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"I see you wish to join our rogue pack? Very well. I don't know if you can handle it, but you can try."

The Screeching Crows Rogue Pack is a place of sorrow and discipline. If you cannot tolerate harsh training, then this isn't the pack for you. If you wish to live in a focused, heartless pack, then step right up, we are recruiting.

Requirements Edit

You MUST use advanced vocabulary, anatomy is considered wonderful. Just try to use anatomy that people can understand.. By advanced vocabulary I mean more enthralling and exemplary roleplay, try not to make things too bland. Simple anatomy such as "mitts" and "banner" is fine.

You MUST read the Warriors Books, if you don't, you will be sent away instantly.

You MUST be a serious role-player or you MUST have roleplaying experience. It's a lot better if your experienced with roleplay, as this will make you a more elite member of the pack.

Rules Edit

Roleplay/Appearance Rules Edit

  • Cats do NOT have powers. So you cannot shoot lightning out of your paws or breathe fire, you will be sent away instantly if you exclaim you have powers. You can't do a Jayfeather, Dovewing, Lionblaze here. Terribly sorry, indeed. If you wish to use powers, roleplay somewhere else.
  • RESPECT the Chief. (see "Pack Ranks") Any disrespect will be considered treason.
  • Follow the orders of the CHIEF. Remember, this is for your own good.
  • NO POWERPLAYING. I'm sick of power players, if your a power player, you will be sent away, never to return. Powerplaying is annoying and ever so infuriating.
  • NO invincible or overpowered characters. A small cat cannot take on five large dogs without any help, and it's INFURIATING when cats cannot be hit during battle, this is basically power play.
  • NO neon colours for your pelt.
  • NATURAL colours for eyes, nothing like purple or red. (Unless your cat is an albino)
  • Be literate. Try to use grammar and such, at least make your roleplay good enough to read.
  • One moon is one month in real time, so be patient when aging your cat.
  • Cats with disabilities are not perfect. A blind cat cannot have perfect accuracy, and a cat with a missing limb cannot be the fastest runner.

Pack Rules Edit

  • Kill any kitty-pet on Screeching Crows territory, remember: They're a sin to all cats.
  • We do NOT eat scraps(kits), but if a scrap steps out of line, feel free to make some scrap salsa.
  • All traitors must be punished, after they have been punished and/or traumatized, they must be killed.
  • The elites must remember to take hunting patrols daily.
  • Always defend the territory, even if Rune dies in battle, never stop fighting. Long live the pack.
  • Never accept a new recruit into the pack without telling a higher rank about it, tell Rune or one of the elites before allowing a new recruit into the pack.
  • If you are ordered, kill any cat that has broken the rules, sometimes Rune will ask you to kill a cat just for fun though.
  • No matter who your actually related to, the pack is your family, never leave each other behind, never leave a fellow rogue behind. Clan cats and kitty-pets can rot. (We don't see many tribe cats, honestly we just ignore them and their weird traditions.)
  • Allies are important, remember to protect them as well, allies may also only visit upon scheduled visits, unless it's absolutely necessary to come un-invited.

Any more rules will be added if any more rules are required.

Unique Cats Edit

I don't want every cat in the pack to be blind or deaf, so I'm setting limits.

Blind Cats (One blind eye counts) 2/5

Deaf Cats (Deaf in one ear counts) 0/5

Cats with Missing Limbs 0/3

Split Pelt Cats 0/2

Hetero-chromatic Cats 0/5

Albinos 0/2

Pack Ranks Edit

Chief - Leader Edit

The current Chief is Rune, her username is TheScorchedRune, she's always accepting buddy requests for those who want to join, and her den is always unlocked. The Chief runs the pack, without a Chief, the pack is nothing. Always respect the Chief and her actions.

Elites - Deputy/Deputies Edit

The Elites are advanced fighters, as well as Rune's bodyguards. They take hunting patrols and boarder patrols, always follow the Elite's orders unless your given direct orders from Rune to disobey.

Mender - Medicine Cat Edit

The Mender is a must-have for the pack, there is no Starclan for the pack, so their only use is to heal. Respect the Mender(s) as much as the Elites.

Guardian - Camp Guards Edit

There are three types of warriors, one of which are the Guardians. They protect the camp on shifts and they must be on duty 24/7.

Hunters Edit

Camp... Well... Camp Hunters

Hunters catch prey for the pack, without them, we would starve. Hunters must be swift and agile.

Scouts - Fighters Edit

Scouts must be merciless and they must have no remorse. If they are given an order to kill, they must kill. Scouts must be silent and stealthy.

Trainees - Apprentices Edit

Trainees are trained to become either a Scout, Guardian, Hunter or Mender. They must go into harsh and brutal training, but after the unforgiving training, they get great reward, gaining respect from the pack.

Scraps - Kits Edit

Scraps are practically useless. They're kept in a small, concealed den. Until they become a Trainee, they receive no respect.

