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You rush into the forest, blood pouring from your wounds. You notice a large black feline standing near you, she narrows her darkened blue eyes at you. You notice her slide out her thorn sharp claws, you flatten your ears back and let a small hiss out. Her rumbling voice echoed through the forest while she spoke in a rough tone, "What do you think you're doing on Selcouthclan territory!?" the fur on your shoulders flatten and look at your surroundings. You see large trees caving in over you, a giant hill swooping upward to makeshift dens, long grass spraying from the dirt below you. You reply with a prick of fear in your voice, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I trespassed, I just..." you pause not wanting to seem weak then continues," I need to join, I need to get strength, I need to treat my wounds. Will you be able to help me with this?" the large feline nodded. As you struggle up the large hill, you start to see shadows of cats, sharing tongues, gossiping, and getting together patrols. Once you begin trotting on flat land again, you see the feline crouch through a thorn tunnel. You hesitate then follow her. The cats' heads turn, get up and start questioning you. You notice a large tom came out of a cave, he yowls to silence the cats. He pads his way down the tumbled rocks and rushes over to approach you. The white patterned Tom looks at you and asks you with a firm meow,"Why are you here?" he hesitates when he sees your ribs and wounds,"You look horrible, if you wish to stay, you may stay, go eat, and then go to our medicine cat. By the way, I am Ghoststar, and this is Selcouthclan." you nod and the large, black, she-cat from before hissed with a soft nod and says,"I am Ravensbeak, one of the deputies of this clan." You struggle to find words, so you just nod...(a few sun highs later) Ghoststar approaches from his den and yowls,"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the high ledge." as the cats gather he continues," The rogue that came only a few sunrises ago has shown great loyalty. I now let him/her join if she/he would like to." you step up and nod. Ghoststar dips his head then continues, "Then you shall now be known as ______ of Selcouthclan!"

♦Basic Information♦

Creation Date - 5/30/2017

Founder - Ravensbeak

Current Leader - Ghoststar/cookies53

Realm - Neutral

Activity - Inactive and Not Recruiting :c

Member count - 3

Tag Color - Gold

Member Count 3/60

1.*LEADER* Ghoststar, cookies53 2.*SIC* Ravensbeak, fireheart41055 3.*TIC* Tawnyflower, cutiewolf13181


No PowerPlaying.

Don't hurt other clanmates unless they harm you on purpose!

Listen to the hierarchy and others older than you (depending on if you are a kit or apprentice).

Respect your elders.

Double clanning will not be tolerated.

Ask to have any form of drama happen.

No Mary Sues.

Side note: Medicine cats may have mates but please, don't ignore the whole clan for them. (You may have kits). Remember, you have a clan to take care of!



If you double clan - Exile, Prisoner's Den, Extra Duties.

If you disrespect others older than you - Extra Duties, Checking Elders for Ticks, Cleaning A Den's Bedding, Small wounds.

If You PowerPlay - Automatic Exile, Extra Duties, (Kits) Spending 3 Sunrises With The Elders Only If You Hurt Your Clanmate On Purpose, Death Sentence (Put To Death)


Ruler Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?

Ghoststar cookies53 4 Years (48 Moons) A white tom with light gray eyes and gray patches on his fur. None Tawnyflower

Second & third in command Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?

Ravensbeak fireheart41055 3 years (36 moons) A jet black shecat with a white underbelly along with shaded blue eyes. None None

Tawnyflower Cutiewolf13181 3 Years (36 Moons) A tortoiseshell shecat with dull yellow eyes and a white underbelly. None Ghoststar

Superior hunters, gatherers, etc Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?

Trainers and combatants Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?

Trainees Name User Age Description Mentor

Healer Name User Age Description Apprentice? Mate?

Healer apprentices Name User Age Description Mentor Caretakers Name User Age Description Kits? Mate?

Youth Name User Age Description Caretaker Kin??

Elders Name User Age Description Mate? Kits?



♦Alliances And Rivals♦





Joining Form:

Username -

Oc name -

Age -

Gender -

Strengths - 

Weaknesses(You Must At Least Have One) -

Desired Rank -

Rp example -

Description -

Personality - 

Freechat? -

Picture(It Can Be Either An IRL Picture or Drawn, If Drawn And It's Not Your Art Give Credit) -

Alliance Form:

Clan -

Leader -

Leader Username -

Deputy (Just In Case) -

Deputy Username -

Why You Want To Ally - 

How You Found Us -

Would You Battle With Us If Needed? -

What Is Your Clan Like? -

♦Ending Note♦

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