"We Are Fearless, Ruthless At Times, And Tranquil. But When It Comes To Battle, The Dogs Are Released."Edit

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The horizon settled down, as if it were a cat sleeping after a bloody battle. Your muscular body settled into the hollowed hole under the oak tree. As you drifted off, the trees swung, soothing the howls that errupted from the dog packs. Paw steps trampled, heavy steps. You slowly open your eyes. A strong looking female feline with peircing amber eyes gazed at you. Her light coat was shinning like a star. She growled, her eyes turning a deep orange. She spoke,"Who are you!" 

Her mew turned to a hiss. You were silent, unable to speak because of her canine size. You didn't dare move, just in case she attacked. Canines barked, the canine feline looking female dropped down, disappearing. 

General Edit

Leader: Lightstar(Nottobechallenged) 

Orintation: Both 

Founded: 3/12/16 

Status: Active

Recruiting: Yes

Theme Song: Hero, Skillet 

Upcoming Event: Lightstars Birthday, March 24 

Camp: tiger4628's den

Desceased Leader: Moonstar 

Tag Color: Gold 

Picture: World 

Notes: Lightstar is currently sick in real life. 

Lightstar also had an injury which effected how fast and neat her typing is. The tendon swelled, hit a nerve, and made a sharp pain. Within 1 1/2 week(s) she will be healed. 

Lightstar is receiving therapy for her suicidal thoughts. 

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Shadowclan was made 3/12/16

Welcome Lightstar 3/12/16

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Lightstar: A Light Grey Top Coat, With A Light Brown Underside. Dark Grey Paint Like Spots, And Deep Amber Eyes.{Kengal-Chausie}-Nottobechallenged

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"They Laugh At Me Because I'm Different. I Laugh At Them Because They're All The Same."-Lightstar, Leader of ShadowClan

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