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You wake up in the middle of the forest. You look around and mutter to yourself, "Were am I?'' You see two bright yellow orbs glaring at you in the shadows. You stand up and back away. The eyes lunged at you and you felt yourself be pinned. The monumental stalwart canis lupus bellowed in your face "Why are you here, your on Fireclan's territory." You mutter "I..I just woke up here.." The canis lupus bellowed again "Thats not an answer". She clawed your shoulder hard. You screach out low. You raked your back claws into his stomach and she releases you. You ran and looked back to see if shewas following you. You dident notice the monumental Panthera tigris infront of you and you bump into her. She bellowed and reared up. She hissed "What are you doing here?" You dident say anything at first. She bellowed again and skyrocketed at you pinning you. She hissed "I said, what are you doing here?" She tore her claws into your shoulders and you screached out. You raked your claws across her face and kicked her off. You ran again, looking back to see if she was following. You suddently felt yourself stop, and you couldent move. You look up to see a monumental stalwart bellicose voluminous chassis panthera tigeris pinning you, their bear like claws tearing into your shoulders. They bellowed "You made a big mistake.." You stared in silence. They hissed, "You hurt my best friends AND your on Fireclan's territory..". You studdered, "I..I.. d-dont care!" Two colossal panthera onca's, and two colossal canis lupus suddently appeared from four different angles surrounding you, as you were still pinned by the panthera tigeris. Two of them were the ones that attacked you before, the other two you dident know. One of them hissed "Rhea, we found this Kittypet on our territory". The one you bumped into before bellowed "He/she is a ignorant kittypet for messing with us". The panthera tigris on top of you looked over to the one they called Rhea and hissed darkly "Can i kill them?". The panthera tigris had a grin on their face. One of the canis lupus looked over and grinned with the panthera tigris. The one they called Rhea said, "Might as well, they have caused enough trouble". The panthera tigris smirked darkly and glared down at you. You shook in fright. The panthera tigris suddently tore their canis lupus like ivories into your neck, tearing off the flesh and tore into your windpipe. They got off of you smirking. You gasped for air. One of the canis lupus smirked also and muttered "They are dead".

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name: Shadow

username: Spiderheart

nickname: Spiderheart

Nicknames my friends have for me:

Neon: Shad

Octo: Herb buddy, Shadsy, and Spoider

Rhea: Shads, Shadsy, Shadie, and Shad

Frost: Shady

Logan: Shady

Amity: Fraand

Ox: Shadi

Eclipse: Shad and Shadz

Temp: Shaddy Shad

Viola: Shady

Kas: Shader and Shady Shadow

Cobra: Christmas tree and Shad fam

Void: Shady-Shadow and Shady

Dakota: Shady-Shadow

Peep: Shad

Star chiald: Shady Shadow

Snowy bb: Shady

Possum: Spicy

Dawn: Spifder

Kosal: Shade

Roselyn: Shad

Sakura: Spooder

weight: 370 pounds

height: 4 ft.

length: 9 ft.

speed: 40 mph

description: Shadow is a monumental stalwart exsanguinous emaciated substantiality bellicose audorious valitive voluminous chassis spacious substantiality panthera tigris, atramentous pelage pigmented. She has caliginous crimson orbs, cuspidated ursiadee like unguis, acuminated canis lupus like ivories, no right front paw (She has a mitt cover that makes it look like he has a mitt, and retractible android unguis in the mitt cover), and an android caudal. (right orb) amaurotiz with a colossal scar going over it. She also has a colossal scar going from her muzzle down to her chest. She also has a colossal scar going over her face. Also her right audit is torn.

roleplay type: Advanced vocab

My roleplay example: -The spacious substantiality stalwart bellicose voluminous chassis emaciated substantiality audorious valitive panthera tigris ascended via the opponent pinning them under her colossal weight, as she tore into their solar plexus with her ursiadee like unguis- -She then thrusted her maw, gripping their apex as she tore her canis lupus like ivories through the skin, quickly reaching the intern'e halsader, snapping her maw shut breaking their interne halsader, instantly killing them-

breed: black tiger

gender: female

Group: None

rank: loner

mother: unknown

father: unknown

Siblings: Brothers: Oreo, (twin) Dolan, Jester, Carnival, Joker, and Riot

Sister-in-law: Samantha

Sisters: Logan and Jaylen

mate: Cobra bb :D <3

Ship name: Abra-Shadabra :3

grandchildren she has now: Charcoal, Chrome, Zire, Ivory, Amdis,

grandchildren she had: none

kits/Pups she has now: Vixen, Onyx, Kuma, Melia, Aaron, Nemesis, Kyoto, Grace, Chai, Silver, and Onca

Shadow's kits/pups who are now apprentices: Ocean, Hanni, Maple, Kimara

Shadow's kits/pups who are now warriors: Aries, Trial, Rosefang, Avi

kits she had: Cinderkit, Raccoonkit, Angelkit, Galaxykit, Raven, Stormkit, (another) Stormkit, Omen, bone, Drift, Mars, Shira, Tikki

favorite things: Spiders, Socks, Stoves,bloody axe, and kits :D

Used to like: Spoons

disliked things: people being mean, being called shadowspoon (:I), and being pat

best freinds: Avi, Cobra, Logan, Neon, Moonpup, Amity, Joker, Sabrina, Eclipse, Void, all of FC, and all of FE. (my profile shows all the main people who are my friends)

personallity: slightly evil, can also be nice at times

Theme songs: Animal I have become

speeches/random stories/Quotes and other stuff (i guess):

some people dont understand me, im different, in ways that cant even be explained with words. some people dont get my ways, and all. you try to be yourself and everything can sometimes go wrong..
friends are people you can trust, friends help with your problems and they are there for you, friends are people that know how you feel inside..
Friends are also people who trust you. and belive the things you say. not turn on you and be horrible people.
some people are nice to me and are my friends, then they turn on me and start being rude. some people try making me mad just for the fun of it, its just mean..
at times i can feel very wanted by others... right now in aj, i feel like im unwanted. at times i feel like im just being ignored.. like others dont want me around.
people are allways picking on me on aj.. and are just plain rude to me.
Life can be horrible. you just have to push through.
"When you work together, nothing can defeat you"

''when you dont belive, you dont succeed''

When life brings you down.. sadness can overcome you. and your life is just... gone..