--Introduction-- Edit


Padding through the forest, your paws were aching and it felt as if they were crying for you to stop. You'd been running around for a while now, and you needed a rest, but you were in unfamiliar territory. After a while, you decided you had enough for now. Crawling into a hollow tree, you took shelter for the night.

You groaned, turning over as you felt something strong hit your head hard. You felt it again, followed my a low hiss. Your eyes shot open and you sat up as quick as possible, just as you were hit again. By now you were dizzy, but you could make out two pairs of glowing eyes. One was a pair of bright, beautiful, emerald eyes, Sparkling with anger. The other were a nice blue shade, glowing with curiosity.

As the image before you came into focus, you blinked and realized a patrol had found you, and there were two cats staring at you, nearly inside the tree, while another stood outside, blue eyes matching one of the cats in your face. The bigger one batted you on the head again.

"I said, who are you!?" The large gray and black she-cat yowled.

"I-I'm (your name). I'm sorry, i don't know how i got here!"

"What clan did you come from?" She asked, her tail lashing. You didn't answer, only looking down at your paws.

"I see. You're welcome to come back to our camp and be a member of Silverclan, but if you choose not to, do not ever enter our territory again."

"Thank you so much... umm.. what's your name?"

"Graystar, leader of Silverclan, and these two are a few of our apprentices. Redpaw and Lunarpaw." She explained, backing out of the tree and turning around. Both apprentices had the same long thick pelt that Graystar had, and bright blue eyes.

"So, are you joining?"

"Of course! I'm going to be the best warrior there ever was!" With a short nod, she raced off through the forest, dodges tree trunks as she went, the two apprentices following. You followed behind them all.

Once she stopped, you were in a camp somewhere in the middle of the forest. There were cats of all sizes and colors around the camp, and they all looked friendly and nice. Everyone came out to greet you, and you ended up being a happy member of the clan.


Creation date: 7/15/17

Founder: Toritootles11

Style of roleplay:

Clan status: Active

Recruiting: Yes

Realm: neutral

Species: Cats/felines, accepting wolves/canines

Tag color: silver/white

Territory: camp (toritootles11's den, world: Culgoa)


--How To Join-- Edit

  1. Send me (toritootles11) a buddy request.
  2. Check my jammer wall and find a name not already in use.
  3. Make your OC's (origional character's) name and rank, and post on the wall.
  4. Show me a hunting and/or fighting example.
  5. Get approval from Graystar.

--Rules-- Edit

  1. No double clanning/double grouping. This is Silverclan's biggest rule. It shows that you are not completely loyal to the clan.
  2. Follow the warrior code!
  3. No magic using, unless you are a medicine cat getting messages from starclan.
  4. Do not interrupt our roeplay unless it is important.
  5. Don't be too overdramatic. Sure, roleplaying IS dramatic, but it does not need to be so dramatic and exaggerated that people end up crying, raging, quitting, things like that. So, unless Graystar or Hazeltail say it's alright, please not too much drama.
  6. You need to have read at least 1 warriors book before joining, unless you have been in a clan before or you start as a kitten.
  7. No bullying. Your character can be grumpy or bossy, but don't be a bully.
  8. No power playing. I'm sure you can understand why this is not allowed.
  9. No killing others in battle unless they give you permission first.
  10. No killing off your own character without Graystar or Moonleaf's permission.
  11. Must be on at least 3 times a week unless you have a reason for being inactive.
  12. Al the other basic rules i forgot

Leader x1 Edit

The leader is the highest ranking clan member. They rule over the clan and it is their job to keep everything in check. They deal with so much, and carry the weight of the entire clan on their shoulders. They are highly respected, and their words are listened to.

Deputy x1 Edit

The deputy is the second in command. They help the leader take care and lead the clan, as well as help with big decisions. The deputy puts together hunting and border patrols. They will the first in command while the leader is away from camp for whatever reason, and should be respected..

Elite Warriors x2 Edit

The elite warriors are the strongest, smartest, or best trained warriors in the clan. They take care of battle plans and help the leader with sparring matches. If the deputy is offline, they can take care of the deputy's duties. If both the leader and the deputy are gone, they are left in charge. They are sort of like third in command, and should be respected as much as a deputy.

Elders Edit

Elders are the clan members from past generations. They are retired clan members, and are greatly respected. They have great story telling abilities, and everyone admires them for what they've done for the clan.

Queens Edit

Queens are kind she-cats that take care of the clan's kittens until they are 6 moons. To be a queen, you can either give birth to a litter of kittens, or choose it as your rank.

