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Caracal Genus : Edit

Caracal aurata: Edit

The African Golden cat is a wild cat that lives in the rainforest of africa. It is a close relative to both the caracal and the serval, it was previously place in the genus Profelis. The African Golden cat inhabits the tropical foresst, prefering dense moist forest. African Golden cats can climb but prefer hunting on the ground. Their main prey are tree hyrax, rodents, birds, small monkeys, duiker, young of forest hogs and small antelope.

Caracal Caracal: Edit

  • African Golden cat
  • Caracal

The Caracal is a medium sized cat, sometimes called the desert lynx, African lynx or Persian lynx, but is not a member of the lynx genus. The Caracal lives in Africa, Central asia, Southwest Asia and India. The Caracal lives in the woodlands, savannas, semi-desert and scrub forests. Caracals are known to climb trees, and swim to catch fish. Caracals eat younger of large mammals, like impala and antelope. They sometimes eat lizards and snakes. Caracals nomarlly eats rodents, hares, hyraxes, and small antelope. They don't hesitate to kill springbok or juvenile kudu.

Catopuma Genus: Edit

Catopuma badia: Edit

The bay cat, also known as the bornean cat, Bornean bay cat or Bornean marbled cat. It's much smaller then it relative the Asian golden cat, which tells them apart. They inhabit dense tropical forest, and have been known to live in limestone outcrops, in logged forest and some close to the coast. Nothing is known about it's prey.

Catopuma temminckii: Edit

  • Bay cat
  • Asian Golden Cat

The Asian golden cat also called the Asiatic golden cat and Temminck's cat is a medium-sized wild cat of asia. The Asian Golden cat can be found in rocky area and found in deciduous, subtropical evergreen and tropical rainforest. They can be found in grasslands as well. They hunt birds, hares, rodents and reptiles, small ungulates such as muntjacs and young sambar deer. They are can bring down prey much larger then themselves, like domestic water calves and Ghoral.

Felis Genus: Edit

Felis silverstris: Edit

The wild cat is a small cat native to most of africa, europe, and asia. They are least concern, there are Asiatic wild cat( Felis silverstris ornata) which is spotted. African wild cat( felis silvestris lybica) is faintly striped and European wild cat( Felis silvestris silvestris) is striped, has long fur and bushy tail.

Felis catus: Edit

The domestic cat or feral cat is a is a small, furry, carvinous mammal. They are often called house cats when kept as pets.

Felis Chaus: Edit

The Jungle cat, is the largest of the Felis species. There nick name is the reed cat or Swamp cat. Often called a jungle lynx dispite not being in the lynx family. Being least concern dispute a declining population, it is widespread in asia. They inhabit Savannas, Tropical dry forest and reedbeds. There are 9 subspecies of Jungle cat. They mostly eat rodents, frogs, birds,hares, squirrels, juvenile wild pigs, reptiles, fish.
  • Asiatic wildcat
  • European wildcat
  • African wildcat
  • Domestic cat
  • Jungle cat
  • Sand cat
  • Black Footed cat

Felis Margarita: Edit

The Sand cat, also known as the sand dune cat, is the only cat living foremost in true desert. This small cat is found in the derests of north africa and asia.Sand cat main prey are mice, jirds, gerbils, jerboas, cape hare, and birds such as greater hoopoe lark, derest larn and reptiles like lizards, sandfish, geckos and vipers. They inhabit both sandy and stony derest.

Felis Nigripes: Edit

The black footed cat, also called the small-spotted cat, is the smallest african cat. It's is locate at the southern african area. Being one of the world smaller's cat, only the pads and underparts of the cat's feet are black. There are are two supspecies of this cat. They live in dry , open savanna, grassland, and semideserts. Their prey are rodents and small birds, but may take the white-quielled bustard and the Cape hare.

Leopardus Genus: Edit

Leopdardus braccatus: Edit

The Pantanal cat is a small fleine of tropical South America. Name after the Pantanal wetlands in central american, but mainly occurs in grassland, shrubland, savannas and deciduous forest. They are found in open grassland to dense forest, they have some limited tolerance to humans, There are two subspecies of Pantanal cats. They feed on small mammals, like ground-dwelling birds, small lizards, and snakes.

Leopardus Colocolo: Edit

The Colocolo are are found in the west Andean slope in central and northern Chile. They have two subspecies. They mainly hunt small mammals and birds, Guinea pigs, rodents, tinamous, and viscachas.

Leopardus geoffroyi: Edit

Geoffroy's cat is a wild cat native to South America. About the size of a domestic cat. They inhabit scrubby forest,woodland and scrubland with alot of cover, But can be found in Grassland and marshy areas. They prey on rodents, hares, small lizards, insects, sometimes frogs and fish.

Leopardus guigna: Edit

The kodkod is the smallest cat in the Americas. Kodkodds are located in mixed temperate rainforest and coastal ranges. They prefer evergreen temperate rainforest to deciduous temperate moist forest and scrug and coniferous forest. They eat birds, lizards and rodents, also they eat southern lapwing, austrak thrust, chucao tapaculo, huet-huet, domestic geese and chicken.

Leopardus guttulus: Edit

The southern tigrina, is a species of wild cat. It is found in southern and southeastern brazil and was recognized to be a species in 2013. Little is known about this cat.
  • Pantantal cat
  • Colocolo
  • Geoffrey's cat
  • Kodkod
  • Southern tigrina
  • Andean Mountain cat
  • Pampas cat
  • Ocelot
  • Oncilla
  • Margay

Leopardus Jacobita: Edit

The Andean mountain cat is a small wild cat in the high Andes. Andeas Mountain cats are only found at high elevation in the Andes. There habitat si fragmenteted with deep valleys. Their main prey is Mountain viscachas, they also eat mountain chinchillas.

Leopardus pajeros: Edit

The Pampas cat is a cat native to Agrentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador. It occurs in the grassland, shrubland and dry forest . They have 5 subspecies, they are known to be melanistic.

Leopardus pardalis: Edit

The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat in South America and live far north as Texas. There have been rare spotting of this cat in southern Arizona. They are fiybd ub trioical forest, thorn forest, mangrove swamps and savannas. Ocelots eats lizards, turtles, frog, birds, and fish. They also eat rodents, rabbits and opossums.

Leopardus tigrinus: Edit

The oncilla, also known as the little spotted cat, tigrillo, or tiger cat, is a small spotted native cat in tropical rainforest in South america. They are found in subtropical forest, Montane forest, in scrubland enviroments. This cat eats small mammals, lizards, birds, eggs, invertebrates and tree frogs.

Leopardus wiedii: Edit

The margay is a small cat that lives in South America. They live mostly in evergreen and deciduous forest, dense forest, tropical evergreen forest to tropical dry forest and high cloud forest. They eat small mammals like monkeys, birds,eggs, lizards, and tree frogs. They also eat cane rats and guinea bigs,