Ancients - Elders Edit

Ancients are to be respected; they are the intel of the pack.

Assassins - Killers Edit

There will be very few assassins, probably only one to five. Assassins are advanced killers, they slit the throat of an enemy with no remorse. Assassins won't usually stay in camp, they'll only come when called.(via jam-a-gram) Assassins are assigned with killing missions, and if they succeed, they are rewarded, what the rewards are is randomized. If they fail, they are considered not able to kill, and they are suspended from assassination missions until a punishment is sorted out. Hopefully assassins that fail will learn to be more careful.

Current Events Edit

None so far

Current Pack Status Edit

Barely any members, keep in mind it's a growing pack, so don't expect a huge pack right away.

Camp Weather Edit

"Sunny, extremely warm. Cats with long pelts, stay in shady places to avoid overheating. The dark clouds are almost among us, so expect rain in the future."

Rituals Edit

When a cat reaches a certain age, they go through a ritual. A ritual is the same as a ceremony, but they must meet certain requirements.

Scraps becoming a Scout Trainee

Scraps that wish to become a scout trainee must at least kill one cat that is not in the pack, age does not matter.

Scraps becoming a Hunter Trainee

Scraps that wish to become a hunter trainee must at least catch five prey for the pack, what the prey is does not matter.

Scraps becoming a Guardian Trainee

Scraps that wish to become a guardian trainee must at least help defend against an invasion or they at least have to help defensively in a raid. What age they are does not matter.

Scraps becoming a Mender Trainee

Scraps that want to learn the ways of a mender must be chosen by the mender themselves, who the scrap is does not matter.

Scout Trainee becoming a Scout

Once they are finished their training, they must receive an assassination mission by one of the elites, this takes time, so be patient. If they succeed in the assassination, they will become a scout, if they fail, they have to go through tougher training.

Hunter Trainee becoming a Hunter

Once they are finished their training, they have to steal another cat's prey, and successfully engrave a marking in the prey with their claws. The marking is a simple, straight streak with dots on both sides, when they do this, they are recognized as a hunter, as they have put down the "mark of the hunter" that has been taught by the first rogues.

Guardian Trainee becoming a Guardian

Once they are finished their training, they must join in a raid and stay on the defensive side whilst fighting, this means they have to protect and fight at the same time.

Mender Trainee becoming a Mender

Once they are finished their training, they must find three completely different herbs in three completely different environments, if they are seen trespassing, they must fight. If they don't, they are put in shame until the next opportunity comes for them to do the ritual again.

Guardian, Scout or Hunter becoming an Elite

If one of the three elites die, Rune shall pick an experienced and talented guardian, scout or hunter to become the next elite. It's as simple as that.

Elite becoming a Chief

If Rune dies, the pack will vote which elite will become the next chief, the new chief will pick an elite in his or her place after that. Once they are recognized as a chief, they will begin their rein, the ancients will assist in their rein, as they have seen Rune lead the pack.

Any Cat becoming an Ancient

If a cat is too old or weak to go on, and they have proved it, they will be named an ancient. Ancients sleep in the mender's den, as it's easier for them to get treatment if they're having problems.

Cats leaving the Pack

If a cat chooses to leave the pack, they must leave forever. If they are found again on Screeching Crow's territory (see "Territory") they will be slaughtered. Long live the pack.


Screeching Crow's camp is obviously it's territory, but it also owns the entire right side of Zios, and the bottom right of Sarepia.

What's so Special About the Pack?

Screeching Crows isn't a typical rogue pack. There's something we have that a lot of other packs may not have. An arena. In this arena, we get scraps(kits), ourselves, random cats and a ton of others to fight for our enjoyment. When were feeling lucky, we bet on the fighting cats. Sometimes we bet prey, for example; two kits are fighting, one is grey and one is white. Someone bets a whole day of prey on the white one. The white one loses. That means the cat who bet a day of prey goes a day without prey, while those who bet on the grey one get extra prey. Sometimes you may bet comfort, for example; a ginger and a calico cat are fighting, you bet where you sleep on the ginger one, the ginger one loses. Whoever bet their sleeping area on the ginger one has to sleep in the arena that night, whoever bet on the calico one gets to sleep in a den that's a higher rank, for example; a scrap would sleep in the trainee den, a trainee would sleep in the scout, guardian or hunter den, a scout, guardian or hunter would sleep in the chief and elite's den. That's basically the arena, a schedule for arena fights is still in progress.


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After Rune has approved of your join request, you can buddy her and you will begin your life in the pack.

Current Pack MembersEdit

Rune ~ Chief ~ [Username: TheScorchedRune]

Unknown ~ Elite ~ [Username: lesmis09807]

Hatchamisu ~ *Not decided rank/Don't know rank* ~ [Username: Shadowvemon]

Standby RecruitsEdit

None so far


Untamed Devils ~ Leader: Scuro ~ Username: FootballRockets