held his arm where the bullet hit him. "So you want to try and kill my sister huh? Well then" he cracked his neck "Let's start off with me first!" He said before throwing a punch and an attempt to take the gun. The robber dropped it and ran. "Yeah, better run!" He said before collapsing on the ground. She ran up to him "Void are you ok! Come on say something!" She said through some tears "Yeah...I'm fine, are you hurt?" He told her trying to convince her that he was completely fine. She nodded "Come on! We gotta take you back to camp!" she said before picking him up on his feet as they slowly walked to camp.


Void rested on a recovery bed all wraped up. Jade looked at him with an emotionless face. "Jade are you ok? I dont want a medic getting hurt." he said trying to make sure he protected her. "If your hurt then I didn't do my job." "No, I'm fine. Thanks for saving me earlier Void, I...I needed you back there." she said as she made her hands into fists. "Hey don't worry about it Jade, as long as you're fine." he said with a smile "If something did happen to you I don't know what I would've done with myself." Jade had tears roll down her face at those words. "You would've kept going on with life, duh." She said trying to hide her reaction. Void remained emotionless "I dont think I would..." he said as he looked at his hands. Jade took his hands and clenteched on them as hard as she can. "Void promise me you'll stay safe! I dont want you getting hurt anymore!" She scolded at him in saddness. He watched her and smiled "If I have to stay safe means I can't protect you, then I wont promise you." He said with a smile. Jade watched him with tears rolling down her face before she hugged him tightly. "You're such an idiot!" she said confused with her emotions. He returned to her with "I know I am. But I love you like a sister so it's my job as a br-" she interrupted him "I think you're more then a brother to me Void. And I think I will always love you more."


Only a week later Void was already patched up and back in his--their--room. He set down his music equipment and started to set everything up. "Void are you sure you want us to stay in a room? I'm okay if you don't" Jade said as she brought her bag into the new room. Void nodded "I'm okay with buying a new room closer to both of our work places." he turned to her with a smile. Jade smiled at him and nodded "Alright, if its ok with you! So why did you buy this stuff?" She said as she pointed out his equipment. "Oh I see you noticed already, don't worry, I thought I can make a few extra bucks if I did some more music, I used to dj all the time. I stopped because I wanted to watch over everyone. But I need to make a little more money so that way I can pay for a bunch of things." he said as he was fixing everything "All right Void, I'm going to unpack." She said as she walked to their room. "Don't worry I can do it for you if you want" He offered to her. "No I got it Voidy" She said but soon realized what she had said as her face looked embarrassed. "So I'm Voidy now? I like that nickname." He said with a nod and a smile trying not to embarrass her. Jade sigghed in relief before entering the room. She set her stuff down and took a break. "I don't remember moving having to make me use up so much time and energy." She said with a sigh. Void walked into the room. "I finished setting everything up, and we still have time to spare. So what do you wanna do? Go out to eat? Stay here, or do something else?" He asked her looking at his watch "I dunno, what do you wanna do?" She asked him instead of the other way around. "Stay next to you." he said looking up from his watch and at her. She smiled "Then let's just relax here, we can ask someone to bring up some food. Think Lunar would do that?" She asked him. He nodded "She will, what do you want?" he asked getting out his phone. "I think a a steak, but a small one." She told him "Medium rare?" "Yeah that sounds good." She nodded in delight. "Alright, I'll give a call to Lunar, maybe she can bring up Adder so they can see the new room, it is pretty big for one of the rooms we used to be in." he said as he dialed Lunar's number. Even without speaker on Jade could hear Lunar say "DADDY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? I HEARD LAST WEEK YOU GOT SHOT! ARE YOU IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE?! DO I HAVE TO GET ERROR AND ADDER? ARE YOU BREATHING FINE?!" The little girl screamed. Jade smiled and chuckled while Void sighed and snickered "Yes I am! I need you to bring up Adder and two steaks both medium rare and one bigger then the other! I think I may have broken my arm! Get Jade I think she's in room 134U Go there now! Before it's too late!" He said with a chuckle. "Ok daddy we're coming!" She said as she hung up and ran. "She adores you too much." Jade said as she crossed her arms and shook her head. "Yeah but she adores you more, once I called her because you scraped your knee, in the medics room. I told her to run over to your room to see if she could get some band aids, and she ran right in there and found absolutely nothing." He looked at her and smiled sitting down next to her. He put his arm around her hugging her "I bet we're going to be the happiest we've ever been Jade, I'm sure of it." he said that before a knock on the door "Adder, Error, come on we gotta get Jade so she can go see daddy!" "But why does he need steaks?" "You dare question my daddy's orders! How could you do such a thing Adder!?" Jade sighed "Coming girls." She stood and opened the door. "Come in." "Not now Jade my daddy is in trouble come on!" She said stomping on the ground with the plate in her hands, and her food in a box and clinged to her hip. "Oh good foods here!" Void said walking up behind Jade. "Come on in girls, and set your food on the table." he held Jades hand and smiled "I'm fine Lunar, you didn't need to worry about me so much, just me and Jade needed our time to unpack our stuff in our new room, err, apartment." He told them assuring that he was fine. Lunar sighed in relief. "I forgot that you and Jade got together, alright let us see!" she demanded as she walked in the room and set their food down. "Wow this place is huge! But why did you guys move into this place? I thought you guys liked the one by clearing more?" She asked them "We did, but we wanted a place closer to both of our workplaces." Jade had told them "And I think this would fit our life style better." Void pointed out before they all sat down and ate


