Welcome to ShadowClan! Edit

Click Here for the video! Welcome to Shadowclan Moonstar is a little busy.. So i will be introducing you! Moonstar is in her den if you need her! But Anyway- _______ I Hope you enjoy Shadowclan We dont expect or let trespassers join that much.. SO YOU'RE LUCKY! ok Be safe!

Intro Edit

" You crossed our borders " You hear a she-cat say in the distance, You nod with a nervous agreement " Don't attack " another she-cat comes out of the bushes with her calm voice, " Im Moonstar " The Shecat says , " I'm.... Woodpelt.." The smaller she-cat mewed " Well im.." You stutter " Will you join us? " Moonstar interrupts. " What No! That trespasser Cant join us!" Woodpelt Yelled :: Moonstar hisses :: " SO will u join us?" She ignores woodpelt. "Yes!" You say ..

Punishments Edit

Punishments are: ( only Wood-pelt and Moon-star and the deputy can punish)

  • Torn ear
  • Both torn ear
  • Possible bit to death
  • Killed
  • Forced to quit the clan

ews/Extras Edit

New and extras Edit

Snowflake had her kit

Alot of the clan member are double clanning

Artic wolves attacked-

Recruiting?: Yes

On Alot?: Yes

Punishments often?: Yes

Is Hunting aloud without telling?: No,

What is our world?: Pecos

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Joining: ( No roleplay example needed ) Edit

  • Username:
  • Roleplay Name:
  • Reason:
  • Where you heard this:
  • Mate (Yes Or No Question):
  • a LIttle bit of info on your past:

How you look Edit

Members Edit

  • Head- Foxhat- Skull- nothing
  • Back- Worns- spartan armor - nothing
  • Legs- Elf bracelets- Glove-Legendary Glove-nothing
  • Tail- Elf armor- Nothing

Non-Members Edit

  • Head- Foxhat - Flower
  • Back- Worns-
  • Legs- Gloves-
  • Tail- Nothing