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"It's not always about how thick your pelt is, it is also about how you feel on the inside."

"Like seasons, cats change, and we work through our differences, but our loyalties lie in SeasonClan for eternity, in life, and death."

- SeasonClan Quote (Miststar)

P.S. The second quote is dedicated to AutumnBreeze because she came up with it and I like it. :) Thanks, Autumnbreeze!

~Introduction~ Edit

You pad into SeasonClan without knowing it. As you go closer, you find strange scents you've never smelled before. They lead you to stalk closer.

What is this place? You think, wondering.

Cats see you coming into their territory, and their pelts bristle. You see a larger, sleeker cat stalking towards you. She looked well fed and very strong. You shiver a bit with fear.

I wonder who that is? You think with curious and scared eyes.

"I smell fear scent on you, but don't worry. We will not harm you. What are you doing in the SeasonClan Camp?" Her mew was hypnotizing.

"I-I-I think I've heard of you from my f-f-friend... I-I-I'm sorry if I got into your camp... I didn't know. I just smelled some strange scent, and I couldn't help but look." You murmur as you flood with embarassment.

The she-cat let out a mrrow of amusement.

"Very well. You can go on your way now." She flicked her tail dismissively.

What?! No, I want to stay. I don't know what it feels like to be a Forest Cat! It seems so interesting... okay, I'll ask her. I really hope she says yes. You think with protest.

"Well, are you going to leave or not?" Her meow had a hint of aggression in it.

"Actually, I was wondering if I could stay with you. I've never tried being a Forest Cat! I don't know what it feels like." You look up at her and your eyes seem to be pleading.

"Fine, you may stay. We're not called Forest Cats though. We're Clan Cats. This is SeasonClan, and I'm Miststar of SeasonClan. It's nice to have a new warrior." Her meow seemed friendly enough.

Oh goodness, thank the cats from above! She said yes! You think appreciatively.

Suddenly, a white cat came sprinting up to Miststar.

"Who's this? Is it an imposter, Miststar?" The white cat's claws unsheathe as she looks at you.

"It's not, Skyclaw. He just asked to join our Clan." She meows calmly.

Whew, for a moment I thought she would shred me to pieces! You think with relief.

"I'm sorry, my friend. My deputy is just making sure. You may go now, Skyclaw. There's nothing to be done here. Why don't you go set a hunting patrol and make sure to set a border patrol too." She meows.

"Oh, it's fine, Miststar. Would you like me to do anything?" You ask.

"Yes, you need to follow me since you're going to stay in SeasonClan." She flicked her tail, signaling for you to follow her.

You prod after her as she trotted towards a rock jutting out of the ground. She races up to the tip of the rock. You follow after, and soon you find yourself standing next to Miststar.


It seemed as though no cat listened to her call, but suddenly, cats came pouring below and sitting down next to the rock. The deputy, Skyclaw came from behind you and Miststar and she looked at you. Miststar motions her tail for you to sit down next to her. You sit down, and wait for the murmurs to die down.

"We gather here under the Highledge to welcome a new member of SeasonClan. , step forward to receive your new name and Clan." She meows gently as you step forward.

Murmurs of protest broke out below, but Miststar ignored them and held her tail up as a signal for silence.

" , in SeasonClan, and now for eternity, you will be known as ." She yowled into the night air.

This is so exciting. I wonder what'll happen tomorrow after I sleep in my new den for tonight! I already feel as if something exciting will happen.

Just as you think that, a cat burst out of the bushes, panting, and her eyes open wide.


You could hear snarls and rustles of the leaves from behind the cat. Pelts bristled in alarm as blood flew through the bushes...


  • Treat each of your Clanmates with respect and fairness.
  • There are punishments depending on your actions.
  • Follow the Warrior Code.
  • NO CAUSING DRAMA! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T GET IT! This means, no prophecies, no threats, no fake attackers, no made up two-legs, no fake kits, and definitely no powerplay.
  • Judging by non-memberness or memberness is banned in this clan; you will get on the wanted if you do such a thing.
  • Anything suspicious or unusual will be reported to the leader IMMEDIATELY!
  • Deputy's time is based on his/her actions and behaviors.
  • ONLY wolves, arctic foxes, foxes, bunnies, and lynx PLEASE!
  • Only up to three OCs please, and they can't be mates. (siblings dont count) 
  • DO NOT EDIT OR CHANGE THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR YOU WILL BE ON THE WANTED LIST AND REPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We allow double clanning, but if you are in an enemy Clan, you have to choose a Clan.
  • Moonstone is at Moonstoneden's den.
  • Have fun!

​-Attire- (exceptions will be made)Edit

  • Head- Head flowers, Skulls, Headdresses, Fox Hats, and fluffy fox hats.
  • Neck- Moon Necklaces, Spikes, Leaf Necklaces, Jamaaliday Scarves, and Neck Ribbons.
  • Body- Non-member swords, Member Swords, Jamaaliday bows, Rare bows and arrows, Worns, Spartan Armor, and Crossbows.
  • Legs- Flower Bracelets, Leg Armor, Legendary Gloves, Gloves, and Diamond Gauntlets.
  • Tail- Ice Armor, Bonetail, Phantom Armor, and Diamond Tail.
  • Tags (this is for members only)- Feminine- Yellow. Male- Green
    • Deputy and Leader-Lion Medal
    • Elite Warriors-Leopard
    • Warriors- Leaf
    • Apprentices-Paw
    • Medicine Cat- Flower
    • Queen- Heart
    • Elder- Star
    • Kit- Bunny

~Allegiances of SeasonClanEdit



  •  None

                                                           Medicine Cat Edit


                                                             Queens- Edit



                                                     ~ Allies ~Edit

  • MistClan- Led by seneria10 (Stormstar)
  • MeadowClan- Led by Jammer8t428 (Willowstar)
  • LeafClan- Led by sparklerose (Maplestar)

                                           x_x  Our Deceased x_xEdit

  • Screechclaw- A male tom that has an unknown death. May StarClan walk with him for eternity.

~ Wanted List ~ Edit