Little universe (kits)Edit

"Void, c'mon! I'm bored! Why won't you wake up!?" Void turned onto his other side and groaned, "Jade, leave me alone... It's the middle of the night, and I need to sleep... So do you..." Jade huffed and laid down, resting her head on her paws, "I'm not tired." Void looked over at Jade with both his eyes open. "Go bother Blizzard, or someone else. I'll talk to you in the morning." Jade got to her paws and padded over to Blizzard, nudging him. "Blizzard, wake up, I'm bored." Blizzard slightly snored, showing he wasn't waking up until morning. Jade padded back over to near Void and laid down, staring up at the stars until she fell asleep.


After the sun rose to the sky Void and Blizzard were wide awake, as for Jade. "Nooo! I don't wanna wake up! I'm still tired!" Jade complained "Come on Jade wake up!" Void had said trying to drag her out of the den "You have to wake up Jade." Blizzard had said "Nooo! I want to sleep!" Jade had still had her claws stuck in her bed


It took Void, Blizzard, and Wind to pry Jadeout of her bed and drag her out of the den. Jade laid back down out the the clearing. "I'm too tired to do anything!" Blizzard sighed staring at Jade. "Then maybe you should have slept last night, instead of bothering us." Jade shot a glare at him, slowly rising to her paws. "Well, if I must explain, last night I wasn't tired. Now I am." Void shook his head. "Tsk tsk, Jade. I told you to sleep, but did you listen? I don't think so." He turned around and padded away. Wind tilted her head, looking at Jade. "Jade, you need to sleep more at night, and not during the day. The day is when we have to do stuff, night is when we're supposed to sleep." Jade rolled her eyes. "Night is funner! I mean, the day is so bright." She squinted at the sun, trying to make a point. "But the night is so dark, and mysterious. It's amazing!" Blizzard's ears perked as he heard his voice being called. "Wind, c'mon. She'll learn some day." Blizzard and Wind turned and padded away, leaving Jade in the middle of the clearing as she yawned, laying back down.


Jade huffed, scanning the clearing with her emerald eyes. She got to her paws with a frown, padding back to her den. She sat down in her nest, yawning. Void padded in, chuckling. "I see you finally got up." Jade glared at him, pouting. "Yes, I did. Now, what did you want?" Void lightly snickered, padding over and sitting next to her. "Can't I come hang out with you? You know you love me." He winked at her with a smirk as she turned the other way. "Shut your muzzle, would you?" He licked her forehead, lightly purring. "Fine, I'll be quiet." Jade turned the other way, trying to hide her embaressment. Void curled his tail around hers, closing his eyes, just sitting by her. Jade looked over to him, a small smile on her face as she leaned up against him, closing her eyes while lightly purring.


