You were a loner desperate for a clan, after the attack of a pack of rouges tried to kill you. You padded through the thick fog and saw a ginger she-cat with crimson splotches. You looked at her then fainted. " You must be desperate" she muttered and then carried you to the Medicine Cat den in the ShadowClan camp. You wake up. "Where am I and who are you?" You asked questionly. " I am GingerFang the deputy of Shadowclan, I saved your life, oh, you're in ShadowClan's Medicine Cat den." she said responding. "May I join?" you asked. The leader HiddenStar had come in and purred. "You May.."


Leader- HiddenStar (Alexzejammer)

Deputy- GingerFang (mechild)

Medicine Cat- Omen (lilthecat)

Medicine Cat Apprentice- (Postion Open)

Warriors- Too many to count , . ,

Apprentices- Again too many 2 count TOT

Queens- Idk......

Elders- none



  1. Respect all cats around you for some have diffrences.
  2. No ending other cats from your own clan.
  3. NO double clanning
  4. No spying unless the leader says so.
  5. While training you may use claws but NO ending your mentor or apprentice, this also goes for sparing with your clan and other clans.
  6. NO breaking the rules ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Territory- Kimbara Outback, Sarpeira Forest, Coral Canyons, Temple of Lost Zios, Appondale, and crystal Sands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allies- CherryClan, LightClan, and DarkClan -------------------- Clothing- Fox Hats, Head flowers, Headdresses, HeadFeathers, or nothing at all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back Clothing ( swords ect)- Swords nm swords, Jamaaiday Bows, Bows and arrows, crossbows, or nothing at all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leg Clothing- Elf tail bracelets, spike wrists. leg armor of any kind really just no twoleg foot clothing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neck Clothing- Spikes (Obivously), Heart Necklaces, Jamaaiday Scarves,leaf necklaces, basically anything that isn't a twoleg thiny.