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Shadepool is a feral tom and life member of the group BearClan; currently ranked as an Elder.


Shadepool is a larger sized, darker cat in appearance. He has a jet black coat with a pure, snowy white underbelly and paws. He has handsome dark grey markings around his face, back, and legs. Because of his age he has a few light grey streaks of hair speckled into his pelt. His breed is mostly a mystery, but he has mostly Snowshoe and a hint of some kind of domestic semi-long haired cat in him. He has a sleek coat although a few tufts of fluff here and there from his domestic semi-long haired relatives still show through. He has stunning navy blue swirled eyes. Shadepool has a small notch out of his ear from when he was an apprentice. He has a long scar that runs across the left side of his face, this is a result of a fight with a magpie. His left ear was burnt off when the camp was set on fire. His tail was also burnt off.

Voice - George Hautecourt (The Aristocats)


In his young ages Shadepool was a prideful tom who was extremely protective of his kits and mate. As he aged, his kits grew up, his mate died, and he realized that there is more to life that pride and protection. He has loosened up and now is a feeble, old elder who enjoys a nice conversation with the young warriors, kits, and apprentices of Bearclan. He has a weakened immune system so he gets sick very easily, and ticks are attracted to him more than other cats his age. Shadepool stays happy even though he has lost all of his close friends. 

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Blazeclaw| Shadepool thinks of Blazeclaw as a son, and has a strong bond with him. He tries to help him with his relationship problems, even though he doesn't have the best advice on the subject. Shadepool enjoys telling Blazeclaw stories and sharing his wisdom with the younger tom.

Crystalstream|She was Shadepool's mate before she died from a badger attack. He always could trust Crystalstream. She was his safe place to go to. Shadepool still thinks of Crystalsteam daily and often has dreams about her. He would do anything to have her back.

Canyonfall| She is always trying to get Shadepool out of his den and active around camp. Shadepool thinks of Canyonfall almost as a daughter. He appreciates her company and likes to have her around.

Jadewing| Jadewing has always been one of Shadepool's closet friends. She helped deliver his daughters during a flood. When Jadewing died, Shadepool was hit hard and misses her to this day.

Sunstar|She was always there for Shadepool when tragedy struck. Shadepool would always count on Sunstar to be there when something went wrong. She was one of his greatest and closest friends. When she died, Shadepool eventually resigned from elite warrior to elder.

Daylily|Daylily was the only daughter that Shadepool saw become a warrior. He watched her start a family and have kits of her own. Shadepool has always loved Daylily so matter what and is always proud of her actions no matter what she does. He would do anything to have her back.

Crookedjaw|Crookedjaw was one of Shadepool's closest friends back when he was a younger warrior. They would hang out often and enjoyed hunting together. When Crookedjaw died from the bush fire, Shadepool was devastated. Even though Shadepool lost his own tail and ear, nothing could compare to the death of his good friend.



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