After a while, Jade had fallen asleep, laying on the nest next to Void. He opened his eyes, quietly chuckling before beginning to pad out of the den. He looked back at Jade, padding back over and licking her on the forehead before leaving the den. Jade woke up as he left, a small frown on her face. She sat up, squinting her eyes at the wall before standing up. She parted her jaws, following his scent to the prey pile. "Why'd you leave?" She whined, yawning. "I have to eat before I go out on patrol. I'm not leaving yet, but soon." He picked up a plump bird, padding to a place in the clearing where he sat down, biting into it. Jade followed after him, sitting down beside him. "You want some? You should probably eat." Void nudged the bird by her. "No, I'm not hungry. You go ahead and eat it." Void frowned at her, nudging it closer. "Jade, I know it's been a while since you ate. While you were sleeping I could hear your stomach growling. Please, Jade. Will you eat at least a couple bites, for me?" Jade huffed, glaring at him. "I really hate you sometimes." She looked down at the bird, sighing before taking a bite. She swallowed, lightly wincing. She took a couple more bites before turning away from it. "I'm done. You can have the rest." Void sighed, staring at her for a minute before finishing it up. "Void! Time to go on partol!" Sun called, a couple cats waiting for him near the entrance of the camp. Void got to his paws, nodding to Jade. "I'll be back." He licked her cheek before bounding away, leaving her sitting in the clearing.


Jade scanned the almost empty clearing, groaning a bit before ascending to her paws and padding towards her den. She trudged into her den, heading over to her corner and laying down. She curled her tail around herself, lightly huffing before setting her head on her paws. "Now I'm bored." She looked around a little before getting back up and bounding out of her den to the clearing. She looked around, seeing no one was paying attention to her before quietly sneaking out of camp. "They'll be fine without me for a while, they've got Evening, Lily, and Ebony." Once she was far enough away from camp, she parted her jaws, allowing the aromas to flood into her senses. She sat down by a tree, purring as she closed her eyes, zoning out as she listened to the sounds of the forest. 

Void padded back into camp, looking around the clearing for Jade. He slowly padded into the medicine cat den, smelling her faint aroma where she always sat. He lightly huffed, bouding out of the den and to Sun. "Have you seen Jade?" Sun looked to him, slightly confused. "Actually, no, I haven't. I'd go ask a couple others, you know how she likes checking up on everyone." Void nodded, bounding into the nursery, then warrior's den, and eventually the whole camp. He took a deep breath, padding back to Sun with a blank face. "I'm going to go look for her. I'll be fine, I promise." Sun sighed, glancing to the ground before nodding. "If you two aren't back by Sundown, I'm sending out a search party." Void huffed slightly, nodding before bounding out of camp and into the forest. He could feel his heartbeat increasing in speed as he searched, darting around the forest. His breathing became heavy as it became darker, his bounding becoming a slow trot. Void eventually sat down for a rest, still in a panicking state of what could happen to Jade. 

Jade opened her eye, quietly purring as she got to her paws. "Should probably head back, the others might worry about me..." She began padding back to camp, locating the several landmarks she had remembered coming from camp. She was about half way back when she heard heavy breathing, padding around a couple trees before seeing a familiar black tom. "Void, what are you doing?" The black tom lifted his gaze from the ground, seeing Jade with a puzzled expression. He jumped to his paws, bounding over and licking her cheek. She nuzzled him in return, still a little confused, but happy to see him. "I was just heading back to camp, wanna come with?" Void quietly chuckled, nodding. "Sure, I might as well." Jade flicked her tail in the direction to camp, turning and beginning to pad back. They passed the rest of Jade's landmarks, Void staring at Jade most of the time without her noticing. They padded back into camp, Sun nodding to Void as she passed them, Jade padding into her den and Void following after. Jade sat down at her spot, Void sitting right next to her as their fur brushed up against each other. Void licked her cheek once again, Jade purring in return as she closed her eyes, Void nodding closing his eyes as well as they became lost in their own thoughts. 

