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SB name
Cackles of laughter echo through the serene forest, moonlight shining through the tree's branches. You extend your legs farther, running as fast as you could, tripping over roots, your face getting cut by branches. You hear the laughter getting closer, and burst forwards, using your last strength, anything to get away from those wolves. You spot a clearing in between the branches and swerve towards it.

You emerge from the woods, halting, as you gasp, struggling for breath. You were about to speed off again until you realized. You were surrounded. Wolves and dogs emerged from the woods, striding towards you. One dog stepped forwards, his large, muscular body striding with ease towards you.

"What brings you into Seething Briar's territory?" His voice was sharply clipped as he eyed you like you were on display.

"I-I'm lost",You stammer, staring at the large dog in fear.

Many chuckles and laughs erupted from the group, and with one look, they each quieted. This dog was obviously in authority.

"I am Arcane, the Leader of Seething Briars. These, are my fellow canines,"He gestured towards the canines who were surrounding you,"Now, what brings you here?"

You flinched, cowering downwards. Arcane was obviously getting impatient, and you knew that he had the power to ascend these canines onto you. And you wouldn't stand a chance.

"I.. I'm here to join your group.",You say suddenly, confidence opening at your words, standing straight.

Arcane squinted at you, the moonlight glinting off of his dark pelt. You suddenly were afraid that you were too small, too weak to be among this superior group. But those thoughts were instantly washed away as Arcane rose his voice, the powerful voices of Seething Briars speaking in unison.

"Welcome to Seething Briars"

-Wrote by Ethereal (Untraditional)
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{22/2/17} N/A
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Founded 6/July/16 - 6/7/16 - 2.46 a.m.
Founder Arcane (Cancerousministry)
Realm Dark
Status Inactive
Recruiting No
Species Wolves, Dogs
Tag Colour Black
Badge Zios
Server Sierra Nevada
Territory Sarepia Forest, Temple of Zios
Theme "Castle" By Halsey
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Group Name Leader's Name Leader's Username
-- -- --


Group Name Leader's Name Leader's Username
-- -- --
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Disrespect is not an option in this Tribe. You must respect all Tribe members, despite rank, age, or gender.


Unnecessary drama is not accepted, if you are going around trying to cause it, you will be punished.


Of course, we all have our silly moments and just like to have fun, but during role-play you should be serious. We are not a bunch of clowns.


When you're in Seething Briars, you are ONLY in Seething Briars. If it is found out that you are in another clan/tribe/pack, you will receive high punishments.


If you know about a double-clanner or an assaulter in the Tribe but choose not to say anything, you will be punished, whether you committed the crime or not, knowing about it but staying silent is a crime.


If you are to ever harm a fellow Tribe member, you will suffer consequences. We are an alliance, we are not supposed to attack each other unless it's for a penalty or training.


The only animals you are allowed to use as your OC are bunnies and wolves.


You must have a black tag when you're at the Tribe. If you are seen with a different coloured tag, you will be suspected for double-clanning/packing
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If you are disrespectful to ANY Tribe member, you will have to get your nail ripped off by the Alpha Male or Alpha Female. If continuous act, will be raised to higher punishment.


If you cause drama that is not needed, you will have your ear bitten off by the Alpha Male or Alpha Female. If continuous act, will be raised to higher punishment.


If you act unserious and idiotic during roleplay, you will have your rank demoted. If continuous act, will be raised to higher punishment.


If you are caught being in another Tribe/Pack/Clan while being in SB, you will be sentenced to death and get killed by the Alpha Male or Alpha Female.


If you ever know about a committed crime but choose to be silent of such acts, you will be exiled from the tribe.


If witnessed a tribe member assaulting their own tribe mate/s, you must immediately notify either Alpha. Once discussed the suspect will be tortured by the entire tribe. If continuous act, will be raised to higher punishment.


if seen with different tag color out of tribe sessions, will be assumed for double-clanning/packing and will suffer a dislocated jaw by Alpha Male or Alpha Female. If continuous act, will be raised to higher punishment.


