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Sarepia Forest is the main hunting grounds for the roleplayers. You can often find them on most popular servers (Aldan, Congo ect.,). Many clans and rogues hang out here, or roleplay. In full rooms, cats advertise here for their Clan. Seprate Clans also roleplay or hunt here. Other animals come here too. You can often find deer or foxes hanging out here. Sarepia forest is a room in which many people come to roleplay. Its also where MOST battles happen and kittypets usually hang around here. If you want attention then kittypets will come here to get it, most battles with dogs or other cats will take place here, due to how much it looks like the perfect, most realistic place to fight

Some of the features of Sarepia Forest are a campfire that turns blue and shows Mira when enough players dance or hop around it. There is also the slide that wraps around from the place where you spawn to the forest floor. There are also many animals to be found here, like skunks and ravens. The entrance to the Flag Shop is also here.

Often you can find medicine cats here gathering herbs. The mushrooms and moss also are collected sometimes.