Art Universe Edit

Voidfur watched all the birds fly his orange eye watched them with excitment while his purple eye had watched how it could make them better. He closed his eyes and thought of a floating flower, as he opened his eyes, he watched as his thought had came true, for the time being at least, blue strongs went around the flower and tore it to peices. Behind him he heard laughter. "Do you always have to ruin my ideas Error Void!" He turned around showing his purple eye had a void and his orange eye had a sun. As he turned he stared at Error and saw how one eye was red while the other was green. "Aww-w whAt's WROng? Is it not FUNNY!? I find it HYSTERICAL!"  He had said with a distorted voice


In this timeline we have to deal with eachother, he gets rid of things that don't belong, while I create things with my mind. I have a human form but I choose to go into my cat form that way I can be passive and not agressive. He has the same thing although he's always agressive. He's made other times lines a living nightmare. All other Voidfur's except the original can see the other timelines, it's hard to believe that he can ruin everything except that timeline, if he ruins that one he ruins all other timelines including his life. His job is different from mine but when things don't go his way...well lets just say what he's mad at they will have a bad time. "I hOpe you had FuN WhiLE MESS-S-S-S-ING UP-UP-UP the tIMElINEs, but then I'd BEEEEEEE lieing with you if IIIIII saaaiiid YOU WONT BE PUUUUNISSSSHEDDDD!" Art swooped down at his and threw his spray bombs at ERROR "Stop this at once!"


See we dont always fight once he's calmed down and stops his little rain of havoc we can actually sit down and have a talk there are things we agree on, like things he can kill, if anything me and him know who's reading this and who's writing this. We kinda saved this different universe section, like a thought to the maker was the "Fresh" Universe, it  took us almost a week to fully send that thing where it belongs cant say it here because then our, according to Error, maker will be banned and not be able to make do with us. Oh well. That moment I did win, and I regret it. That person was evil, yes, I didn't see that until I won. When they left and paint and blue strings were every where I could see the sky turn into a glitchy look. And you know what I'm not afraid to be the first one to break out of this shell to tell people, thats what me and Error do, we break the fourth wall, so let me tell you, all of these universes see what the others did except for the original. We cant see him and he cant see us. He's lucky honestly, but thats beside the point. Error has been messing with Timelines. So far he's only done the Outer universe, for all we know he could just want to destroy timelines, I was tired of being silent so now I'm taking my time to explain whats going on, now I do want everyone to read carefully, make sure there are no mistakes if so then that's Error trying to take that place over, if needed we have to revive The fresh universe and possibly the fallen universe, hopefully our maker sees this.


Well considering that he did see that message, lets continue the story. There are multiple timelines, me and ErRRor aren't the only Voids that can mess with time, and those timelines with time controlling Voids, after they are usally destroyed. Crossed is one of them, he was one that crossed with his sister Sun slowly dieing from pain, or so we thought, he-they have been controlling timelines like mythological and outer, B-1 and B-2 have een killed already, and that fight was caused by Sun making them angry. A Void would never do this, a Void feels pain with anger, we believe that was the plan. I messed up letting Crossed escape and almost destroyed a universe. For the first time ever, I had to take action to kill a Void. You see I make creativity, I think of something and it's there. I may be the only Void that doesn't have a full human form but I am the first Void to create what I want, and honestly, I feel bad about it. These other universes can barely survive without my assistance. ErRRor always tries to destroy universes, and sometimes does it successfully. But then the day came for him to kill a Void, and that Void, was me. I knew I could have died if I didn't get his message "ʇsxǝ oʇ ǝsɐǝɔ ǝɹɐ sǝsɹǝʌᴉun ǝsǝɥʇ 'ɹǝuʇɹɐd ǝɹǝɥ ɯoɹɟ ʇᴉ ǝʞɐʇ llᴉʍ I" It took me a battle and a half to decode him, but then I realised it wasn't only for me he would put messages for me to find, in the outer universes he put strings of code with the words"puǝᴉɹɟ ɹnoʎ s ʇxǝu 'llɐ sn ƃuoɯɐ sʞlɐʍ ɥʇɐǝp" hinting at deaths in the furture but when I tried to decode this text it was almost hit me in an instant. "01011001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101110 01100101 01111000 01110100 00100000 01000001 01110010 01110100 00101100 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101100 01101011 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101101 01101111 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110101 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100" I did my best to hack into our writers computer and I found out what it means. "Your next Art, death walks among us all." it horrifies me to see what he will do next but when you use binary to explain how someones will die using upside down and backwards words and binary code as ErRRoR seems like something he would do, mess with codes. And now, I had to make a universe. A test universe