If a tribe member is inactive for a long various time period, will be assumed for leaving without notification and will be ranked out of the tribe. Please be sure to notify the reasons your inactive before hand if you wish to stay in the tribe.
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Username Name
1. xxlehappyroguexx Arcane


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Alpha Male xxlehappyroguexx Arcane Arcane Is A Voluminous, Gargantuan, Masculine, Groenendael and German Shepherd mix. Large, Muscled with Thick Ebony Pelt, Dark Achromatic Under Stomach. Fluffy, Long, Knotted Fur with small scars scattered all over body from previous battles. Arcane is Determined and Committed to the Tribe, Caring for all Tribe members. Acts Cold, Bitter, and Satire, but is truly Kind, Caring, and Humurous. He is Determined to Lead the Tribe to Success with the help of the Tribe Itself. Sirus


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Beta Female Kioreq Sirus Sirus is a Doberman with a dark brown main pelt and a lighter brown underbelly. She has very strong ears, making her extremely capable for overhearing conversations. She has unusally ocean blue eyes, since Dobermans usually have brown. Her stubby tail is covered in dark brown. Sirus has been forced to fight other dogs for bets and other selfish things when she was younger, so she has gotten used to being bloodthirsty. She is loyal to her friends and family, but in battle or confronted with a killer her mouth waters for the thirst of blood. Arcane


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Delta pandalovecuteone Tundra She's a Hudson Bay Wolf/Canis lupus hudsonicus. She has a pure alabaster, velutinous and floccose pelage. Though she is very stalwart, her appearance is slender and satin. Tundra is usually boisterous and ecstatic around friends, but around strangers (depending on there reputation to the tribe) she's temperate and benign. She can be daunting and belligerent if needed. N/A


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Zeta Jammer1jrjj Circe N/A N/A


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Eta Spitfire443 Willow N/A N/A


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Lambda Jammer7b7lm Jay A lithe diminutive canis lupas nubilus equiped with atramentous, eboney pelage and mesmeric luminous alabster hued glucomatouses. Jay is caustic, gregarious and always optimistic about serving even the most fastidious tribe members.  N/A


Rank Username Name Description Mate
Chi pinkiepue5555 Sabrina I make jokes. N/A
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Alpha Male & Female

They may or may not be mates and are dominant over all the rest of the Tribe and what they say should be considered law within the Tribe. (Leaders)

Beta Male & Female

They may or may not be mates and are second in command. When neither alpha are around they take charge as it is the responsibility that falls to them. (Second in Command)

Gamma (1-2)

Those holding this position are usually if not always the oldest and wisest of the Tribe. Those who hold this position are much respected by the rest of the Tribe. (Elders)

Delta (1-4)

It is their duty to make sure that those who need to know are told. Those who seek this position must be agile, patient and have an even temperament while speaking with other Packs/Tribes/Clans. (Messengers)

Epsilon (1-2)

Their job is to ward off intruders and are responsible for the safety and well-being of the Tribe. They should have at one time been either a Zeta, Eta or Iota for they will need the skills of peace and fighting. Though they should only resort to violence when peaceful persuasion fails. (Guardians)

Zeta (1-3)

The war general of the Tribe. They take direct orders from the Alpha in case of a war. The Alpha may be the one to declare war, but the Zeta leads the army and plans the plan for war. They also train new recruits for position as an Eta. (War General)

Eta (2-8)

They are led by the Zeta or the Epsilon during skirmishes and wars. Although they will take orders from the Alpha or other higher ranks if given, but the Alphas' above all. (Warriors)

Theta (1)

They are the lead medic within the Tribe, therefore it is they that the Iota aspire to be. (Lead Medic)

Iota (1-2)

They have vast knowledge upon what plants and other natural resources will help cure and heal others. (Medics)

Kappa (1-2)

They lead the Tribe's hunts when the Alpha or the Beta when substituting tell them to. They make sure that the entire Tribe is well fed and will not starve. They oversee as well, that the pack will have a well-balanced diet. (Lead Hunters)

Lambda (Unlimited)

Those who hold this position are loyal and quick to follow orders. They have stealth and agility on their side and together are able to take down larger prey. (Hunters) 

Mu (1)

