You slowly pad into a dry, grassy area, away from the rain. You see a figure coming toward you. You jump, but the figure had already pinned you down with large paws. "I-I-I'm here to see Fallenstar." You stammer. "Well then I am exactly what you are looking for. "Come with me." You pad after Fallenstar. You arrive at a small, shady area where cats were grooming each other and gave you looks as you pad by. You shiver as you see aggressive cats tearing at a piece of fresh-kill. "Those are the warriors." Fallenstar meowed to you. "Why don't you go over and chat?" You slowly pad over to the warriors. They greet you with slow blinking and nodding approvingly. You begin to chat. You look back and see Fallenstar padding to her den. You turn away and continue the chatting.

>> Names and ranks <<

Leader: Fallenstar (Belle989)- light colored calico shecat with large paws

Deputy: Open

Medicine cat: Open

Warriors: Echo (seapatel)- light grey colored abyssinian shecat

Apprentices: Moonpaw Medic apprentice-(wemmyemmy)A dark and light brown cat with moon shapes on her she also cant see

Queens: None

Kits: None (Remember, this clan is just rising)

>> Quote(s) <<

"We fall, but we always rise again." (Fallenstar)

>> Times << (In Pacific)

Mondays- 4:30 to 5:00

Thursdays- 3:30 to 5:30

Fridays- 4:10 to 5:10

Saturdays- 6:00 to 11:00

Sundays- 6:00 to 10:00

>> What to wear Nms <<

Neck- Jamaaliday scarf or nothing

Back- Bow and arrows, (No using these items) nm sword, or nothing

Tail- Nothing

Legs- Freedom bands, silver glove, or nothing

>> What to wear Members <<

Neck- Spikes, leaf necklace, or nothing

Back- Sword, jamaaliday bow, Spartan armor, or nothing

Legs- Elf bracelets, leaf bracelets, legendary glove or nothing

Head- Skull helmet or nothing

Tail- Elf tail armor or nothing

>> Enemies and allies <<

None (We will have actual gatherings and battles)

>> Rules <<

  1. No double-clanning (You can if nessacary) (However you spell that)
  2. No taking a mate outside of the clan
  3. No hunting in another clan's territory

>> Form to join <<


Desired Rank:Deputy

Roleplay Example:VV he pins down the foe and then bites the cat in the neck VV


Personality:Cokcy,trickster and nice

Description:He is an Abyssinian cat,he is a stronger and loyal cat and he takes any chances to prove himself

>> Form to ally <<


How you would provide us:

Leader Name:

Clan's Name:

(There will be more rules soon)