It's good to see everyone doing something with coding, we know you got the gist of it down. Every universe will have a puzzle, not all of them will be with code. So with that said. Hope everyone loves puzzles, especially the other voids


Mythological UniverseEdit


"Promise me you wont kill anything else!" The angel had called to Void. "Sweet heart if I already told you I can't stop killing it means I can't stop killing! It's my job as a reaper to do so, and from what it looks like your next." He chuckled as a dragon skull appeared next to him, dislocated its jaw and blasted a ray at the angel, leaving nothing behind. The skull turned into a scythe shape and attached itself to Voidfur.  Void's purple eye had stopped glowing as he walked away from the last victim. "You really shouldn't do that." Jadewing had told him. "Look if I got permission from Sunstar pretty sure I get permission to kill the ones on the list and that person there NEEDED TO BE PUNISHED"


_Chapter 2_


" 'And who are you?' the proud lord said 'That I must bow so low, only a cat of different coat that's all the truth I know.' 'In a coat of gold, or a coat of red, a lion still has it's claws. And mine are long sharp my lord as long and sharp as yours.'


Jadewind flapped her wings to hover over the ground "I know you don't get along with anybody other then me, Blizzard, and Crooked, but you gotta start talking to people instead of killing them on sight." The angel had said as she fixed her halo. "Look I'm just doing my part in this world, you have a choice to go on yourself or bow down to others. You chose to bow down to your leader-" "Lord" "Right lord, my followers do not exist, because who would follow death in battle." Void had stated and made his scythe hover around in the sky "What about Wind?" Jade had offered. Void aimed his svythe at Jade "I do love her with my heart, but she is the Goddess of Life, while I am the God of Death. Everything I touch, a flower, grass, a tree, dies. While she makes everything come to life. We can't be around eachother for that reason." Void said with a look of despair "Well you're doing an awful job at being death you left some grass around!" Jade had pointed out. Void turned around and saw the grass bits. "Huh? I did? But how?"


_Chapter 3_


- "Life had stared at death in the eyes and had asked him 'Why does everyobdy hate you, but love me so much?' to which death then replied with a look of gloom 'Because you are the beautiful lie, making people believe that they will live for ever, while I am the ugly truth, a wake up call to all of those who trusted the lie." -


Void watched the grave of Blizzard "Dont worry my lord, I will take up your place, even at the cost of life." He nodded keeping his worn out hood over his head making sure it covered his glowing eye. He put on the bird mask that Blizzard had gave to him to hide his face and cause fear to others "Why do you want to frighten people?" A small voice came from behind him "The goddess of life, what do you want, come to bring me back to life?" He chuckled insanely "No, I wanted to see you, following you with an angel behind you is difficult. I didn't mean to make the grass alive." Wind had said as she played with her necklace. "I'm....I'm sorry, I didn't know what would have happened to-" "What? You didn't know what would have happened to him? He's a reaper! The god of death! To use the revive power on him is to bring him back to life! This is why I became the god of death! He had rocks tumbled over him from the earth god!" He said as what seemed like purple tears came out of his eye "I know! I know! I should've known better! But I came here to give you this!" She said as she took out a blue glowing flower "I call it the Death blossom, it has the opposite effect on me and any other living thing. Please take it to me saying sorry and that, I still love you. I didn't want to do anything harmful to him." She had a few tears rolled down her face as she handed him his flower. The roots of the flower grew into his boney hands, but no pain. He watched as it grew in him and after all of it he felt stronger, almost twice as strong. He looked at her in the eyes and hugged her. "I'm sorry my dear life"


_Chapter 4_


Jade watched the lost children in the forest  run around "That way children go to your mothers, they must be worried sick!" She stated as she pointed in the direction of the town. The children nodded and ran to the town "You ruined my prey!" Void said as he revealed himself from behind the tree. Jade groaned "They're just kids and you already want to kill them! Thats terrible!" she scolded at him "Hey death doesn't ruin lives, it helps people remember how great it was." He said to her. Jade sighed as she watched the children scramble. "You'd resurect them after they die right? Look I'm getting some followers already, i'm proud of that honestly, so pretty soon I wont have to be the one doing all the damage. Now if you excuse me I have to go back to a grave, so I can give the one and only some gold."