Using mediation between those who're angry with one another, the Alpha may take them with them to speak with another Pack/Tribe/Clan over starting a treaty. They make sure that no serious fights break out within their own Tribe. They may at times also work with the Delta, Zeta or Upsilon. (Peace-Keeper)

Nu (1-6)

Their duty is to keep track of natural resources, finding dens and areas of abundant food for the Tribe. They also must keep watch of the Tribe making sure to call the Epsilon, Delta, Lambda or Upsilon. (Sentries)

Xi (1-2)

Their main duty is to keep an eye on their resources such as water supplies and potential den areas. They may at times even assist the hunters. Should an unwelcomed visitor infiltrate the Tribe's territory they are able to call upon the Guardians/Epsilon. (Resource Watchers)

Omicron (1)

The Omicron is usually the lead Pi and over-see to it that each one is taking care of the rest of the Tribe's problems in a way that won't harm anyone. They are those who with permission from the Alpha may choose who will become a Pi. (Top Therapist)

Pi (1-4)

Often the other members will come to them to confide in because it is the duty of the Pi to keep such confidences confidential and try and help those who come to them by giving them advice and advising them on what might be best for them. It is also advised that they themselves do not make judgments of others. (Therapists)

Rho (1-2)

The Rho are secretaries to the Pi, making sure that they have breaks in between appointments. They also are the ones that those seeking the therapist must come to in order to make an appointment so things do not become too chaotic if everyone wishes to speak with the Pi. (Secretaries)

Sigma (1-2)

The Sigma are the Tutors of the Tribe. They know much about each thing. They often work with the Phi in order to teach the pups as well as the subordinates and others who might need a bit more knowledge within the Tribe. (Tutors)

Tau (1)

The Tau is the lead Scout/Upsilon. They give orders to the Upsilon on whom to spy upon or what Packs/Tribes/Clans to look at. They are also known as the best of the Upsilon and only those who've proven themselves may be promoted from Upsilon to this position. However, their direct orders come from the Alphas. (Lead Scout)

Upsilon (1-4)

The Upsilon are the scouts or spies of the Tribe. They go into other Pack/Tribe/Clan territories in order to find out what's going on. Afterward, they report back to the Alpha and tell them about all that they have seen, even should it just be that pups have been born. (Scouts/Spies).

Phi (1)

They are the pup-sitter of the Tribe and delight in teaching the young that which they will need in the future. However, if a pup gets lost or hurt they are held accountable should the pup have been under their care at that time. (Pup-sitter)

Chi (1)

They are the jester of the pack. They help to make others laugh when things get stressful. (Jester)

Psi (Unlimited)

These are the subordinates of the pack. Usually, new members or yearling wolves start here and must prove themselves before they are given a better ranking. However, they need to be careful and achieve a higher ranking least they become the Omega. (Subordinate)

Omega (1)

Lowest Rank in the Tribe. One becomes an Omega by disrespecting the Alpha or breaking one of the rules. They are usually last to eat and receive very little respect. (Lowest Rank)

Pup (4-6)

They are the youngest of the Tribe. A pup can receive a rank after turning 7-8 months.
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Items Allowed Items Not Allowed
Skull Helmets Fox Hats
Legendary Gloves Raccoon Hats
Elf Armor Spiked Wristbands
Elf Cuffs Flags
Spartan Armor Bow And Arrows
Swords Skirts
Leaf Necklaces Tiaras
Leaf Anklets Bracelets
Worns Top Hats
Jamaaliday Bows Glasses
Spiked Collars Accesories (Other than

the items of which are allowed)

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In order to join, you must comment..


OC Name:

Desired Rank:

Species (Wolf or Dog):

Breed (of Wolf or Dog):


Example of Fighting:

Why You Should Be Accepted:

Loyalty Promise:

In order to ally, you must comment..

Group Name:

Group Type: (Clan/Tribe/Pack)

Group Species: (Feline/Canine/etc.)

Leader Name:

Leader Username:

Amount Of Members:

How Did You Find Us:

What You Would Benefit:

What We Would Benefit:

Why We Should Ally:
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Herbs (For Medic Ranks)

Tribe Blog

Tribe Wikia

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