Warriors Edit

Warriors protect the clan, as well as hunt and fight for the clan. They go through at least 6 moons of tough training to become a warrior, and are usually good at what they do. They are respected by all lower ranks, and should respect each other.

Medicine Cat x2 Edit

The medicine cats are extremely important. They heal the injured cats of the clan, collect herbs, help with sicknesses, keep everyone healthy, ect. They also receive visions from Starclan.

Apprentices Edit

Apprentices are warriors in training. Apprentices get an apprentice ceremony at 6 moons, and receive a mentor. Their mentor trains them until they are ready to get the rank of a warrior.

Medicine Cat Apprentice x2 Edit

The medicine cat apprentices are medicine cats in training. Like normal apprentices, they get an apprentice ceremony at 6 moons and get a mentor. The medicine cat chosen as their mentor will teach them all about herbs and healing, and turn them into a great medicine cat.

Kittens/Kits Edit

Kittens are the youngest of the clan. They are the future warriors and medicine cats, and without them the clan would end. Kits usually have nothing to worry about and are carefree and playful. They cannot leave the nursery without a guardian for their first 4 moons of life. After that, they can stay in the camp without a higher ranking cat watching them at all times, but cannot leave the area.

--Punishments-- Edit

-Minor- Edit

  • Taking care of elders for a certain amount of time.
  • Extra patrols.
  • A hard hit on the head from Graystar.

-Medium- Edit

  • Cleaning all of the dens.
  • Last to eat.
  • Spar with an elite warrior, Hazeltail, or Graystar.
  • No food for a day.

-Major- Edit

  • Exiled/banned from the clan.
  • Badly wounded.
  • Death.

--Avatars-- Edit

-Warrior or Medicine Cat- Edit

Wolf, fox, coyote, or arctic fox.

-Apprentice or Medicine Cat Apprentice- Edit

Fox, bunny, lynx, or arctic fox.

-Kitten- Edit

Bunny or lynx, possibly otter.


--Members-- Edit

-Leader- {Taken} Edit

Name: Graystar || Rank: Leader || Username: Toritootles11

-Deputy- {Taken} Edit

Name: Hazeltail || Rank: Deputy || Username: Prettygirl91011

-Elite Warriors- {Do not ask for rank} Edit

Name: Silkpelt || Rank:Elite warrior || Username: tloring

Name: || Rank: || Username:

-Elders- {Open} Edit

Name: || Rank: || Username:

-Queens- {Open} Edit

Name: || Rank: || Username:

-Warriors- {Open} Edit

Name: Lilac || Rank: Warrior || Username: berryprincess4

Name: Mildshadow || Rank: Warrior || Username: Queensparkleheart298

Name: Hawkclaw || Rank: Warrior || Username: puggyluv

Name: Ember || Rank: Warrior || Username: silvermoon9911

Name: Darkfrost || Rank: Warrior || Username: jackvale

Name: Cloudheart || Rank: Warrior || Username: hthom2005

Name: Darkpelt || Rank: Warrior || Username: wolf07288

Name: Moonfur || Rank: Warrior || Username: playwildcookie

Name: Whiteclaw || Rank: Warrior || Username: awsomeness8

-Medicine cats- {Open} Edit

Name: Moonleaf || Rank: Medicine cat || Username: imanerd1234

Name: || Rank: || Username:

-Apprentices- {Open} Edit

Name: Featherpaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: pppddd1 || Mentor: Silkpelt

Name: Blazepaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: pppddd1 || Mentor: Hazeltail

Name: Redpaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: honeywolf54 || Mentor:Cloudheart

Name: Bluepaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: k5l4 || Mentor: Graystar

Name: Barkpaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: you139 || Mentor: Whiteclaw

Name: Bluefirepaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: tiffanyvanshwacna || Mentor: Hazeltail

Name: Falconpaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: lotad12345 || Mentor: Mildshadow

Name: Lunarpaw || Rank: Apprentice || Username: Rsmisspiggy381 (taking a break) || Mentor: Graystar

-Medicine Cat Apprentices- {closed} Edit

Name: Silverpaw || Rank: Med cat apprentice || Username: animalfun5w || Mentor: Moonleaf

Name: || Rank: || Username: || Mentor:

-Kittens- {Open} Edit

Name: Nightkit || Rank: Kitten || Username: cuteanimals89897

Name: Squidkidz || Rank: Kitten || Username: punkey10