_Chapter 5_


Voids flower slowly turned red in anger seeing as if Life tried to resurect Blizzard again "Stop Life! This is why I dont like you! You try to make things worse for our death! Stop!" He scolded at her "I didn't mean to Void! I want to try to bring him back!" "You killed him again! And now that I'm angery, I'm twice as strong and I'm strong enough to take you on!" He said as he held his scythe had a red glowing blade. "Now lets see how much Life likes death" he said as his mask appeared on his face and wings sprouted from his back. Wind flew up in air trying to escape him, before she knew a purple ray blasted the air almost hitting her. "Void I said sorry! I mean it!" She said with tears falling from the sky. Void appeaed in the air a few feet of distance from her. "I said I dont forgive you!" he held his shotguns and aimed them at her. Wind quickly summoned her sword and shield. Void fired at her trying to damage her as much as possible, but her shield blocked almost all of the damage. But behind her was Voids Dragonskull appeared behind her. She turned seeing it before she summoned a bubble around her it balsted doing some damage to her, before she crashed to the ground, as she opened the bubble she saw Jade come out of the forest "What's happening!?" She asked Wind in confusion "I'll kill you!" Void shouted from above before a ray shot down from the sky. Jade aimed her staff at wind and tried to heal the damage he did to her. They flew up facing him "Cant beat me in a one on one huh? Alright come at me!" He said before 2 other skulls came out of portals and blasted at them. The ray from Jade's staff turned blue making Winds shield stronger. "Void thats it!" Jade said as she glided to him the used her staff to heal, for Wind, Void slowly fainted from power loss then fell down to the ground still himself but feeling a little tipsy "Wha, what happened?" Void asked not remembering what just happened. Jade looked at him "You went crazy so I had to use my staff, I'm sorry Void"


Jadewing stood up, looking over to Windtail. "Can you help me carry time to my shrine? I'll make sure he's fine, but we better hurry up before he realizes what's going on." Windtail nodded, walking over and beginning to help him up. Jadewing and Windtail got him to his feet, one arm around around each of them. "Gosh, when did he get so heavy?" Jadewing huffed as they began walking. As they walked, Windtail stared at the ground, quietly sighing. Jadewing looked over at her, worry in her eyes. "I'm really sorry about you and Voidfur." Windtail nodded, her gaze stationed on the ground. "It's fine." Jadewing sighed, looking back to the road. "Looks like we're all most there. It's a good thing, he's getting heavier, and I'm not used to walking on my feet." They arrived at Jadewing's shrine, helping him sit down by it. "Windtail, you better get going. He might become enraged again." Windtail nodded, glancing at Voidfur once more before beginning to flap her wings, rising into the sky, giving a small wave, before flying away. Jadewing sighed, sitting down next to Voidfur and putting her head on her hands. "Well, now I guess I'll be babysitting you now." She looked towards Voidfur, seeing he was still dazed before looking up to the sky and beginning to think to herself.


_Chapter 6_


-'Hey death, what makes you think you can be as good as all the other reapers?' to which death then replied to the small girl 'I made some people smile today, it'd be 10 if I sum you up too' The girl then gave a smile of embarrassment 'What they say about you is true' I think this idtiot really does deserve to be my master' ErRR0r! ErRR0r! ErRR0r! ErRR0r! -Universe warning!-


