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ShadeClan is up and running! Edit

We've gained more warriors and our clan is thriving once again!

Introduction Edit

You pad through the unknown forest knowing you aren't supposed to be here. Your pelt is bristling with fear. Large trees give shade throughout the forest. You soon halt in a hollow and glance around, hearing nothing but the eerie whisper of the wind making the trees softly blow a high pitched yet quiet whistle. Suddenly a massive brownish-albaster shecat leaps into the hollow, her green eyes blazing like fire. You freeze, petrified. "You know your not supposed to be here... now your clan shall pay... one kill at a time." Two tremendous toms emerge from the underbrush and pin you down, exposing your underbelly. Their weight overwhelming you as stars dance in your vision. The burnt sienna monstrosity ascends forth at breathtaking speed and her serrated dagger-like claws score up your abdomen as you yowl in fury. As she brung herself closer in this wretched painful way. Her fangs touch the bristling hairs on your ear as she mumbles "This is what I do especially to intruders like you...". Her serrated fangs gouged through the flesh and muscle of your neck (front side not nape.). Her teeth perforated deeper into your major veins until suddenly you hear a harsh and loud sounding Craaaaackkk.... The edges of your vision becomes red and black swirls before you eyes before it all becomes pitch black. Welcome to a clan of shadows. We may only be a little evil, but we call the shadows our home. We are a neutral clan, though slightly more evil than good. You trespass on our territory? You will wish you never put a claw on our earth. We are highly defensive of the territory we have. You see, our clan is large, the cats we have are loyal and will sacrifice their lives if it means doing the right thing.

Ranks Edit

Here you will find out the different ranks of Shadeclan. At the bottom of the page you will find more information on joining.

Leader- Timberstar

Deputy- Featherclaw

Medicine Cat-

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Elders- None

Queens- None
















More Information About Joining. Edit

There are two ways you can join Shadeclan. You can:

~Find me on Animal Jam, send me a fruest and ask for a rank, I might ask for a roleplay example, but if I do its soyou can show me you read/know what warriors is and can roleplay properly.

~Comment below with the following layou


hqep[he21o[erjq1[3ruj[3rPkr[3u1r2olw3jr39-ruowjdClan name:

Rank you wish to have (you might not get it though):

And then i will add you on Animal Jam and I might ask for a roleplay example, but i might not.

Ally Clans Edit

Windclan - Desertstar

Enemy Clans/Clans At War With Edit


Territory Edit

Our territory is:

Cimarron- Kimbara and Appondale

Sawtooth - Zios and Sarepia

Thank you for reading! Just in case you forget, We are brave, we are loyal, and we are ShadeClan.