Void slowly regained consciousness, but was still woozy about everything almost as if he was drunken "I'm sorry about the happening sir, I can fix it. Nothing a little scythe can't fix." he said still woozy. Jade looked at him and sighed "Wait till Sun gets here so she can deal with you. I'm lucky you dont need anything to feed you." She said with a groan as she rolled her eyes "Alright lets get this over with" she said as she pulled out an energy gun and shot him. Void quickly regained his consciousness and swung his scythe nearly hitting her "Hey! Watch where you swing that thing! I had to heal you by shooting you that's hard enough!" Jade scolded at him "Sorry Jade, thanks by the way. Sorry if I caused any trouble, so what did I do? I can't remember" Void said with a chuckle following it. Jade quickly thought of something "You uhh.... you, had to take down something I can't remember what." She was going to say something else but Void quickly felt a sharp pain as the land turned pixelated and glicthy. A demanted version of himself stood before him "heLLO MYTHoLOgIcAl-C-c-cAl, IT's NIce TO S-s-S-eE yOU in YouR uNIvERsE NoT MeaNT To ExIsSSSt!" Error told him "What do you want?" He said to him facing directly at his eyes both being in cat form "I wanT WANT YOU stOlE happInesS" Mytho laughed at him "I stole happiness? from who?" "DOn'T Play duMb With ME STUPid myTH! You tooK a VoiDs HEArt And StoLE tHE PARt THaT mADE HIM LoVe, haPPy, ANd pROcESS oTher emOtions. YOU stOLe MY HEarT! and for ThAt yOu WILL hAVe To PaY the Price!" Error slowly grew steams of blue light from his paw and his eyes as a heart appeared infrount of mythological. But before Error could destroy his heart a blue scratch appeared, as if it were a crack. Error soon began to glitch out, his face spread almost to the roof, his tail went to the side and through the ground, and his budy sunk to the floor as if he were laying down. The blue lines disappeared and Myth's heart faded away. After and Art had both walked through the cracked code "Come one Myth! We gotta get out of here!" Art had told him before dragging him out of the, what used to be, the art house. Soon all three of them were in the Test universe, away from Error, danger, and time itself.


Test UniverseEdit

A code contiusly flashed on the screen while Art had tried to program the systems "01000001 01101100 01110100 01100101 01110010 01101110 01100001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01000101 01110010 01110010 01101111 01110010 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110100 01100101 01100011 01110100 01100101 01100100" and soon, it worked. Art had saw a Void who can make portals like all the others could, but portals to not only different universes, but different timelines as well. "Finally my greatest invention, hello After" Art had told to the newest Voidfur "All systems seem to be functioning, yet I see too much programming in this timeline, where am I?" He said with confusion. "A place where you can help save these universes.

Companion/Hunter Universe

"Welcome to Startrail students!" A lady on the speakers said "We always welcome new students with respect, any questions will have to be asked in the Principle's room. Have fun in your new school!" She finished off. Void looked around the cargo plane they were on seeing everyone in his group. He sighed "No one else has a scythe, huh? Well that sucks..." he muttered as he tucked his hands in his pockets. Jade pulled on his sleeve trying to get his attention. "Void can you see Sun? I can't see with this crowd of people in my way!" She said as if she was still as young as an apprentice. "She's on a different Ship I bet, don't worry she'll be fine." He said with a smile down at her. Jade held onto her lance and dust. "So what class are you taking?" He asked her trying to calm her down. "Dust, and Lancemen. What else would I be taking?" she told him "Good point, I'm taking animal taming and elemental. Don't the dust and elemental group depened on eachother?" He looked down at her as if it was his first time asking her that. Jade sighed "Yes they do, Dust needs Elemental more though." She said not letting go of her lance. Void nodded and asked her one more question. "Hey once we land, wanna have a spar? We haven't done one in a while have we? So I thought we could so we can tell how strong the other is." Jade took a second and nodded "Sure, but lets find Sun before we do so we can have a 1v1v1. Sound good?" She looked up at him seeming a little better then before. Void nodded "Sounds good" "But what if she finds you guys!" Sun said from behind them and chuckled "Hey, I heard you two talking about me while we were landing, so what's this spar all about?" She asked in confusion. "I wanna see how strong we all got. We were supposed to train so." He said with a shrug as the ship landed onto a pad. After it landed all three sprinted to an arena to test eachother's powers.

Void held a black case and spun it turning it into a scythe. A light on his brace turned purple indicating his partner was ready. Sun took out her sword and shield and put them together making it turn into a crossbow. Jade took out her lance and prepared herself for the up coming battle waiting to strike the other two down.